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Will the War in Ukraine Bring Peace to Yemen?

Fra Hughes

21st Century Wire

American intrigue in Western Asia and Eastern Europe could well be the beginning of a slow death for American global hegemony.

The bear trap of Donbas was used by the American administration and NATO to lure Russia into a prolonged conflict in the killing fields of eastern Ukraine.

Putin was faced with a terrible dilemma: either Russia invaded Donbas to prevent a bloodbath to be unleashed by the Nazi Azov battalions on the liberated republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, who seceded from Ukraine following the illegal fascist coup in Kiev in 2014, paid for by Obama, Biden and Nuland – or President Putin could stand idly by and watch a massacre of ethnic Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the regions bordering Russia.

To the Americans it didn’t matter which happened first – a Russian invasion, or a Russian reaction. The outcome would be the same.

Russia was to be broken on the borders of Ukraine, and at the altar of American exceptionalism.

Internal divisions were to be exploited, coercive economic measures were to be applied, and the Russian people, together with the Russian establishment, were to be forced to dethrone Putin and replace him with a Yelstin-like compliant pro-western simpleton.

Russia would be finished as a foil to the unipolar new world order that America and NATO have been developing over the last several decades.

China would soon become submissive in the face of American sanctions and threats to destabalise the country, destroy its currency, to create another war on its borders and foment violence in Hong Kong.

A simple plan, but one which was always destined to fail.

A New Multipolar Order

The West may have underestimated Moscow.

The Russian people, in general are completely behind their leader who probably the highest domestic approval rating of any Premier in the world. Putin has established himself as a real statesman on the world stage.

For this and other reasons, Russia, China, India and Iran alongside the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation – are building a new multipolar world order where mutual cooperation, national sovereignty and International consensus will herald a new unprecedented era of peace and global prosperity.

The new Silk Road from China to Europe and beyond, will be a boon for businesses, the infrastructure, travel times, and will give unprecedented opportunities to Africa and the Global South.

Not surprisingly, the Biden administration has badly miscalculated. The illegal sanctions imposed by the EU and th United States on Russia have backfired. Far from destroying the Russian economy, they have invigorated the Ruble and are laying waste to western European economies, in particular France, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Dark Winter for The West

Rather than reverse course and limit the damage, the western powers have decided to double-down on these disastrous policies. With energy rationing on the horizon, coupled to exorbitant inflation rates and steadily rising interest rates, Europe is heading into protracted recession, and their new cold war will surely turn give way to a cold winter.

European business’s will either relocate to energy abundant nations like the US or collapse.

Biden, who once derided the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia as a pariah because of his alleged involvement in the brutal murder and dismemberment of Saudi journalist Jamal Khassogi, has now been forced to go cap-in-hand to that very same Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman, begging him to increase oil production to save the Democratic Party going into the US midterm elections, and also so that Europe might also replace some of its energy shortfall with expensive American Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and Gulf oil from the Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

The attack on the Nord Stream pipelines was to prevent Germany back-tracking on its stated position to adhere to anti-Russian sanctions – even at the expense of German industry and its once thriving economy.

As European citizens across the continent  denounce their governments actions, it will be those very same people who  will ultimately pay for the failed short-sighted policies of NATO and American administrations in continuing to arm Uranian fascists.

And so to Yemen.

The special relationship between America and Saudi Arabia may be coming to an end.

Having refused to succumb to American demands to increase oil production OPEC+2, Russia and Iran, have actually cut production by over 2 million barrels.

This will keep the price of oil inflated and effect supply.

Some American politicians are threatening sanctions, a withdrawal of American troops from Saudi Arabia and suspending or ending arms sales to the Kingdom.

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The war currently being waged on Yemen by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates is directed and armed by the US, France, Britain, and also Israel. It is also an indirect attack on Iran in a proxy war used to destabilise Yemen, steal Yemeni resources and infrastructure, while further isolating the Iranians, and making huge profits for the western military industrial complex.

In recent decades, America has used Saudi Arabia and its export of Whahibi terrorism to undermine Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen using the Saudi’s own money and Saudi mercenaries to pay for and to prosecute aspects of these wars.

In Ukraine, they are using Ukrainian conscripts and Azov Nazis to fight their proxy war against Russia, largely in Donbas.

Perhaps now as a rapport seems to be growing between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and relations between Moscow and Riyadh are warming, Yemen may yet prosper.

If the Crown Prince decides the future of his Monarchy may best reside in joining the new alignment of nations, a byproduct of that decision could be the full suspension of the war on Yemen and a lifting of the siege which currently has tens of millions of Yeminis on the edge of starvation.

More crucially, if the House of Saud joins the new multipolar alliance, it is Israel, and not Iran, who will be further isolated.

I pray for peace in Yemen, Donbas, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon and I long to see the full liberation of all those countries from foreign colonial interference.

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