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Yemen and Ukraine: A Tale of Two Wars

Fra Hughes

21st Century Wire

Two very distinct and separate wars are concurrently happening in West Asia and Eastern Europe. Both wars have their origins in people fighting to free themselves from corrupt government. The Yemini people rose in a popular revolution against a corrupt regime that acted in the interests of regional and international power blocks and not in the interests of its people. The people of Ukraine found themselves the victim of a regime change operation in 2014 resulting in a coup that forced the democratically elected leader Viktor Fedorovych Yanukovych to flee for his life as a fascist junta was installed.

While the people of Yemen fought for independence and free sovereignty, the people of Ukraine were facing a government led by Neo-Nazis, Russophobic ultra-nationalists who were determined to destroy one-third of the population who are Russian-speaking Ukrainians. The spectre of the Great Patriotic war loomed over the people as echoes and ghosts from 1941 returned to haunt the people who had defeated fascism in Ukraine and liberated the country from the Nazi occupation.

So we have a tale of two wars.

When the people led revolution of Yemen threatened the Saudi favoured government, the incumbent President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi fled to Riyad and with the help of mercenaries, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, planes armed with American and British bombs directed and controlled by Israeli American and British military advisers, Hadi continued his war against the Yemeni people to regain power.

Yemen armed forces and the popular mobilisation units of the Ansurallah (aka Houthi) resistance movement have resisted all the efforts to date by Hadi, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, America and the west to reinstall his puppet regime. In Ukraine, we had a popular resistance to a foreign installed coup when the people of Donbas and Crimea fought for autonomy and the universal basic human right to live free from an unelected undemocratic fascist installed government hell-bent on destroying their culture and ethnicity and even the very lives of those who dared to resist.

Two separate conflicts both with similar origins and one common enemy.  In Yemen, the people fought a corrupt foreign-backed government. In Ukraine, the people fought against a foreign fascist installed government.  America backed the unpopular and elected unopposed President of Yemen. America also backed financed directed and controlled the coup in Ukraine. In the geopolitical machinations of American foreign policy, they effectively created both wars, The war on Yemen presently occurring has the backing of the Biden administration as they help reinforce the illegal inhuman siege of the country, while they also arm and direct the aerial bombing campaign which destroys Yemeni lives, infrastructure, hospitals, schools, roads and bridges , they also prevent food, aid medicine and fuel from being delivered, to alleviate the worst excesses of the war which they control.

It is a proxy war on Iran, led by America Saudi Arabia the EU Britain and Israel. Every death has been and continues to be avoidable, if only the political will existed to hold a ceasefire and end the violence. But the alliance of the unholy does not want peace, because war sells. It sells weapons and it sells shares. The military-industrial complex which finances and supports the American political system is making vast profits. Profits that help bolster election campaigns and private bank accounts.

In Ukraine, after the people of Donbas and Crimea secured their freedom, a continued low-level conflict was encouraged to keep the drums of war beating, Kyiv refused to implement the Minsk Agreements of 2014 and 2015 which recognised the Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk and was the basis of a bilateral ceasefire that was constantly broken by Ukrainian shelling along the line of contact killing thousand and injuring many more over the last 8 years. Biden was the Vice President in 2014 when the coup was installed in Kyiv. Since his return to power as President, he has supplied the Ukrainian fascist forces with modern state-of-the-art armaments and encouraged Zelensky to sabre rattle for war with Russia. Biden has used Ukraine in a proxy war with Russia.

Putin and the elected government of Russia supported by Belarus and Georgia among others of the Russian Federation sent the army into Ukraine to prevent a potential massacre of the people of Donbas and Crimea as 120,000 Ukrainian battle-ready Nazi led troops prepared to invade. We have millions of displaced Ukrainians. We have thousands dead and wounded and a prospect of a long war between a resupplied Ukrainian army in the west of Ukraine and the now liberated areas of east Ukraine under Russian protection.

In Yemen, we have hundreds of thousands dead and injured. Millions of refugees and up to 25 million people face famine, death through starvation  It is reported a Yemeni child dies every ten minutes from this sanction induced man-made famine. The USA, Britain, NATO and increasingly Israel are all involved in both conflicts. Western imperialism and American unipolar hegemony are increasingly leading to war conflict death displacement and starvation on a global scale.

While the poorest Arab country defends its sovereignty against a coalition of some of the richest countries on the planet, Yemen with its increasingly sophisticated drone and ballistic missile capacity equips its military with the expertise to target anywhere in Saudi Arabia the Emirates and even further afield, it is only a matter of time before Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates realise that their war which has already failed, may very well lead to the destruction of the Saudi and Emirati economies.

In Ukraine, the fallout from the Russian invasion has already led to fuel price hikes in America and Europe with more economic hardships to be suffered not by the rich elite who are fuelling these wars but by the people already struggling under neoliberal austerity measures so much favoured by the IMF and the privatisation sector in western governmental structures that reinvents itself with each new administration.

While Yemen’s lives count for nothing in West Asia and Ukrainian refugees fleeing to Russia are invisible we witness the propaganda machine, which brooks no dissent, savagely attack Russia as the aggressor and promotes western Ukrainians as the victims. While Yemen is portrayed as the aggressor and Saudi Arabia as the victim much like the Palestinians are terrorists and the Israelis are just a peace loving nation that desires only to live without fear…

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Author Fra Hughes is a Belfast-based writer, activist and journalist. This article was originally published at Ireland Defence of Humanity.

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