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‘The Interview’ Flops, FBI ‘North Korean Hack’ Story Also Debunked

Patrick Henningsen | Between Sony, the White House and an adolescent US media, the steak hasn’t lived up to the sizzle.

Sony, US theaters do U-turn to cash-in on North Korea publicity stunt for ‘The Interview’

21WIRE + WP | Sony confirmed that it will be releasing the film in “limited release” in the United States on Christmas Day.

Episode #64 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Military Media Complex’ with guests Tim Fox

SUNDAY WIRE | This Week: taking on Hollywood, our Dear Leader, and his social engineers.

Sean Stone with Patrick Henningsen: Obama, North Korea & Sydney Siege Decoded

Buzzsaw | Australia’s mad ‘Sheikh’ and Kim Jung Un’s fury over Obama’s ‘False Flag Hack’ on Sony.

‘The Interview’, A Sony False Flag Hack and Hollywood’s Empire of Mediocrity

Patrick Henningsen | At last, a cool international cause that Hollywood can finally rally around!

The Sony Pictures Hack, Explained

The Switch | Here’s what they said happened…

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