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Sony, US theaters do U-turn to cash-in on North Korea publicity stunt for ‘The Interview’

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21st Century Wire

You’d think Obama owned shares in Sony. Here’s the latest, just in time for Christmas…

US corporate media are calling it, “an act of defiance by Sony!”

Actor Seth Rogen has hailed the announcement as, ‘a victory for freedom’.

After a three-way PR tag-team operation between Sony Entertainment, US broadcast media and the White House, national chain theaters suddenly changed their minds and announced that they will in fact be going ahead as scheduled screening ‘The Interview’.

The inflated controversy surrounding the Sony production appears to have generated an artificial demand for what otherwise has been labeled as ‘mediocre’ by leading film review sites.

Aside from the hundreds of US retail theaters, The Interview is expected to break all download/streaming records for a new studio release, on YouTube, Google Play, X-Box (Microsoft) and a special website set up by Sony called, SeeTheInterview.com.

CNN’s Brian Stelter proudly announced, “You can watch the movie for $5.99!”.

Military-Industrial cheerleaders at FOX and in Los Angeles should be pleased, as Hollywood finally releases its Christmas ‘feel-good’ film (which depicts a sitting head of state getting his head blown off), while simultaneously seeing to rally around the flag by championing the cause of “freedom of expression”, at the same time, further dehumanizing North Koreans in identical fashion as Iraqis were dehumanized by Hollywood in preparation of that military conquest – all for the deranged pleasure western audiences.

If it looks like one big publicity stunt, that’s probably because it is…

Actor Seth Rogen calls announcement ‘a victory for freedom’.

Washington Post

“The Interview” is getting time on the big screen this Christmas after all.

In a statement Tuesday, Sony confirmed that it will be releasing the film in “limited release” in the United States on Christmas Day.

“We have never given up on releasing The Interview and we’re excited our movie will be in a number of theaters on Christmas Day,” said Michael Lynton, Chairman and CEO of Sony Entertainment. “At the same time, we are continuing our efforts to secure more platforms and more theaters so that this movie reaches the largest possible audience.”

Sony initially put the movie’s release on ice after threats of terrorist attacks from hackers who stole  and released countless documents — many embarrassing — from the studio last month. The attack, which the U.S. government has attributed to hackers backed by North Korea, was allegedly prompted by the comedy, which revolves around two Americans’ plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The studio did not say how many  theaters will be a part of the release. Washington’s independent West End cinema will be showing “The Interview” on Christmas. In Baltimore, Eastpoint 10 will screen the film, as will the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema One Loudoun in Ashburn, Va.

A Twitter message from the chief executive of Alamo Drafthouse, confirmed that that national chain will  be a part of the film’s release…

Another cinema, the Plaza Theater in Atlanta, also said on Twitter that it will be screening the film on Christmas. On Tuesday, both theater companies began listing Dec. 25 showtimes for the movie.

And George R.R. Martin, writer of the “Game of Thrones” series who owns a theater in Santa Fe, N.M, said he will be showing the movie four times on Christmas. He said Sony gave him the green light to show the film for two weeks.

Star and co-director of “The Interview” Seth Rogen celebrated on Twitter.

The studio has been the target of harsh criticism following its decision to pull the film. Last week, President Obama called the decision “a mistake.”

After the public blowback for its decision to cancel the Christmas day release of “The Interview,” Sony scrambled in the last day to negotiate the limited release of the film to about 200 screens out of the originally planned release for 3,800 screens, according to a person familiar with the negotiations.

Sony Pictures Entertainment told theater owners it would do a simultaneous release of the film online for Christmas day but didn’t disclose details on which vendor would provide streaming or downloads of the film, according to the source who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the talks were private…

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