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Results of MH17 Investigation to Remain ‘Classified’

21WIRE + Global Research | Ukraine, the Netherlands, Australia and Belgium agree to classify the results of the investigation.

Episode #47 – SUNDAY WIRE: Shawn Helton LIVE from ‘Baghdad to Gaza to Ferguson’ with special guest Jason Casella

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Shawn Helton presents the latest on Iraq-ISIS, Israel-Gaza, Ferguson, and the fight against The NDAA with special guest Jason Casella.

Episode #46 – SUNDAY WIRE: Basil Valentine LIVE from the UK

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Basil Valentine LIVE from the UK.

Episode #45 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Is planet earth going to hell in a handcart?’ with Basil Valentine

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Basil Valentine covers world events and asks a big question.

Episode #44 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Declassified: The MH17 Files’ with Patrick Henningsen and Basil Valentine

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Pulling back the curtain on MH17 and the truth about Russia and the Ukraine.

Episode #43 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘MH17 and the New Normal’ with guests Vladimir Suchan, Basil Valentine

SUNDAY WIRE | What’s really behind the downed flight in Ukraine, and Britain’s rot in Westminster.

Episode #42 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘America Hangs By A Cultural Thread’ with Jay Dyer

SUNDAY WIRE | Our crack team attempts to breakdown the true depth of the cultural and psychological rabbit hole America is heading down today.

Episode #41 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘American Independence on the Rocks’ with host Shawn Helton and guest Patrick Henningsen

SUNDAY WIRE | The continuing ISIS Crisis and US border wars with live link from Patrick in California.

Episode #40: SUNDAY WIRE – ‘New Iron Curtain: Land Grabs and YouTube Censorship’ with Guests Bud May and UK Column

SUNDAY WIRE | The iron curtain is being drawn on both sides of the Atlantic…

Episode #39 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Who’s Getting Off the Grid?’ – Patrick Henningsen with Mike Mitcham and Basil Valentine

SUNDAY WIRE | Do you know all the grids you are currently intertwined in?

Episode #38 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Mexican Standoff’ with Patrick Henningsen and Ken ‘Country’ Rhodes

SUNDAY WIRE RADIO SHOW | Trying to free Sgt. Tahmooressi at the Mexican border.

Episode #37 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Fear and Loathing on Route 66’ – VA Healthcare Controversy in New Mexico

SUNDAY WIRE | Live from GMN bus on the road along Route 66 in America.

Episode #36 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Liberty’s Frontline in the Sand’ from Bundy Ranch with Patrick Henningsen and Robert Crooks

SUNDAY WIRE | Broadcasting LIVE aboard the GMN mobile communications bunker currently stationed at the Bundy Ranch in Bunkerville, Nevada.

Episode #35 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Seeds of Deception: Ukraine and Monsanto’ with guests Vladimir Suchan and James From The Internet

SUNDAY WIRE | An update on the Ukraine and coverage from the Monsanto March in New York City, and a psychoanalysis of European royals and elites.

Episode #34 – SUNDAY WIRE – ‘Digging For The Truth’ with Shawn Helton, Tom Grant and Basil Valentine

SUNDAY WIRE | We open up the Kurt Cobain files and decode media propaganda around the world in under 180 minutes.

Episode #33 – SUNDAY WIRE – ‘The West’s New Global Soviet’ with Pepe Escobar, Brian Gerrish and Basil Valentine

SUNDAY WIRE | What is really behind the West’s to homogenise their world at home and away?

Episode #32 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Euro-Fascism and America’s Culture Wars’ with Mark Hackard and Basil Valentine

SUNDAY WIRE | Find out why the Ukraine is in flames and who’s behind it, and a NeoMaoist ‘culture revolution’ taking shape in the US.

Episode #31 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Dr Strangelove Arrives in Ukraine’ with Vladimir Suchan and Basil Valentine

SUNDAY WIRE | Host Patrick Henningsen covers the Ukraine situation, the latest from the Bundy Ranch – and more.

Episode #30 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Boston Blow Out and the Bundy Ranch’ with guest Dan Bidondi

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | An update from Bundy Ranch and a look back at the FBI cover-up of the Boston Marathon Bombing last year.

Episode #29 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘The Consequences of Freedom’ with guest Ian R. Crane, and coverage from Bundy Ranch

SUNDAY WIRE SPECIAL | Bundy Ranch wrap up and look ahead at federal retaliation.

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