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Hitchens: ‘Government’s COVID Pseudo-Science Will Lead to Political Crisis’

Since the beginning of the so-called ‘pandemic’ in the UK, the government has gone from one failed policy to the next, and yet the mainstream media are still propping up Boris Johnson’s disastrous collective punishment policies like lockdown, and senseless shut down of schools across the country. 

Speaking with talkRADIO’s Mike Graham, renowned columnist Peter Hitchens predicts that the UK government’s hamfisted handling of the COVID pandemic and Brexit will soon lead to a ‘political crisis in the “not too distant future.’

He also describes the uselessness of the pseudo-scientific claims. “The government is obsessed with a crisis more or less invented out of statistics,” said Hitchens.

The journalist called for the future country to be run by “people who love the country and care about it and know about it.” “We should try and get into politics the superior type of person, people who actually understand how life is lived, who are genuinely knowledgeable and intelligent rather than this ridiculous class of ambitious ex-special advisers climbing to the top.” Watch: 

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue