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Op-Ed: The Betrayal of Bucha and Why We Must All Stand Against Fascism

Fra Hughes

21st Century Wire

In my opinion, the coup in Kiev in 2014, and the murders of men, women and children in the Odessa massacre on May 2, 2014 by fascists – was the catalyst that drove the people of Crimea and the Donbass region to refuse to live under an American EU-NATO installed, rogue regime in Ukraine. 

Following the western-backed Maidan coup d’etat in 2014, Crimeans voted to join the Russian Federation.

Similarly, the people of Lugansk and Donetsk oblasts’ denounced the undemocratic coup in Kiev, the death threats against their democratically elected President, and then they took to the streets.

While the President fled, the people of Donbass were subjected to a repressive military occupation by their fellow countrymen.

Peaceful protests were brutally repressed by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, many of whom openly declared their fascist affiliations and anti-Russian discrimination.

A local militia was formed to defend the people which then went on to liberate areas of Donbas from the undemocratic, unwanted, brutal, unelected fascist leadership in Kiev.

Having visited both Lugansk and Donetsk, I am reliably informed the militia had the military advantage during the conflict and could have freed most of eastern Ukraine.

Much like today, large sections of the Ukraine forces were surrounded.

In 2014, they were allowed to evacuate unhindered.

A pyrrhic victory.

I say this because having spared the lives of the mainly conscripted Ukraine soldiers, some of whom wanted no part in the Kiev coup’s vicious attack on their fellow citizens, the people of the liberated independent Republics of Lugansk and Donetsk have suffered 8 years of continuous attacks along the line of contact, the de facto ceasefire positions delineated in 2014.

Thousands were murdered and many more injured. In 2022, the Ukraine Army is once again committing heinous war crimes against Russian speaking, Russian Orthodox, Catholic Ukrainians, and in some cases killing, torturing, maiming, raping and castrating those they deem to be “sub human.”

The Untermench, was a German word used by the Nazis to describe inferior people such as Jews, Roma and Slavs to include Poles, Serbs, Ukrainians and Russians.

From Russian-speaking Ukrainians to gypsies, Roma, and anyone else dissenting from the Zelensky, NATO, American, British or EU narrative, many have suffered appallingly under these fascist monsters, who are roaming Ukraine with western media support seeking out what they perceive as the enemies of the Ukrainian state.

If the people’s militia had continued their advance in 2014, then Ukraine might not be where it is today.

If Russia had recognised the Donbass republics in 2014, the current war may never have been necessary.

Allowing the failed Minsk Agreements of 2014 and 2015 to form the basis of the ceasefires, with hindsight, may have only encouraged America, the EU and NATO to rearm the fascist brigades run by Kiev and encourage the reoccupation of the Donbass. In 2022, it all finally came to a head, thus forcing Russia to intercede to defend Russian-speaking ethnic Ukrainians and Russian passport-holding citizens against a possible massacre.

The Bucha Spectacle 

With Bucha we have an example of why Russia should not abandon areas it liberates.

The Russians having freed Bucha, who were welcomed by sections of the population, and then withdrew from the area on March 30, 2022.

On March 31st, the Ukrainian Mayor of Bucha announced that his town was liberated from Russian troops, and it was only after the Russian withdrawal that the Ukrainian Forces entered.

However, having left the area, the Russian military left residents open to reprisals by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Having spoken to people on the ground in Lugansk, I have been informed that up to 30 people were murdered there.

Based on all available evidence and the timeline of events, it appears that those murdered in Bucha were undoubtedly killed by Ukraine forces, with their corpses then arranged and used for propaganda purposes.

There is video of dead bodies being dragged into position on the road, seemingly for a Ukrainian propaganda video shoot.

Readers can draw their own conclusions as to what transpired there, and no doubt countless others will forensically dissect the video evidence offered by Kiev and supported by Western MSM and governments, in what continues to resemble false flag propaganda and a craven attempt to reinvent facts on the ground.

If Russia allows the bulk of the Ukrainian forces to again go free to merge with mercenaries and jihadists, we may simply have a new extended line of contact which NATO and the Biden Administration will continue to exploit.

Putin and the Russian government may (or may not) believe guarantees given by Zelensky and the Ukrainian Parliament – that Ukraine will remain a non-NATO, neutral country, and recognise the Lugansk Peoples Republic (LPR) and Donetsk Peoples Republic (DPR), with Crimea as part of the Russian Federation.

However, any assurances given much like the agreed Minsk Agreements which were guaranteed and underpinned by France and Germany, and signed by the Kiev regime – may simply be ignored if it is politically convenient to do so.

A buffer zone is now in play, followed by a new de facto border between Ukraine, and the LPR and DPR.

Eventually, Russia will have effectively expanded into Ukraine.

America, for its own domestic and foreign capitalist interests, wants an extended and prolonged exhausting and financially debilitating war for Russia in Ukraine which, in conjunction with multiple sanctions, is designed to undermine the Russian economy over the long term and destabilise the government in Moscow.

Russia has the largest land mass in Europe, but an overall economy comparable to Spain or Italy, and America believes it can destroy Russia and install its own pro-western Imperialist puppet regime, much like it had under Boris Yeltsin, so that western financiers and corporations can steal the wealth and natural resources – which belong to the Russian people.

Consider this a prelude to a similar attack on China, for the same material gain.

Remember the massacre in Bucha.

Remember the massacre in Odessa on May 2, 2014.

Remember the sacrifice of 27 million Russians who died during WWII, many in the fight to defeat fascism in Europe.

Remember the victims of fascism; the Jews, the Poles, the socialists, the Roma, the disabled, and so many more.

History reminds us that to abandon people to fascist oppression and reprisals is unconscionable.

I am not a general. I do not know the forces at work on the ground in Ukraine.

I am not tactically aware of frontal military attacks, feints, and distractive assaults.

I do know it’s wrong to liberate people and then abandon them to forces who have no regard for human life and glorify in the death of the other. All care should be taken to avoid such outcomes.

I am not a religious person. If I was, I would pray for all those who are not Ukrainian nationalists now living in fear, under threat and in constant dread of coming to the attention of the Ukrainian fascist troops, their intelligence torturers, and super-human overlords.

It is time we all stood against fascism.

Zelensky has been quoted as saying the new Ukraine will resemble Israel much more than it will resemble any European country.

Does he mean, armed soldiers will be on every street corner?

Does he mean an openly apartheid state?

Does he mean that Russian-speaking indigenous Ukrainians will be subject to arrest, interrogation, and treated as enemies of the state?

Will prisons be filled with those who oppose the new regime?

Then yes, I guess he is right.

Ukraine will mirror Israeli society much more than it will any current European society.

In that respect, both Israel and the new Ukraine will resemble Nazi Germany of the 1930’s much more than anyone will care to admit.

Fra Hughes is an author, activist, and political commentator based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. See his books here

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