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The Global COVID Coup: ‘Turn This Thing Off’

Since the beginning of the ‘global pandemic’ event, the western public has shown an almost blind support for the ‘science experts’ involvement in political and economic decision making. By definition, this is a technocracy. What is clear by now, is how the ‘pandemic’ was quickly transformed from a so-called ‘public health’ issue into an ideological and economic one – in order to coerce populations to accept and adopt evermore technocratic policies – all of which undermine basic freedoms and human rights. 

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Two years into this contrived global crisis, the warning signs should be obvious to everyone. Anti-lockdown advocate, Robin Monotti, goes on to describe what is perhaps the deadliest phase of this ‘global pandemic’ coup d’etat. To anyone who is even mildly awake – the historical comparisons should be clear as day. In the end of this video montage, Google boss Eric Schmidt says that he believes only 10-20% of human beings will ultimately reject the transnational elitists’ new techno-fascist global order – and demand to “turn this thing OFF.’ Watch:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue
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