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Mass Surveillance Dystopia: Smartphones and Social Media

Today, most people are engaged in a type of digital panopticon which could hardly have been envisioned by Jeremy Bentham, nor any 20th century futurist for that matter. Over the last two decades, Silicon Valley have constructed a new fabricated pseudo reality for the population to dwell in, where the individual has been fused with a new simulacra world via his or her own smartphone device. Yet, we still have little idea of the longterm effects of our modern virtual life and the passive surveillance system that we all opt into – in exchange for ‘being connected.’ But this virtual hyper-reality is having a profound influence on people’s behaviour, and may irrevocably alter social relations going forward. 

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In the brief presentation by the Academy of Ideas entitled, “Smartphones and Social Media – A Mass Surveillance Dystopia,” the concept of the panopticon, and the practice of public mobbing and shaming is explored through the lens of this new 21st century technocracy. The conclusions are jarring. Watch: 

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue