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France: New Law Would Ban COVID Vaccine Refusers from Using Public Transport

How far would governments in the West go in order to force a medical or pharmaceutical intervention on its population? This scenario is no longer confined to the realms of conspiracy theory, as a number of governments have either tried, or are currently preparing to implement this unprecedented policy.

A recent attempt by the Danish government to rush through an emergency “Epidemic Bill” calling for forced vaccinations triggered a national uprising, as intelligent members of the public got wind of the government’s attempt to slip draconian vaccine regulations past the public. A similar situation could be building in France, as the government in Paris attempts to push through new crisis legislation that would ban citizens from using public transport unless they submit to a dubious testing regime or refuse to take the latest experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

It’s important to note then that a recent Ipsos poll for the World Economic Forum (WEF) revealed that only 59% of French respondents said they would accept the new experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, compared with up to 67% in the US and even as high as 85% in Britain. It’s debatable how accurate this poll really and as it’s sponsored by the WEF it should be assumed to bias towards the transnational pharmaceutical industry, so the number of opt-outs in these country will constitute a significant portion of the population.

Hence, the potential for disenfranchisement and collective punishment here would he of historic proportions.

Newsweek reports…

People in France who refuse to get a coronavirus test or vaccine could be restricted from using public transportation, according to a proposed bill backed by Prime Minister Jean Castex’s cabinet.

The newly introduced bill, which will be submitted for review in Parliament, is designed to provide the French government with a legal framework for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and future public health crises.

According to its text, a negative COVID test or proof of a “preventative treatment, including the administration of a vaccine” could be required for people to be granted “access to transport or to some locations, as well as certain activities,” Agence France-Presse (AFP) reported.

President Emmanuel Macron said in November that coronavirus vaccinations will not be mandatory throughout France, but the new bill has sparked outrage from opposing political leaders who believe the language is too severe.

Marine Le Pen, leader of France’s far-right RN party called the law “essentially totalitarian,” and said that “in a backhanded way, this bill does not aim to make vaccinations mandatory, but will prevent anybody who doesn’t comply from having a social life,” according to AFP.

Sebastien Chenu, an RN party spokesperson, said the French government was planning “a health dictatorship,” while Centrist Senator Nathalie Goulet called the bill “an attack on public freedoms.”

Others said the bill gives the government sweeping powers to create a system of “vaccine blackmail.”

“How incompetent can [the government] be when it presents on the sly … three days before Christmas, a bill with restrictive sanitary measures that would give it powers of vaccine blackmail?” asked conservative MP Fabien Di Filippo on Twitter, as translated by Politico…

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