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Lord Sumption: Boris Johnson’s ‘Rule of Six is Pointless, Arbitrary and Unnecessary’

This week former UK Supreme Court justice took to the airwaves to strongly criticise the government’s latest laws designed to tighten restrictions on social interactions which came into force on Monday.

According to Lord Jonathan Sumption, the government’s cryptic ‘Rule of Six’ law which prevents more than six people,  children, from gathering socially in both indoor and outdoor settings, and homes, gardens, pubs and parks – is “pointless, arbitrary and unnecessary.”

“This one size fits all approach is deeply destructive… it’s much more efficient for everybody to make their own decisions in a responsible way,” says Lord Sumption.

On the issue of legality of the government’s policy he remarked, “I think it’s very unlikely that the courts are going to decide whether it’s necessary because this is not only a difficult question – a technical and scientific question, but it has to be weighed against all sorts of other social considerations unrelated to health – the social damage, the collateral medical damage, the educational, and economic damage, and so on. This is an exercise which courts are not well placed to carry out and i suspect that the courts will recognize that.”

Watch his recent segment with TalkRadio host Julia Hartley-Brewer:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue