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Truth About Fires in California, Oregon, Washington (Hint: It’s Not Climate Change)

As wildfires rage across the western states of California, Oregon and Washington, the mainstream media have been quick to blame the fires on ‘climate change’, as well as laying blame for wildfires at the feet of President Donald Trump. 

However, this is still no actual scientific hard evidence which proves that any of these fires were causes by man-made C02 emissions. In fact, the western states have a long history of extreme droughts and fires which even pre-dates the modern industrial era.

Despite their lack of any scientific evidence, politicians and media seem determined to keep pushing the fallacy that America’s wildfires are somehow caused by climate change.

As American host talk show Tucker Carlson explains, besides the usual blaming of Trump, the desperate election year scapegoating climate change is not unlike the popular leftwing political narrative of “systemic racism” – something which you can’t see, but are told is everywhere and it’s deadly. Watch:

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