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INTERVIEW: Mohammad Marandi on America’s Miscalculation with Iran

On January 8, 2020, Iran responded to the United States by launching a missile strike which hit two US military bases in Anbar and Erbil in Iraq. The Iraqi Parliament also decided that US troops must leave their country. Still, the Trump administration insists on staying, and that Iran should return to the JCPOA negotiation table. Will Washington’s gambit work, or has it finally cashed-in its last imperialist chips?

In EP 310 of the SUNDAY WIRE show, we spoke with special guest, Iranian political and global affairs analyst from the University of Tehran, Dr. Mohammad Marandi, to discuss what really happened between the US and Iran recently, and how these events will affect East-West international relations and diplomacy going forward. Time and time again, Washington has misread and miscalculated Iran and other countries in the region, leading to a string of foreign policy failures. Listen:

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue