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Russiagate Farce: FBI Brings CNN Camera Crew to Film 3am Arrest of Roger Stone

The FBI dispatched a SWAT Team in full body armor along with a CNN camera crew to film the 3am arrest of former Trump advisor Roger Stone at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 

The staged media event came after a secret indictment of Stone on Thursday – not for anything relating to Trump-Russia Collusion’, but for unrelated ‘process crimes’ deriving from the Mueller investigation itself. Charges against him include lying to the House intelligence committee and Special Counsel probe, obstruction, and witness tampering. Stone maintains that the arrest was “politically motivated” and says he will be pleading ‘not guilty’ and will fight the charges in trial if necessary.

IMAGE: A defiant Stone outside of the court house in Ft. Lauderdale.

Interestingly, prosecutors did not charge Stone with conspiring with WikiLeaks, or with the “Russian GRU” military intelligence agency who Mueller claims (despite having no real evidence) hacked the emails of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

Stone maintains that he is being “falsely accused” of making false statements to the House intelligence committee, and that any error he may have made in his testimony to Congress was not intentional.

Stone appeared in court in shackles later this morning, and was then released on a $250,000 bail. He did not enter a plea. This point was later reiterated by President Trump on social media:

Federal prosecutors later announced that his case will be transferred to Washington, D.C.

Deep State Media Circus

One of the most bizarre parts of this story is the role played by the embattled cable news network CNN in the arrest. For some unknown reason, the armed FBI raid was conducted with a full CNN camera crew in tow, providing a live broadcast feed of Stone’s pre-dawn arrest.

CNN proceeded to market the staged media event as a “CNN Exclusive”, with network supporters claiming that such an FBI ’embed’ was nothing more that a ‘tip off’ from a secret ‘source’ inside the FBI. Critics are asking why the FBI needed CNN to provide PR for this high-profile arrest event – and whether this unofficial government-corporate partnership is really politically motivated.

Neither the FBI, nor CNN, have fully explained how the Democratic party-aligned TV network was allowed to embed with the FBI in what appeared to be an overblown theatrical performance – complete with a full detachment of agents, carry semi-automatic weapons and wearing body armor in order to apprehend the 66 year old political pundit. Watch:

The fact that CNN has acted as the unofficial public relations arm of the FBI and the Mueller probe is disturbing to the say the least, and has raised serious questions about their claims of being an impartial news outlet.

‘He Said, She Said’

If Roger Stone was not actually involved in any ‘Trump-Russia Collusion’, then why is the Mueller probe targeting him?

According to RT International

It is alleged that Stone, who officially left the Trump campaign in August 2015, told campaign officials in July 2016 about future WikiLeaks (referred to in Mueller’s document as “Organization 1”) releases of damaging information found in leaked Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails. US intelligence claims the emails were hacked by Russian “government actors.”

During Trump’s campaign, Stone boasted about having connections with WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange, but later said it wasn’t a direct link. Instead, he said that he relied on New York radio host Randy Credico (named “Person 2” in the Thursday indictment) as a “go-between.”

It is believed that if Stone contests the charges and does take a plea bargain – then the Mueller probe will not have enough evidence to prosecute him, as this week’s allegations are recycled from old assertions which were believed to be ‘dead in the water’ before, but which were the only remaining plot lines which Mueller could attach to Stone.

Some legal commentators believe that this morning’s arrest is simply the last desperate attempt by Mueller to salvage some credibility from an investigation which has taken 2.5 years and cost at least $30 million in taxpayers funds – but never produced any real evidence of ‘Russian collusion’ with the 2016 Trump campaign.

It is believed that a desperate Mueller team may also stage another arrest next week – of author and ‘conspiracy theorist’ Dr Jerome Corsi, a former media associate of Stone, which is said to be Mueller’s final desperate attempt to conjure some connection between Julian Assange, WikiLeaks and the 2016 Trump campaign.


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