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WATCH: Media Losing Their Minds Over Craven ‘Russiagate’ Coverage

21st Century Wire says…

All the proof you need of the media losing their minds over their own craven ‘Russiagate’ conspiracy theory coverage.

It’s hard not laugh at this ongoing media spectacle – a media marinated in their own propaganda. They are actually feeding on their own entrails. Need more proof? If you find yourself laughing at all the absurdity, according to the BBC, you may just be under the spell of Putin!

Watch this cut of Super Deluxe’s “Donald Trump is Finished”:

A second viewing of this ‘bombshell’ shuffle requires the brilliant commentary added by The Jimmy Dore Show:

And here is your unofficial transcript of this media-gone-mad mashup:

Donald Trump’s Done! He’s Done!
The Turning Point!

The Beginning of the End! (…says Astrologer)
The Walls Are Closing In!
Trump Will Resign!
This is The Tipping Point!
Trump Off The Rails!
Last Days of Nixon!
His Presidency is Crippled!
December 2017…Mark It Down!
We’re in the Third Quarter!
Trump is in Trouble!
Another Hour, Another Bombshell!
Trump’s Going Down!
This President Could Be Impeached!
Mr. Trump Will Not Server Out His Term! No Way, No How…
Donald Trump is Done!
It’s Over!
This is Going to be The Achilles Heel!
The Fix is In!
This Week Will Be The Watershed Week!
Trump’s in a lot of Trouble!
It’s The Sign of a Terrified Old Man!
The Walls Are Closing In!
Today Changed Everything!
More Bombshells!
It’s Entropy and It’s Crumbling Internally!
He’s Underwater!
Another Tipping Point!

Share this video far and wide. Tell your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors about it. Amplify this message. But most of all, snap out of it!

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue