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Latest US Senate ‘Social Media’ Hearing A Colossal Schoolyard Charade

21st Century Wire says…

Can you believe this train wreck of ‘legislative oversight,’ tweets, likes and emojis? Are taxpayers actually funding this elaborate, neverending charade?

Make up your own caption: ‘Yes Senator, I wore my best beard and nose ring today.’

It’s not enough that these social media giants have prostrated themselves and become willing dongles to the government. Now, their milktoast executive leaders must fly to Washington and sit through a monotonous receiving line of questions from fanboy and fangirl politicians looking to get social media mentions in the ‘fight against Russia.’ Incredible.

Tom ‘Tough Guy’ Cotton

It’s embarrassing and shameful to watch U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) grandstand like a first class fascist, as he attempts to ‘lean in’ on Facebook and Twitter and openly advocate for censorship, and the closure of Wikileaks.

In response to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s weak lament about ’24/7 global surveillance’, NeoHawk Cotton had this to say:

“Is Twitter an American company? … Do you prefer to see America remain the world’s dominant global superpower?”

What on earth are you talking about senator? This isn’t a reboot of the ‘red scare’ 1950s. Or is it? And about that Google thing: Tom, don’t worry, they’re still onside:

Auctioneering? Or, Auctioning Free Speech?

In something that could only be fit for a screwball comedy, U.S. Congressman Billy Long (R-MO) is heard mimicking an auctioneer in an attempt to drown out the heckling voice of political activist Laura Loomer. If you just landed on this planet, you might think the government was auctioning off free speech to the highest bidder at that exact moment.

Loomer can be heard shouting at Dorsey for censoring and shadow banning conservatives on his platform:

Rubbernecking: ‘Clown’ vs ‘Little Frat Boy’

One of the most entertaining and awkward moments happened in the hallways of the Capitol during the hearing, as Alex Jones of Infowars interview-crashed Marco Rubio’s press conference. The ineffectual Republican senator from Florida told Jones “I don’t know who you are” and the bombastic bullhorner later retorted calling Rubio “a little gangster thug.”

Update: Just 24 hours after Jones attended the hearing as a front row spectator and live streamed throughout the day, Twitter announced this afternoon it was permanently banning him and Infowars from its platform.

We chose this clip, created by RT, because of its high production value for your viewing pleasure:

Other lowlights: Senator Mark Warner (D-VA), an avid Russiagater, who’s no stranger to collusion, made it a point to show an empty seat with Google’s name on it and make a public example out of the search giant. Meanwhile, Senator Angus King (I-ME) suggested to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg that the social media giant should seriously consider a ‘banner or star’ rating to warn people of content they won’t like.

You can watch the full hearing from Wednesday, and join the collective facepalm.

So here’s to the grandstanders – the ones we elect and pay to represent us – they would rather play schoolyard politics and gain popularity than defend liberty. Absolutely and utterly pathetic.

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