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DEBATE: The Revolutionary Left vs The Revolutionary Right

Left and Right? It’s a battles of ideas and ideologies that’s still raging…

The following debate took place on on July 8th in a small theater in Manhattan, 2017 between ‘Alt-Right’ personality Augustus Sol Invictus and leftist journalist Caleb Maupin. This event was formally titled, “The Revolutionary Left vs. The Revolutionary Right.” The debate has been a big hit online, and was even promoted by Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange via Twitter.

This is a very unique event, and everything you could ever want from a political debate – the power of ideas clashing in a free and open forum between two dynamic presenters, both highly informed and passionate about where their country is heading. The audience is the real winner in this debate – where the fundamental issues are identified and brought forward for raw examination. These two presenters do not shy away from controversial subjects – communism, Marxism, socialism, capitalism, enthno-nationalism, racism, neo-Nazism. If America is to move forward, then it needs more debates like this one. Watch:

The debate was sponsored by Students & Youth for a New America

For information on this event visit Caleb Maupin’s blog.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue