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hybrid wars

21st Century Wire says…

“At a recent event sponsored by NATO and organized by the Atlantic Council, attendees were told that “there is no agreed definition of terms related to hybrid warfare.” In other words, the 28 members of the North Atlantic Alliance cannot agree on a clear definition of what they are facing.” ~ NATO Review

Perhaps NATO states should review their own warfare journals to better understand the threat they are imposing upon prey or target nations? The following talk given by John Laughland, Director of Studies, Institute of Democracy and Cooperation, Paris, France, should be presented to the puzzled NATO members to fully explain the “full spectrum” warfare they are already deploying globally.

Thank you to Cory Morningstar for the transcript that has highlighted some of the most pertinent points made by Laughland.

“… the term was of course coined by members of the United States military. The definition though that the American soldiers and strategic theoreticians have given to this term is extremely broad. As you can see on this quote here from the United States Joint Forces Command: ‘Hybrid war is said to involve a mix of conventional, irregular, terrorism, and criminal means or activities and it can be deployed by a combination of state and non-state actors. It is said to include by others, covert action’ this is the deputy secretary general of NATO, ‘covert action, economic blackmail, diplomatic duplicity, and media manipulation.’ Indeed one American military expert has used the word full spectrum wars to describe hybrid wars and he says as you can see in the second part of this quotation, the bit I underlined, that hybrid wars include state building. I draw your attention to use of the word full spectrum in this quotation because of course full spectrum is presumably an illusion to the concept of full spectrum dominance which was coined by the United States Department of Defense in a paper published in June 2000…

…and indeed Edward Snowden himself in February 2014 leaked another GCHQ document, you can ignore the photograph, look at the title of the thing The Art of Deception – Training for a New Generation of Covert Operations”…

Interestingly, and amusingly, the person who came up, as far as I can tell with this idea of colonizing social networks and colonizing cyber space was none other than a certain Cass Sunstein who is the husband of Samantha Power the current American ambassador to the United Nations. He wrote in a paper in 2008 that government agents, I quote, government agents and their allies might enter chat rooms and online social networks. So covert operations, deception and state building, I am going to emphasize the state-building aspect, are an established part of the United States military army.”

Consolidating a new regime in which American leadership is ensured:

“Whether we call them hybrid wars or full spectrum wars the United States is a master at creating institutions which it controls but which control others, and which ensure a radical and long-lasting legal and social change. This I submit is the essence of hybrid warfare.”

Watch the full talk here: 






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