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STRANGE INCIDENT: Man Arrested Outside Westminster Palace On Suspicion Of Carrying Knife

21st Century Wire says…

A man has been arrested by armed police outside the gates of Parliament at Westminster on suspicion of carrying a knife.

According to the Metropolitan Police:

“At 11.10am on Friday a man was detained near to the Palace of Westminster. The man – aged in his 30s – was arrested on suspicion of possession of a knife. There are no reports of any injuries.

Suspect being led away by Metropolitan Police – (Photo: Guido Fawkes. Source: @rosskempsell)

So here we have it again. A man arrested on suspicion of carrying an offensive weapon in the similar perimeter of the Khalid Masood on March 22nd including  Mohammed Khalid Omar Ali who was arrested on April 27th for carrying a ‘bag of knives’ in Whitehall. We learned thereafter that this man was ‘monitored for weeks’ prior to his arrest and was most definitely ‘known’ to the security services.

Mohammed Khalid Omar Ali prior to his arrest in London. (Photo/source: Road To Hope)

In unverified accounts, it is understood that people were heard shouting, ‘knife knife knife’, and then police were able to react around the area in rapid time at the Palace of Westminster.

Question: Why are the media placing so much focus on this story which is mostly a non event? 

One answer could be that headline distractions may be used to obfuscate the mounting death toll from the Grenfell Tower fire in West London.

At 21st Century Wire, we have asked whilst covering the Khalid Masood and Mohammed Khalid Omar Ali incidents, how could, and how can these individuals manage to penetrate the epicentre of British politics, policing, and state intelligence services with MI5 and other major police facilities located only a few minutes walking distance from Parliament Square itself? In addition, New Scotland Yard is situated on the Embankment and again, minutes away. All of this information can be triangulated and verified over Google Maps.

Prior to and after the Masood incident, one could only assume that these most prominent areas were better surveilled and protected, i.e. ground officers from MI5 embedded within the public for HUMINT purposes.

Today is the first anniversary of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, who was killed by Thomas Mair on June 16th last year. One year on and many are asking the same imperative and critical questions, “where is the CCTV footage from outside the library where the incident took place and why was CGI imagery presented to the jury during the trial of Thomas Mair.”

In a separate news story released today, coincidentally perhaps, a new documentary due to be aired next Tuesday June 20th on BBC called, “Hospital” will feature scenes from Mary’s Hospital in Paddington – including the aftermath of the Khalid Masood attack where victims, including Masood himself uttering his last dying words on a bed in the trauma ward.

For further analysis and reporting on everything from the March 22nd attack timeline, right up to London Bridge and everything in between, including today’s events, check out our previous articles at 21st Century Wire most notably by Shawn Helton





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