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Secret £1bn UK War Chest Used to Fund the White Helmets and Other ‘Initiatives’

21st Century Wire says…

One of the west’s biggest ‘initiatives’ designed to help undermine and delegitimize the Syrian government, has been the creation of a pseudo ‘NGO’ called the White Helmets

Previously, 21WIRE has reported on the various funding sources for the White Helmets. Here’s one breakdown of officially disclosed White Helmets funding, as of October 2016, although unknown or undisclosed sums could be substantially higher:


This week, new information has emerged (see report below) about a somewhat clandestine fund kept by the UK government to fund various ‘initiatives’ including the White Helmets. Thus, it’s important to ask: exactly how much more money has the UK government poured into this shadow state operation? An additional $100 million, or $200 million, or more?

When you take into account multiple reports by real Syrian residents about the the lack of training or professionalism of the White Helmets, and also multiple reports of their links to terrorists groups, it would be prudent to inquire exactly how much UK funding has been used to support extremist terrorist activity in Aleppo and Syria.

Watch this stunning video presentation which raises these very questions: 

Breaking this week…


Ministers trying to find out what the government’s shadowy £1 billion (US$1.22 billion) conflict, stability and security (CSS) fund is being spent on say they are being given the runaround by Home Secretary Amber Rudd.

During a session of the joint committee on national security strategy held on Monday, Rudd named the Syrian White Helmet ‘rescue’ organization as one recipient, but evaded questions about what other nations and groups received a share.

Former Tory defense chief Lord Hamilton told Rudd that he had become aware that the committee was “responsible to parliament for the CSS fund,” but that MPs had been told the nations being handed cash were not to be revealed.

We said we would be mildly interested in knowing in which countries this money is spent. They said we can’t be told because it is secret. We feel we are groping around in the dark.”

Rudd said that the fund was used for 97 different initiatives in 40 countries but declined to explain further, on the basis that the truth could be embarrassing and make other countries jealous.

She did acknowledge that some funding went on the controversial White Helmets, among others.

They do a great job in reaching out, addressing UK interests in unstable areas,” she told the committee.

They include groups such as the White Helmets in Syria, who do a great job.

The White Helmets, which were founded by a former British Army officer, have been accused of being a front for Western soft power in the region…

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