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White Helmets Funded By US, UK, EU and Qatar governments

Contrary to western media claims, the organization known as ‘The White Helmets‘ are not a grass roots NGO founded by Syrians. They are a multi-million dollar international operation, founded, funded and managed outside of Syria – with only selected operatives active inside Syria, mainly for the purposes of generating emotive video and photographic images designed to help generate millions more in public donations, and more importantly – to advance the cause of the armed opposition, namely through a NATO member state and Gulf state agenda to establish a No Fly Zone, or “Safe Zone” inside of Syria.

The following is a general breakdown of some of the White Helmets funding, as of October 2016:


NOTE: UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson has recently visited the White Helmet training centre in Gazientap.  During this visit there, Johnson declares the UK Government’s intent to “remedy the Syrian crisis”. Johnson is not blessed with subtlety and his statement of “intent” is transparent when one reads between the lines.  The UK Foreign Office will use “UK Tax Payers money” to train a shadow Syrian police force in Turkey that will supplant existing police forces in areas such as Aleppo. Johnson blithely explains, these forces will be trained by former UK military staff.Apparently, this is to ensure the police force will integrate better into Syrian society.

So, a UK military trained “law and order force” will better integrate into Syrian society that has an existing police force?

Are UK tax payers really happy that their hard earned money is being used in this way?

At the same time, Johnson is awfully enthusiastic about the Syria White Helmets who are “fantastically brave” humanitarians.  They appear to have recently added another string to their bow as de-mining experts. Johnson is so enthusiastic, he is positively bouncing with glee as he announces the UK Foreign Office has awarded the White Helmets a further £32 million in NON-humanitarian aid, as part of a wider £65 million package, supposedly to “remedy the Syrian crisis.”

This elevates the UK back to their original status as the primary funder of the US coalition-funded, synthetic humanitarian organisation, embedded exclusively in al Nusra Front (aka Al Qaeda in Syria) and ISIS held territories inside of Syria.  Partners in funding include the US, Germany, Denmark, Holland and Japan. Total ‘Coalition’ funding to date for these White Helmets may be upwards of $200 million already – much more than any ‘independent’ NGO would ever need for years.

Where is all this money actually going? Is this NGO a finance front for supplying Al Nusra and other “moderate rebel” militants in Syria, thus prolonging the war and carnage there?

The level of funding points very clearly to a deliberate attempt to eradicate Syrian state institutions and replace them with regime-change focused cells created by UK and US intelligence operatives, labelled euphemistically as “ex military staff.”

Based on this information, one might conclude that the White Helmets are really a front organization, designed to generate public, financial and strategic support for Western and Gulf-backed militants on the ground in Syria.



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