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Channel 4 Joins CNN in Normalising Terrorism, Then Removes Their Own Video

21st-centuryVanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

“On the throne of the world, any delusion can become fact.”
~ Gore Vidal

On the throne of imperialist, geopolitical scheming, the delusional emperors entice and enslave the masses through all manner of mind manipulating mechanisms. The media are no longer the emperor’s watchdog, they are the illusionists and ring masters weaving a back-drop of lies and stage sets to justify the theatre of war that is being enacted by the NATO superstate, militarists and oligarchs.

Britain’s Channel 4 has been instrumental in promoting the US Coalition fabricated “revolution”-biased narrative from “inside Aleppo”.  Not the Aleppo of two cities, torn apart by US Coalition-sponsored terrorism but the ‘Aleppo’ of their “moderate rebels” that exist only in terrorist-held eastern sectors of Aleppo.  Western media outlets have focused their efforts almost exclusively in this eastern sector, elevating the 200,000 remaining people in this area to the pedestal of an “entire city under attack by Regime forces ” and their relentlessly “evil” allies. Russia, in particular, has been demonized by Channel 4 and all other government compliant media in the UK, Europe and US.

The reality is very different: the eastern wastelands of Aleppo are inhabited and controlled by over 22 brigades of assorted terrorist gangs, their overlords are Al Nusra Front who make up over 80% of the terrorist numbers. These criminal, drug infused gangs – armed and equipped by the US Coalition, who operate as mercenaries united in the common desire (in solidarity with their US, NATO member state and GCC sponsors) to collectively punish the Syrian people in West Aleppo for daring to deny the western “colour revolution” illusion.  Civilians in this part of ‘rebel-held’ East Aleppo live in fear and under occupation, and are often used as hostages or human shields.  Another inconvenient truth that is conveniently overlooked by mainstream media.

For further information on the “tale of two cities” in Aleppo read: Journey to Aleppo Part I and II – Exposing the Truth Buried under NATO Propaganda.

These “moderate rebels” deploy Hell-cannon mortars, suicide bombing, explosive bullets, sniping operations and chemical gas attacks, targeting the Syrian civilians, all 1.5 million of them who are sheltering under government protection in West Aleppo.

Does the NATO-aligned media report this? According to Dr Nabil Antaki, a gastroenterologist, practising in West Aleppo, the answer is a resounding… no. Here is another crucial point in this issue:

“Regarding the France 2 report this evening, Wednesday 5th October:

Undoubtedly bravo to Pierre le Corf, an admirable human being. However, Pierre and I took the journalist and cameraman to St Louis Hospital where we treat the wounded civilians in West Aleppo, targeted by the missiles launched by the terrorists embedded in East Aleppo. They filmed the critically injured civilians in intensive care, on respirators, for 30 minutes. A young 20 year old, who had just had both legs amputated, many wounded civilians, included. Then we visited Mahmoud, a 6 year old child, under my care, who was born without arms and had both legs torn apart [and therefore amputated] by a mine planted by Daesh.

None of this footage was used to avoid going against the politics of the French media [their protected “moderates” cannot be portrayed as the criminals].

Even yesterday, 8 people were killed by mortars launched by the terrorists in East Aleppo into West Aleppo. Wednesday, 15 dead, Friday, 17 dead but nobody talks about it. The media continues to spin their story about the last hospital in ‘Aleppo’ being destroyed. Its the 5th time they make this announcement!”

For further insights from Dr Nabil Antaki in Aleppo, please read 21st Century Wire article: Aleppo Doctor Demolishes Imperialist Propaganda and Media Warmongering

In her article, Western Corporate Media Disappears over 1.5 Million Syrians and 4000 Doctors, journalist, Eva Bartlett states:

“According to these compromised US government and Soros-funded NGOs and much of the corporate media, there is only one “last” pediatrician and a scarce number of doctors left in Aleppo. They are, of course, referring solely to the terrorist-occupied regions of Aleppo (eastern and some northern quarters) and even then ignore the reality that the Syrian government continues to pay the salaries of doctors in terrorist-occupied areas, including eastern Aleppo.”

The following infographics were produced by @Navsteva on Twitter, showing clearly the alarming disparity in western media reporting on the number of hospitals and even the number of doctors operating in East Aleppo, numbers doubled in 24 hours, according to Syria-centric journalists, Scott Lucas and Sophie McNeill. Perhaps some co-ordination of narrative might be in order?:



Channel 4 Video: Aleppo, Up Close with the Rebels

In a very short period, over 2 days ending on the 7th October, Channel 4 produced a flurry of reports on (East) Aleppo, fortuitously (for the US alliance) coinciding with the announcement from the US of the suspension of its talks with Russia.

Of course, these videos, all concurred with the Washington and London narrative regarding the reasons for the cessation of diplomatic efforts and amplified the demands emanating from the terrorist groups for a “We-fly-you-don’t-zone” to protect US and NATO state assets losing ground to the Syrian Arab Army in East Aleppo. The much promoted and heavily US coalition-financed, pseudo-rebel shadow state was being routed and Washington DC was furious.  Syria was reclaiming its 2nd capital city, Aleppo, and the US was trying to shore up the rapidly disintegrating wall of lies that had been erected to obfuscate the reality of the US coalition proxy terrorist occupation of Syrian state territory.

SEE ALSO: CNN’s Claim That ‘White Helmets Center in Damascus’ Was Hit by a Barrel Bomb

One video, in particular, demonstrated some of the most egregious crimes being committed by western media in their reporting of the dirty war on Syria. Channel 4’s, “Aleppo, up close with the Rebels,” was released amidst fierce battles between the Syrian Arab Army and the US Coalition’s “moderate rebels.”

This video was immediately exposed as a cynical propaganda vehicle. Voices were raised about a number of issues, not least, one claim from an Aleppo resident, that the footage was not even filmed in East Aleppo, as portrayed by Channel 4.  I challenged the video’s credibility on-air in a RT Cross Talk special discussing the US, UK and EU shadow state construct, the White Helmets.

One day later, Channel 4 removed the video – with no explanation for this action.  The following, are the observations made about the video and these remarks have been forwarded to Channel 4 for their comments.

A copy of the video was made prior to Channel 4’s removal and will be included for further media analysis in this report.

1: The video starts with the statement “we all know about the siege of East Aleppo“.  However, the siege narrative sold to western audiences is not that of the US Coalition-backed terrorist brigades against hostage Syrian civilians in East Aleppo and against the 1.5 million Syrian civilians in West Aleppo.  Rather, it once again, employs the vilifying rhetoric so exhaustively used against the Syrian state and the Syria’s national army.

According to this rhetoric, it is ‘Assad ‘who is starving his own people’, despite extensive evidence of Syrian state efforts to ensure Humanitarian aid reaches all areas of Aleppo and the recent US-Coalition-terrorist blockade of, and protests against impending UN Humanitarian aid deliveries.  These terrorists prevented entry of UN aid into East Aleppo.  It must also be noted that in all footage of East Aleppo being churned out by western and Gulf media outlets, there are no starving terrorists on screen and they seem to be very well fed.

The following is a video made by suspected US alliance media implant in Syria, and extremist sympathizer called Bilal Abdul Kareem of OGN, On the Ground News.  Bilal has been featured multiple times as a ‘Syria-based’ news source for CNN. In this video the US Coalition-backed gangs of mercenaries, otherwise known as the “moderate rebels” are demonstrating against allowing the UN aid into East Aleppo, marching under the flag of Al Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda in Syria.

Considering the gravity of this video in relation to the US and UK’s overtly political promotional campaign of both the ‘moderate rebels’ and the White Helmets – we feel this news piece warrants some serious criticism. The title of their video news package is “The People of Aleppo REFUSE UN Aid” (emphasis added):


Add to this, the fact that the US Coalition terrorists have conducted a reign of indiscriminate terror and persecution of the civilians in West Aleppo. Water sources have been deliberately poisoned or sabotaged in order to ensure the West Aleppo inhabitants are without water for extended periods of time:

“The river became the terrorist dumping ground for dead bodies, massacred by the terrorists not by the government as depicted in western media whose sole aim was and still is –  to demonize the Syrian government [and Bashar al Assad]. A couple of years back, the terrorists were sending young kids to buy huge amounts of bread supplied by the government to feed the people of Aleppo city.  Once purchased, this bread was callously dumped in the river resulting in a crippling bread shortage for a long time.  Eventually the government managed to round-up the culprits and imprison them.  I don’t have to tell you how the media portrayed this activity but the truth is, it was necessary to ensure the people of Aleppo didn’t starve.

The terrorist held areas in the East receive all the water from the Euphrates but they can’t store it all, so they have solved this issue by pouring thousands of litres of clean water into the filthy, contaminated water of Queik which is, of course, undrinkable.” ~ Syria, from the Sublime to the Shameful.

The following video was made in East Aleppo 2012.  It shows the US Coalition-backed terrorist brigades led by Nusra Front,  celebrating the blowing up of the city’s water pipes that were carrying water into government-protected West Aleppo.  This is the true siege, the one that is never mentioned in western media. Watch:

2: Channel 4 goes on to describe “one small but famous victory…’rebels’ fought back against forces of Bashar Al Assad“.  Here we have the familiar western media mantra, ‘good rebels’ fight against ‘Assad’s personal security forces’. No recognition of the Syrian national army’s identity being intrinsically linked with the people of Syria and that, inside Syria,  they are universally perceived to be fighting for Syria not against Syria, battling the US alliance, funded & armed terrorist forces.

3:  The footage then switches to a countryside location where the “moderate rebels” are introduced as “once farmers and factory workers, now Islamist fighters.”  We see these heavily armed and well equipped fighters launch a missile, one presumes towards SAA army positions in or around Aleppo countryside, with the usual cries of “Allahu Akhbar” during these actions.  At this point, R+U videos who have produced an edited version of the Channel 4 video, point out a possible identification of one of the Nour al Din Zinki terrorists who beheaded 12 year old Palestinian child, Abdullah Issa:

Nour Al Din Zinki terrorist and child beheader identified in Channel 4 video by R+U Video.

4: Channel 4 describes how the “‘rebels’ way of defending is to fight back by sending suicide bombers to the Syrian Army and by launching rockets into the west side of the city” (emphasis added).  The nonchalant way in which Channel 4 normalises suicide bombing as  a “legitimate” form of defence is akin to CNN’s previous attempts to achieve legitimacy for suicide bombing as an act of warfare, permissible against the Syrian Arab Army.

Read how CNN normalizes Nusra Front and ISIS suicide bombers in Syria, at 21st Century Wire’s article: CNN Normalizes Suicide Bombers and Embeds Reporters with ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Equally nonchalant is Channel 4’s neutralization of the daily hell cannon mortar attacks that rain gas canisters and other containers packed full of TNT and glass, metal, nails or even toxic gas/chemical weapons, into the densely populated West Aleppo.

Pierre Le Corf, who is a young Frenchman working as a volunteer in West Aleppo and living on the “frontlines” was on a recent Sunday Wire radio program, and he has previously described a normal day under attack from the Nusra Front-led brigades in East Aleppo.

“The first mortar fell as I was leaving home.  I was thrown to the ground, a part of a building collapsed but I was untouched.  Shops closed up, the smoke enveloped the street, people running to take cover.  

I was running too, but 300 metres further on, I was flung to the ground, another mortar had hit a generator in the centre of town.  I can’t hear anything, I pull myself up, just a whistling sound and then as I turned my head, blood, and the cries of a man on the ground with part of his arm and shoulder torn apart.  I tried to staunch the flow of blood, I managed to drag him to the other side of the road, into safety.  I run, a man is shouting for someone to help his father, his feet are ripped apart to the extent that he can’t stand on them, his fingers dangling and his thigh has been ripped open. I tried…we got him in the car, his body had lost almost all its blood.  I have just found out both are dead. ” ~ Pierre Le Corf (translated by Vanessa Beeley)

Channel 4 mentions none of these crucial details. We are almost left with the impression that “rockets launched into west side of the city “are a negligible detail, one that is swiftly brushed aside.  The people of West Aleppo are rendered inconsequential (although they are the overwhelming majority by a factor of five), collateral damage in the unilateral western media narrative.  The voices of the majority of Syria’s civilians is ignored in favour of a pseudo revolution, hijacked and propelled in the direction of US, UK, EU, Gulf State and Israeli objectives for Syria, dependent upon regime change.

5:  Again in the Channel 4 video, R+U claim a sighting of another one of the Nour Al Din Zinki executors of 12 year old Abdullah Issa. The group that Channel 4 are shadowing in this report, is without a doubt affiliated to the bloodthirsty mercenary group, recognisable from their headbands in the video. Channel 4 appeared to have no issue with this association or with presenting them as “rebels” and freedom fighters to their viewers.


6:  Channel 4 – “This group is well equipped, paid for and supplied by Gulf States, mainly Qatar.”  This is presented as if it’s perfectly normal that a group of “farmers and factory workers, now Islamist fighters” are being funded externally by a country that has huge vested oil and gas interests inside Syria, dependent upon the overthrow of Bashar Al Assad who has historically favoured the Russia/Iran/Iraq competing pipeline over the American/Qatar/Turkey pipeline.


7: Almost immediately after this announcement of Gulf State funding for these Islamist “moderate rebels”, we get a glimpse none other than a White Helmet operative in the doorway of the building from which Nour Al Din Zinki are launching their attack. It is no surprise to see a White Helmet operative in the midst of a US Coalition terrorist unit but Nour Al Din Zinki have a reputation as one of the most brutal and vicious. This White Helmet has been caught “off-camera” by White Helmet standards, without the usual hat and full uniform and associated PR paraphernalia, recognisable here from the emblem on his sweatshirt.


Of course, Channel 4 do not question the presence of a Nobel Peace Prize nominee alongside a child-beheading terrorist group, funded and armed by the “Gulf states, mainly Qatar” who are members of the US-led, regime-change-in-Syria, coalition.

8: Channel 4 says, “…for the first time more moderate rebels are fighting alongside extremists like Al Nusra.”  There is no way to avoid accusing Channel 4 of outright lies at this point.  The entire “moderate rebel” narrative has been discredited beyond the point of any return and it is extensively documented that any remnants of moderates have been co-opted into the religious extremist majority factions. Even the US Defence Department has stated that Nusra Front make up 80% of the US funded terrorist brigades aka “moderately less moderate rebels” in East Aleppo.

For Channel 4 to persist with the “moderate rebel” myth at this juncture is an exercise in sustaining propaganda, nothing more. It is a criminal obscurantism that serves to prolong the war against Syria and the suffering of the Syrian people – while weeping crocodile tears over the alleged (and completely unproven) “war crimes” of the Syrian “regime” and its Russian allies.

9: The propaganda keeps on coming: Channel 4 informs us that the reason the moderates can now unite with the extremists is ….drum roll… because they have re-branded. The spin is simply breath-taking:  Al Nusra Front is “no longer associated with Al Qaeda” because it is now called Jabhat Fateh al Sham.  The fact that the leadership and ideology remain unchanged is conveniently omitted from the Channel 4 narrative, naturally.

One can see here the real contempt the media establishment have for its viewing public when they presume the semantic name change will suffice to disassociate the US armed and funded Nusra Front mercenaries from their barbaric acts and extremist, Wahabist ideology. Channel 4 make some scathing mention of Russia’s refusal to legitimize this rebranding campaign but otherwise they present it as a bona fide reason for the “new alliance” of the mythical “moderates” with the “born-again-less-extremists.” Incredible, but true.

10: The following is a comment from a resident of Aleppo (name withheld for their security) who watched the Channel 4 video numerous times before stating:

“I watched the whole clip several times. Apart from the first shot that has the title of the report, no single picture is from the eastern part of Aleppo. For ones who don’t know, eastern Aleppo is the old city of Aleppo, the Walled-City. It’s crowded with mostly ancient buildings, that includes courtyards houses; City Gates; Turkish/Roman Baths, Caravanserais, Bazars & arched Souqs, Domed Mausoleums, small and big mosques. All linked with narrow wavy cobbled roads and paths.

Even if many of these areas had been destroyed partially or completely (as you see on the first shot of the report, which is from the old city of Aleppo), it’s impossible to look like what they are showing on Channel 4 News report. The terrorists took most of that part with its people as hostage, knowing that the army won’t destroy our heritage, while the terrorists don’t give a penny for all that priceless heritage and historical buildings. 

They might be shooting from Aleppo province, even perhaps from another province such as Idleb, but 100% not from eastern Aleppo city.”

Why did Channel 4 remove the video?

This video from Channel 4 exemplifies the biased and twisted ‘reporting’ which is dictating western public perception, and the course of the dirty war on Syria. Channel 4 also employs divisive sectarian language that is a part of the US Coalition’s social structure undermining project. As with Iraq, the intent of this messaging is to fracture Syrian society along previously non-existent sectarian lines and to provoke schisms in what has, historically, been a fiercely secular society. The Syrian unity which has its foundations in its rich cultural history has resisted such attempts but attempts persist, fuelled by reports such as these.

Not only is there no recognition of the rich tapestry of Syrian society that is held together by their pride in their country above all other political or religious differences, but there is a tacit endorsement of the sectarian language used by the terrorist groups, particularly Nour al Din Zinki in the video. What makes this so morally reprehensible is the reminder that this group is guilty of the barbaric torture and beheading of at least one child and one wonders how many more innocent civilians have received similar treatment when the cameras are turned off – victims whose names will never make it onto the elaborate and mostly pro-opposition guesswork lists generated by the EU and UK-funded Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

That Channel 4 has produced a segment entirely reliant upon the co-operation of the militant group, Nour al Din Zinki, to “inform” the British public, should be terrifying to anyone who opposes violent terrorism. To what extent is our news, and our perception of the war against Syria, based upon evidence being supplied by extremist terrorist groups, funded and armed by the US coalition? The question needs to be asked, and answered.

The UK government is heavily invested in various shadow state building projects inside Syria, and they have always been the primary funders of the NATO shadow state construct, the White Helmets.  Is it beyond the realms of possibility that the propaganda that underpins their entire project should be supplied by the various proxy terrorist factions that the US and the UK are implanting and supporting inside Syria, and whose sole aim is achieving regime change and the eradication of Syrian institutions and infrastructure?

Channel 4 removed the video because they had become complacent, and were caught out.  It is not the first time and it won’t be the last and it is incumbent upon all of us to demand that the mainstream media ends its criminally fraudulent reporting on Syria (and Yemen too) and restores some semblance of truth and public trust by conveying both sides – in a war that was facilitated by their lies in the first place.

You cannot play with the animal in you without becoming wholly animal, play with falsehood without forfeiting your right to truth, play with cruelty without losing your sensitivity of mind. He who wants to keep his garden tidy does not reserve a plot for weeds” ~ Dag Hammarskjold  



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