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‘We Saved 60,000 Lives’ – Bogus Claim by Syria’s White Helmets Raises Even More Questions

EDITOR”S NOTE: After this article was published in the run-up to their failed bid to capture the Nobel Peace Prize, in January 2017 the White Helmets have suddenly raised their amazing ‘rescue count’ to 82,000 “lives saved.” At this rate, it should be up to 100,000 by Christmas. Not one single journalist of editor from The Guardian, New York Times, Washington Post, The Intercept, The Daily Beast, Democracy Now!, CNN, NBC, or ABC  – all establishment media outlets who have been championing the White Helmets – have dared to challenged the veracity of these incredible claims by a highly opaque ‘search and rescue’ group that has taken in over$150 million in taxpayer funds from the governments of the US, UK and EU member states. 

UPDATE: The White Helmets figure has inflated further, now up to “99,220 Lives Saved.”

21st Century Wire says…

The western media and politicians have been going all-out in the last two weeks to promote and pump-up the profile of what they are calling a “first responder NGO” known as the White Helmets who claim among other things, to have “saved 60,000 lives” in only 3 years of the Syria conflict. Is it true, or is this claim bogus?


‘Fearless first responders’ – their multimillion dollar documentary premiered on Netflix in September.

Like so many celebrated attributes of the lauded White Helmets, the rescue numbers are clearly exaggerated. The so-called “rebel-held” territories (in actuality, terrorist-held areas) in which the White Helmets exclusively operate, have very few civilians remaining in them. The majority of Syrian civilians have fled terrorist-held enclaves like East Aleppo into government protected areas like West Aleppo – a fact that is routinely glossed over by western media outlets because it runs counter to the storyline being pushed by the US and UK government, both of whom are funding the White Helmets. Nonetheless, the West want their public believe that these areas are bustling, thriving pockets of Syrian society being savaged by the evil dictator and Hitler reincarnate, Bashar al Assad. Preserving this key piece of fiction is central to the US, UK and George Soros funded public relations management of the White Helmets – and central their entire Syria narrative which has been described as something akin to a “Feel Good Hoax.”

Washington and London and others are attempting to launch a wider war on the back these and other trumped-up claims, using the White Helmets as their primary propaganda vehicle.

In an open letter first published at Canadian Dimension and written by John Ryan, PhD, retired professor of geography and senior scholar at the University of Winnipeg, a direct challenge was laid at the feet of the many internationalists who have been enthusiastically promoting the White Helmets recently. Regarding the sensational claim by the White Helmets that they have saved 60,000 lives in Syria since their formation in 2013, Ryan, says:

“It is the White Helmets themselves who have claimed that they have rescued 60,000 civilians; this has not been verified by any other source. Despite such a classic conflict of interest, searching for independent evidence and disqualifying self-serving claims from belligerent parties in Syria has been ignored in much of the western media. As such, this claim by the White Helmets without any verification is next to meaningless.”

In addition, the White Helmets claim that they have trained 3,000 ‘volunteers’ throughout Syria, and yet their training facility is actually located in neighboring NATO member state Turkey, on the outskirts of the city of Gaziantep. This is the same Gaziantep that’s been described in reports as “the home to ISIS killers, sex traders…”

To date, none of the White Helmets cinematic photos and videos, much less any of its sensational claims, have ever been independently verified or subjected to any scrutiny regarding their validity – although this hasn’t stopped leading western media outlets like the BBC, CNN, FOX, the New York Times, the Washington Post, The Guardian and others from running front page stories rebroadcasting imagery and information supplied to them by this US Coalition-financed organization.

STAGED: One of many ‘dusty boy’ photos supplied to western media as “proof” that the White Helmets are busy rescuing 60,000+ Syrians since 2013. 

High Stakes PR

‘THE PITH HELMETS’ – Boris Johnson, UK Foreign Secretary in Gazientap, Turkey gazes into a White Helmet.  (Photo: Boris Johnson Twitter account)

UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson has recently visited the White Helmet training centre in Gazientap.  During this visit there, Johnson declares the UK Government’s intent to “remedy the Syrian crisis”. Johnson is not blessed with subtlety and his statement of “intent” is transparent when one reads between the lines.  The UK Foreign Office will use “UK Tax Payers money” to train a shadow Syrian police force in Turkey that will supplant existing police forces in areas such as Aleppo. Johnson blithely explains, these forces will be trained by former UK military staff.Apparently, this is to ensure the police force will integrate better into Syrian society.  So, a UK military trained “law and order force” will better integrate into Syrian society that has an existing police force?  Are UK tax payers really happy that their hard earned money is being used in this way?

At the same time, Johnson is awfully enthusiastic about the Syria White Helmets who are “fantastically brave” humanitarians.  They appear to have recently added another string to their bow as de-mining experts. Johnson is so enthusiastic, he is positively bouncing with glee as he announces the UK Foreign Office has awarded the White Helmets a further £32 million in NON-humanitarian aid, as part of a £ 65 million wider package to “remedy the Syrian crisis”.

This elevates the UK back to their original status as the primary funder of the US coalition funded phony humanitarian organisation, embedded exclusively in Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda and ISIS held territory inside Syria.  Partners in funding are the US, Germany, Denmark, Holland and Japan. Total ‘Coalition’ funding to date for these White Helmets may be upwards of $200 million already – much more than any ‘independent’ NGO would ever need for years. Where is all this money actually going? Is this NGO a finance front for supplying Al Nusra and other “moderate rebel” militants in Syria, thus prolonging the war and carnage there?

The level of funding points very clearly to a deliberate attempt to eradicate Syrian state institutions and replace them with regime-change focused cells created by UK and US intelligence operatives, labelled euphemistically as “ex military staff”.

The White Helmet Delusion

The White Helmets propaganda bandwagon rolls out one perfectly edited promotional video after the other.  There is never any identification of the location or time or any details on the attacks. Names of the alleged injured, or the dead, are never supplied. The western media never question the authenticity of any of their media submissions. The White Helmets have regularly been called out on their use of fake imagery and for the recycling of previously used footage or images.  There is a very clear indication that their videos may be staged – evident in the very obvious cuts and edits, the lack of adherence to paramedic procedures, the often cavalier fashion in which they handle injured civilians, flinging their supposedly battered bodies onto stretchers with no neck or back support, the miraculous finding of bodies – as if they had been placed there earlier while the White Helmets dig with equipment (equipment that would jeapordize any normal rescue operation). On top of this, where ever they go, their seems to be an entourage that always outnumbers the White Helmets themselves – of camera people and men shouting and looking busy.

Fake Rescue Videos?

The following video is a prime example, as the White Helmets frantically dig for the child that is meant to buried under the rubble of a supposedly bombed building, of course “targeted by Russian or Syrian air-strikes.” The first child rescued is a girl who, despite being buried under the rubble, emerges virtually spotless, with a rag doll emotively clutched in her arms, that does not have one speck of dust on it. This level of propaganda is spectacular.

The White Helmet claim to be rescuing children, unfortunately, the children seem to have been completely abused as marketing visual aids for the White Helmet PR campaigns. Watch:

The editing is also misleading, and maybe one could be forgiven for thinking the girl changed into a boy… the continuity or lack of it would suggest two separate staged rescues, in the second, the boy is also very clean, no injuries, no dust in his hair.

If we watch as they take out the girl, we could also ask why the child was unable to crawl out and stand up herself.  A grown man has no difficulty walking in the gap and the girl is not trapped under anything.  This video has all the hallmarks of a polished production piece, designed to tug at the hearts of a public conditioned to accept first responder operations as sacrosanct, terrified to question them for fear of appearing callous.

There are many children dying at the hands of US-backed terrorists in Syria including children in West Aleppo too, and they are never talked about or given airtime in the western mainstream media. They are the children being eviscerated by the “rain of mortars” that is falling every day upon West Aleppo, launched from the Eastern Aleppo terrorist enclaves, inhabited by Nusra Front, 22 other terrorist brigades, hostage civilians and the White Helmets.  Children like 6 year old Pamela Kazandji, hit by a terrorist hell cannon mortar on the 29th September.  She may be paralysed for the rest of her life after shrapnel lodged in her spine.

An article published at 21st Century Wire today, Syria White Helmet Savagery Hand in Hand with Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda, contains a video that shows the real, unadulterated face of the White Helmets.  The savage face of the White Helmets.  This is the organisation that UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson has just awarded £32 m of taxpayer’s money to.

On numerous occasions, the White Helmets have been seen acting as Al Nusra Front support agents, during the Nusra invasion of Idlib City in March 2015.


A Nobel Peace Prize? Really? 


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