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Bernie Sanders Could End Up Winning Iowa

21st Century Wire says…

Iowa’s Democratic Party primary was one of the closest races in history – reported by the media as being decided by only .3% of the vote, with Hillary Clinton supposedly taking that narrow victory. But has Hillary really secured a victory in Iowa?

According to National Review, the answer is ‘no’. Beltway correspondent Quinn Hillyer explains:

“The final count of delegates to the state convention (aside from the seven won by Martin O’Malley) was Clinton 699, Sanders 695. But by actual voter decisions, the count was Sanders 695, Clinton 693, and six ties. Sure, Clinton right now goes to the state convention with four more committed delegates than Sanders, but she didn’t win her margin via voters, but by a mathematically bizarre series of coin flips.”

For those with a short-term memory, fours years ago in 2012, the mainstream media called the Iowa primary for then GOP candidate Mitt Romney, only to retract this later when it was discovered that Rick Santorum had actually won the caucus majority. And even then, neither Romney, nor Santorum won the majority of delegates from Iowa going into the national convention. That victory went to party rebel Ron Paulan uncomfortable fact universally ignored at the time by major U.S. broadcast media outlets. Paul achieved this incredible victory because his campaign organizers understood what the Iowa Caucuses essentially are: a giant, statewide straw poll, by pursuing one of the most aggressive delegate strategies ever. So bad was the GOP fall-out from this event, that the Republican National Convention drafted new bylaws to deal with the ‘Ron Paul Problem’, making sure that no insurgent candidate could ever gain a state foothold without the approval of the GOP party elite.

Likewise, if Bernie Sanders has done the necessary groundwork in pursuing a more aggressive county-level delegate strategy on election day, and then follows-up with securing candidate Martin O’Malley’s at least 5 of the 7 ‘free agent’ delegates who will be available to switch their loyalties (due to O’Malley dropping out of the race) at the upcoming Iowa State Convention, then Sanders could eventually be Iowa’s real delegate winner.

21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen spoke to RT International about the Sanders campaign’s latest call for a vote recount, as well as other controversial aspects of the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, including the Donald Trump vs Ted Cruz scandal. Watch…

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