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Aleppo: Syrian Resident Speaks Out Against Rami Jarrah ‘Activist Journalist’ Reports

“Syria is one of the biggest propaganda schemes of our time. When the dust settles, if it does, it will be revealed”

~ Professor Abu Khalil

A TALE OF TWO BRITS: First it was Danny Dayem, and now Rami Jarrah, selling NATO’s ‘regime change’ in Syria to western millennials.

Vanessa Beeley
The Wall Will Fall

Following Rami Jarrah’s (of Soros funded ANA Press) recent hour long interview with Soros backed and funded Syria Campaign, I asked an Aleppo resident who has been sending regular reports to comment on the narrative being conveyed by Rami Jarrah, previously known in media as “Alexander Page.”

I will be writing a more in depth investigative report on Rami Jarrah and his involvement with Danny Abdul Dayem, Avaaz and their role in fomenting the “revolution” narrative in 2011 but just wanted to share this comment today in advance of that report.

Comment from a communications expert on surprising ability of Rami to be able to maintain a Skype connection without interruptions or quality fluctuation for over an hour.

“The turn-around delay is too short to be a satellite connection. So either he’s got a fibre internet connection to the outside world (very unlikely in Aleppo), or he’s located outside Syria with excellent connectivity. I go for the second. Perhaps in Turkey? Gaziantep?”

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following video was produced for western-backed Syrian opposition PR organisation called, “The Syria Campaign“, and is hosted by Anna Nolan, ‘Project Director’ for the Syria Campaign, and features British-Syrian operative Rami Jarrah. Watch…

Bear in mind that ANA Press is based in Southern Turkey.  This comment is related ONLY to this video report.

Now we come to the response from an Aleppo resident [names are withheld to protect their identity and ensure their safety as they are surrounded by terrorist factions, the majority being Jabhat Al Nusra aka Al Qaeda.]:

“Internet today is pretty good, and I was able to watch the first 27 min roughly of the link.

His English is pretty good. His info is the opposite.

Same old games, propaganda, lies, living the pinky rosy dreams of their filthy revolution, seeking sympathy by referring to the people behind him, barrel bombs symphony, and the elephant rocket!

Yes, there is a local made rocket called “Fil”, and it has a terrifying noise when it is launched, some said it’s Iranian made missile. The point I would like to make is that he’s not mentioning any word about how his terrorists are shelling civilians over here on a daily or weekly basis.

I slept after midnight yesterday through the sounds of shelling and random bombings, this is THEIR greetings to us on the New Year Eve celebration.

We deserve it because we are infidels celebrating the new year eve like infidels, they say.

Yet that Rami Jarrah dares to speak about how they are peaceful people doing nothing but asking for bloody freedom and democracy.

He said that all Syrian cities joined their revolution from the beginning, however Aleppo city was safe till mid 2012 precisely because they didn’t join them.

The illiterate backward people of the suburbs and countryside of Aleppo province invaded Aleppo city and claimed in front of the media screens that they were the real people of the city.

I still remember the daily psychopathic, irritating messages they used to send Aleppians on all social media blogs and websites, saying, literally,  that the men of Aleppo city don’t have the balls to join the other cities…”

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