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Free Speech Fraudsters: Charlie Hebdo’s Latest ‘Cartoon’ Makes Fun of Dead Russian Airline Victims

21st Century Wire says…

It’s important for people to remember that before last January’s GLADIO-style false flag,  the religious-baiting staged ‘terror’ attack on Charlie Hebdo, the French magazine was hugely unpopular. France’s once revered ‘satirical institution’ began losing money fast due to its plummeting subscriber base. Things were so bad that subscriptions had fallen well below 20,000. In other words, the magazine was so bad that you could hardly give it away. Here’s just the latest example of why…

Desperate to score some cheap points off the back of an international tragedy, they ran a new “cartoon”, this time poking fun at the 227 deceased Russian passengers and crew on board Metro Airlines Flight 7K9268 which crashed last week in the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

It seems that the sad middle-aged, alcoholic Lotharios at Charlie Hebdo weren’t satisfied with all the unwarranted attention they received this year on the back of the fake Islamic terror event, and as well receiving a $1.2 million bailout from the French government.

Just as they did last January, the magazine has been once again used as a tool – as a geopolitical agent provocateur. If you haven’t figured this out by now, this latest PR stunt should leave little doubt that the publication is part of a NATO media operation

FALLING SALES: Hebdo’s failure continues, despite the controversy and a government bailout of the magazine.

Their latest issue shows a “cartoon” depicting airplane parts and passengers falling from the sky on top of a bearded Muslim man with a caption that says: “Isis: Russian aviation intensifies its bombardments.”

In typical spineless fashion, Charlie Hebdo’s editor defended this bottom-feeding opportunism, and tried to deflect legitimate criticism by making the pathetic excuse that Hebdo was being criticized only because the Kremlin was using the cartoons to ‘detract attention from other problems’.

Seeing that the magazine is funded directly by the French central government, you’d be naive to think that government money doesn’t come with some serious strings attached. Now we can see the magazine being used by a leading NATO member state as part of a public information campaign. In this case, it’s clearly being used to ratchet-up tensions with Russia and stoke hate internationally. Once again, “job done,” by this sorry excuse for a periodical.

Understandably, Russians have reacted with anger, with social media erupting in a storm of condemnation against  France’s national eye sore and provocateur internationale. Some Russian social media users made some great points which expose the shallow and vapid ‘humor’ attempted by cheap-shot artists at the French magazine. RT reports: 

“One Twitter user questioned why the staff at Charlie Hebdo hadn’t printed a cartoon of the members of their team who were shot by jihadists in Paris in January. The user added sarcastically, “That would have been really funny for them”…

RT continues:

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the cartoons published by Charlie Hebdo “blasphemy.”

“In our country, this would be called ‘blasphemy.’ It has nothing to do with democracy or with self-expression. It is just blasphemy,” Peskov said.

We comment on the news, just like all other publications do… There are no caricature characters on these drawings. We are just commenting on the event and show our own view,” Charlie Hebdo’s editor added.

“I believe it is blasphemy and ridicules the memory of those who lost their lives as a result of this catastrophe. This should not be used by any media organizations in any form whatsoever or in any particular genre in which they may specialize,” said Igor Morozov, a member of the Federation Council.

The first cartoon shows parts of the aircraft and a passenger falling toward the ground, while an Islamic State militant, armed with a gun, ducks for cover to avoid the falling debris. Underneath the caricature is the caption:

“Daesh: Russia’s aviation intensifies its bombardments.”

It gets even worse. RT reports:

“The second showed a skull and a burned-out plane on the ground, with the caption:

“The dangers of low-cost Russia. I should have taken Air Cocaine.”

NATO’s WAYWARD PET? Charlie Hebdo’s tasteless drivel used once again to stoke international tension and hatred.

“The authors were referring to two French pilots who fled the Dominican Republic to escape arrest for allegedly trying to transport 680 kilograms of the drug.”

“Maria Zakharova, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, wrote on her Facebook page: “Is anyone still Charlie?” in a reference to the catchphrase “JeSuisCharlie” used by many people to express sympathy with the victims of a brutal terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo’s headquarters in Paris in January after it published satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.”

“Serbian film director Emir Kusturica told the Russian television station REN-TV that Charlie Hebdo’s latest publication was a “clear provocation.”

I have not seen these caricatures yet, but this is really scary, if the journalists from this publication have published these sorts of things in a satirical way. I think that this is really a clear provocation.”

Of course, image what would have happened if the great “satirists” at Charlie Hebdo had poked fun at 200 dead American or British passengers. It would create such an international storm that, without any doubt, American customers and businesses would be demanding a universal boycott of French goods, services, travel and tourism, and the story would dominate the US news cycle for at least one full week. This is certain.

Not surprisingly, this story received a complete media blackout by every major US broadcast media outlet. This is Information Warfare 101. It’s important to note here that because it was dead Russian citizens who were being demeaned, then that’s perfectly OK for the US and Europe. After 24 consecutive months of European and American media outlets demonizing Russia and its president Vladimir Putin, media operatives confident that their public do not consider Russian lives of equal value to NATO member states. So it is with Arabs, Africans, Asians, and now you can add Russians to the transatlantic haute culture list of dehumanized peoples.

Make no mistake, even if Russia isn’t at war with NATO, by its words and deeds, NATO is certainly at war with Russia. This latest incident is simply further proof that we are looking at a controlled media operation in Charlie Hebdo.

As far as Charlie Hebdo is concerned, as they burn through this round of French taxpayer money – expect another government bailout for the magazine.

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