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Nuland’s Folly: Ukraine Says ‘Yes’ to Russian Winter Discount Gas Offer

21st Century Wire says…

Here it is – the net result of all the US and EU-backed mob protests and killings in the Ukraine since last December and crippling US-led sanctions since April 2014.

Today it was announced that the Ukraine has confirmed an agreement on a Russian winter gas price, as the two countries are set to resume trade – exactly where they were last winter in 2013…

(Image Source: Business Insider)

As 21WIRE reported last February, in a feature by F. William Engdahl:

“An legitimately-elected (said by all international monitors) Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovich, has been driven from office, forced to flee as a war criminal after more than three months of violent protest and terrorist killings by so-called opposition. His “crime” according to protest leaders was that he rejected an EU offer of a vaguely-defined associate EU membership that offered little to Ukraine in favor of a concrete deal with Russia that gave immediate €15 billion debt relief and a huge reduction in Russian gas import prices. Washington at that point went into high gear and the result today is catastrophe.”

So here we are in November 2014, with Kiev – back where it started.

Political experts remain baffled. For some reason, this unelected NeoConservative operative and proverbial “bag lady for the IMF”, Victoria Jane Nuland, is still serving as Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State. Maybe it’s time to fire (and arraign) Nuland, who will go down in history as Washington’s chief architect of the Maidan coup d’état.

In light of Washington’s failure to enact anything other than chaos in the Ukraine, the world might ask the US State Department the following: was it really worth it, all the lost lives, the billions spent (and lost), demonizing Russia, a new Cold War, mutually harmful sanctions, supporting NeoNazi groups and the total ruin of eastern Ukraine from Kiev’s indiscriminate shelling of civilians in the east since July?

We hate to say it, but we told so…

CRASS: US State Department and NeoCon operative Nuland passing out bread and cookies in Kiev before the coup (Image Source: Voltaire.net)

Here’s the latest from the INTERFAX news wires

Ukraine’s president confirmed that an agreement had been reached with Russia on a provisional price for gas deliveries during the winter months at Friday talks in Milan, AFP reports.

“On the basis of consultations, I can say that Ukraine will have gas, will have heating,” Petro Poroshenko said in an interview to Ukrainian television on Saturday. According to the president, the new price will be $385 dollars (300 euros) per 1,000 cubic meters, down from the current price of $485.

Another day, another failure by Washington’s diplomatic corps…

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