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Disasters, Pandemics and the ‘Art of the Con’

Jay Dyer
21st Century Wire

Fear! Panic! Pandemic! Downed planes and riots and ISIS and ducks crossing the Interstate! Joseph Kony! News! News is so important!

Watch the news and pay attention to the game show host “reporter” telling you about kitty rescue missions and Ebola, or you’ll be left in the dark! Old people are falling for emails scams! You might even be Left Behind with Nic Cage and Tim LaHaye. What is the deep, esoteric, mystical meaning in all this?

Actually, it’s rather simple. While there are deeper esoteric mystical things out there, let’s not overlook the obvious. The majority of what all this is about is simple: the con.

FOR SALE: The proverbial Spotted Horse’ and other tales of con-artistry (Image: Liberty Ramblings).

The art of the con is one of the oldest, time-honored practices of fallen humanity manifest in man’s second oldest profession – espionage. News is simpler than that. Statecraft is stagecraft and it has always been so. If you are not sure, just ask Hollywood.

After reading Spotted Horses by William Faulkner recently, I was struck by its insight – a riotous comic tale about the Snopes family and their adept con artistry. On another level, it was highly insightful about human nature, and for me, it brought to mind mass media. Flem Snopes is the heartless con artist who sells a family of fools wild horses that aren’t his. At the end, the Tulls are unable to get any restitution from the legal system because they are unable to prove the horses were the Snopes’ or that any money was given for them. Part of Faulkner’s intention is the unfortunate truth that, in a sense, people who are conned are often willingly conned.

Remember the 80s? As a child of the 80s, I remember a few news spectacles that stand out – Iran/Contra and AIDS.  AIDS was all the news and Reagan talked about, and I recall being subjected to endless warnings and threats about AIDS as the new pandemic that would wipe out large swaths of the population. Then, they said AIDS could be transmitted through spit and toilet seats, and everyone was going to come into contact with it. We were even told that by the 90s and later, we would all know a close friend or family member with AIDS. By the time I graduated high school in the 90s, there were ominous news stories about how hundreds of thousands in metropolitan areas had AIDS. More that twenty years later, with no “cure” for AIDS, the pandemic has been forgotten. Sometime around the late 90s, AIDS became hack material. Expect the current Ebola “crisis” to do the same.

For laughs, observe this AIDS public service announcement from Australia that almost seems like a joke:

This sketch comedy approach leaves the impression that everyone is going to die from AIDS and the only way to be safe is to wear a condom and not have sex.

Thankfully, on top of being lovingly concerned for our teeth by putting fluoride in the water, we can rest easy that big brother also cares about us not getting and STDs.  To help with this, brother gubmint actually prefers that we just don’t have sex or reproduce. Ahh, there it is – don’t reproduce! Remember that the big goal of the establishment is depopulation, and it is generally under this banner that you can group the telos for all the PR Psy Ops rollouts. The same foundations that run the government and are partnered with the largest corporations are behind all the big PR rollouts of this nature. Ford, Rockefeller, Annenberg, Aspen, Oppenheimer, Gates, etc., are the private power brokers, and they own the gubmint.  

Remember the Ozone depletion fear from the 80s? Farts and spray cans were destroying the ozone layer, and we’d all burn up from UV rays. If that happened, I missed it, and where are the endless news clips about the annihilated ozone layer? Ozone became hack material just like AIDS.

Depopulation is the one thing these foundations have in common, and with their army of think tanks and public relations roll-outs, all the energy of the entire establishment is geared towards this one goal.

This goal encapsulates feminism and the inversion of gender, public schooling, transhumanism, geoengineering, climate change, AIDS, Obamacare, fiat banking and Wall Street, the New Age/one world religion movement, the CIA and on and on. National governments do not exist, but foundations do, and the same foundation chairmen run the fortune 100. They are permitted a degree of competition amongst them, to see who is the most rapacious social Darwinian viper, but the end goal is all the same – world government and a mass sacrifice of fattened sow masses.

Recalling “Spotted Horses,” it is astounding to watch all this transpire, as the unfazed populace transubstantiates from fool to androgynous goblin, all the while the foundation priests mutter the words of consecration, “This is my body, this is my blood,” as the offering is prepared for their master, the devil, the snake oil salesman of old.

21WIRE contributor and author Jay Dyer is commentator on media, art, philosophy and culture. This article and many others, along with Jay’s podcast archive can be found on his blog Jay’s Analysis.

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