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Weather Underground: 60’s Radical Leader Bill Ayers ‘Defends’ Violent Terror Exploits

21st Century Wire says…

Its been almost a year since FBI informant Larry Grathwohl passed away from apparent natural causes, a person perhaps best known for his infiltration of the dark domestic terror group The Weather Underground…

Communist activists celebrated by the Democratic Party elite (Photo: Levantium)

Grathwohl joined up with the criminal group following his time served in the Vietnam war, attending meetings as well as gathering information on the suspected violent activity of both Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn (photo, left), co-founders of the Weatherman group that eventually became the Weather Underground. Larry had discovered evidence that its leadership was focusing on the re-education of America, as they had been disseminating vitriolic propaganda in conjunction with their targeted attacks attempting to fuel the next batch of ‘weathermen’ youth.

In an article from the World Tribune by Cliff Kincaid the dark agenda of the Ayers led movement was laid bare, in addition to Grathwohl’s perspective on the The Weather Underground’s domestic terror within the US:

A Vietnam veteran, Larry understood that the comrades of the Weather Underground were North Vietnamese Army troops and their communist terrorist front organization, the Viet Cong, operating in South Vietnam. The Weather Underground wasn’t anti-war, it was pro-war. A Weather Underground bomb factory discovered by the FBI in San Francisco had bombs, killing instruments, and communist literature, but no anti-war tracts.

Weather Underground members traveled to Cuba and even the old Soviet Union for advice and training.”

Later Grathwohl was said to be a target of the group after his FBI role had been revealed. He was labeled an “enemy of the people” by the hate filled group.

Days of Rage

In 1969, the FBI was said to have been “tracking specific members” of the Students for a Democratic Society that had also shared covert relationships with the Soviet Intelligence Service (SIS). The SDS was heavily connected to the Weatherman as many of its members had been a part of both groups, including Ayers himself. Members of the SDS were later exposed as being interlopers looking for new recruits that were easily manipulated.

It is well-known that Obama is an “Alinskyite” and a Bill Ayers protegé, seemingly born out of the cold basement of the Weather Underground’s Marxist-laden headquarters, presumably as a ‘Red Diaper Baby’ with the principles and ideology of the their official political statement dubbed, “Prairie Fire,” a subversive communist document that laid bare its true intentions for America:

“We need a revolutionary communist party in order to lead the struggle, give coherence and direction to the fight, seize power and build the new society.”

The Weather Underground was a homeland psyop forced upon the American people and was used as a destructive tool to indoctrinate young liberals into pushing for a socialist agenda, while also turning them into willing pawns for domestic terror. Similarly, the The Occupy Movement (aka OWS) was an overtly left-wing, NGO and think-tank-spun, neo-liberal divide and conquer stratagem, designed to placate naive participants with staged black bloc violence, in the hopes for economic change. This only served to expose the entire movement, along with its corporate financiers as being a form of controlled opposition, with no viable means of actual change.

IMAGE: Pamphlet of the 60’s radical group. The Weather Underground is linked with bombing police stations as well as the Pentagon (Photo forbiddensymbols.com)

Fueling violence

The Weather Underground’s doctrine ‘Prairie Fire deliberately advocated violence through its calculated political message, as an attempt to quell non-violent protest movements in the future. It was meant to handicap future dissent through its radical ideology, an ideology crafted by the likes of Ayers and others:

PRAIRIE FIRE is written to all sisters and brothers who are engaged in armed struggle against the enemy. It is written to prisoners, women’s groups, collectives, study groups, workers’ organizing committees, communes, GI organizers, consciousness-raising groups, veterans, community groups and revolutionaries of all kinds; to all who will read, criticize and bring its content to life in practice. It is written as an argument against those who oppose action and hold back the struggle.”

It is important to remember that Obama has tried desperately to hide his close ties with Ayers with whom he was a founding member on the board of directors of the Woods Fund of Chicago and later sat on a panel discussion with Ayers called “Intellectuals in Times of Crisis: Experiences and applications of intellectual work in urgent situations.” 

Here’s part one of a recent interview by Megyn Kelly from Fox News featuring Ayers. Listen closely as he defends his involvement with the radical group that stirred up a host of violent acts that will forever link them to murder and destruction. To this day, the tenured professor has tried to deny his role in a sinister group he helped engineer…

We’re are not just attacking targets where bringing a pitiful helpless giant to its knees.”
– Bernadine Dohrn

We must never forget the radical history of Ayers and his role in mentoring US president Barack Obama as well as his help raising funds for Obama’s run for office. Many have suspected that Ayers himself was a Cointel pro agent embedded to incite the masses, or an FBI informant – how else can you explain how a violent terrorist could be running free in Washington DC without doing a life sentence in a federal prison?

Add to this, the revelation that the Bill Ayers’ parents Tom and Mary had indeed funded Barack Obama’s (aka ‘Barry Soetoro’ at that time) higher education, and you can begin to get a glimpse of how well-connected this notorious foundation-funded agent provocateur is in relation to today’s political establishment currently holding on to power in the White House – and driving ‘change’ in America.

More from DC clothesline below…

Bad Weather-Ayers-21WIRE SLIDER
AGENT OF CHANGE: ‘Seeing Red’ Bill Ayers co-founder of The Weather Underground
(21WIRE photo illustration)

Bill Ayers’ Parents Put a “Foreigner” Named Barack Obama Through Harvard

DC Clothsline

Barack Obama’s political career was launched at a fundraiser held at Bill Ayers home. Yet, through the course of the last 6 years, Barack Obama has acted like Bill Ayers is nothing but a casual acquaintance.

It is understandable that Barack Obama would try to hide any ties to the infamous co-founder of the Weather Underground. Bill Ayers is bad news. However, I think most of America realizes that Bill Ayers is much more central to the Obama story than we have been told.

Obama supporters tend to think that the Ayers’ connection is either inconsequential or simply a thing of the past.

His detractors think this relationship is vital to who Obama is and to exposing his real goals for America. Many believe that Bill Ayers was, and possibly still is, Barack Obama’s mentor.

Before I get into the Ayers’ family connection, I want to play a short video interview of Larry Grathwohl. Larry was an “undercover” member of the Weather Underground. The Weather Underground was not simply a second-rate terrorist organization that set off a few bombs. The stated goal of the leadership was to take over America and subsequently kill 25 million people:

Scary stuff, isn’t it?

It is also important to note that Bill Ayers’ father, Tom, was a very wealthy and well-connected man.

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