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Fracking Dodgy Copper: IPCC to investigate police frame-up of innocent protestor at Barton Moss

21st Century Wire says…

Of all the outrageous police behaviour that has taken place over the last few months targeting UK fracking protestors, this one stuck out more than most. Now it seems to have finally caught the attention of the police regulatory body.

Following a siege of complaints by the public and relentless alternative media coverage of this awful events caught on camera at the anti-fracking protest camp at Barton Moss, Manchester England, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) has announced it will launch an investigation into the incident which saw a Greater Manchester Police officer attempt to frame an innocent videographer, Dr Steven Peers, for “drunk driving.”

The video in question depicts one Sgt David Keyhoe lying to, and harassing the videographer, and then telling the same lie to his colleagues in a move to frame the victim for a DUI (even though he wasn’t driving), which ended in the arrest of Dr. Peers.

This is a perfect case study of abuse of power on the part of the police, who appear to be almost working on behalf of energy corporations – and not facilitating the people’s right to public free speech and assembly.

In addition to the IPCC investigation, Dr. Peers is also planning to sue Greater Manchester Police in a civil court over this incident.

DODGY: Officer caught on camera in frame-up, now under investigation by the IPCC.

As 21WIRE reported last week, this incident was only one of many where the police appear to acting irrationally and on behalf of the energy corporations like iGas, who are attempting to harvest their product from residential areas all over Great Britain and at tremendous risk to the public health and the environment.

These scenes from Barton Moss reveal a shocking transition for British police, whose traditional remit is to ‘protect and serve’ the British public, but have since switched their duties over to protecting corporate interests – in this case those of shale gas ‘fracking’ consortiums like Cuadrilla (Balcombe site) and iGas (Barton Moss site), each heavily favoured by Westminster and the Cabinet Office.

In case you missed the video of this incredible, jaw-dropping confrontation, here it is:

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