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Brutal British Police Go Into ‘Full Corporate Mode’ Against Anti-Fracking Campaigners

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21st Century Wire

The politicisation of Britain’s police force appears to be in full swing this week, as Greater Manchester Police (GMP) go into full corporate mode the month, at one of the country’s most protested shale gas drilling sites at Barton Moss.

Gone are  the last vestiges of any semblance to ‘Policing’ as it’s been traditionally defined in Britain, as events take a disturbing fascist turn in the England’s Northwest.

Barton-Moss-Fracking-Police-BrutalityMany believe that what is being witnessed now is nothing less than the complete breakdown of policing in the UK, under cover of what appears to be a total mainstream media blackout of recent events in Manchester – all deemed ‘not newsworthy’ enough for serious coverage by broadcast giants like BBC and others.

These scenes from Barton Moss in Manchester, England, reveal the shocking transformation of British police, whose traditional remit was to ‘protect and serve’ the British public, but have since shifted over to protecting corporate interests instead – in this case those of shale gas ‘fracking’ consortiums like Cuadrilla (Balcombe site) and iGas (Barton Moss site) – each heavily favoured by Westminster and the Cabinet Office.

Below is one of many videos documenting how Greater Manchester Police have completely lost the plot in terms of their law enforcement remit, and now becoming a noticeable extension of corporate policy and interests.

As these videos show, police are being deployed as nothing more than glorified “rent-a-cops”, and in most cases, are acting as such.

Following a peaceful protest the group, GMP then hop over the fence and begin arresting peaceful protesters en mass, including one or two rugby tackles by police, one involving a small woman. See the full video (8 min) here:

When asked by public observers, “Why are these people being detained?”, the officers refuse to answer. Are they under orders not to communicate or attempt to give any verbal justification for their actions? Perhaps, because these are obviously unlawful executive actions being carried out by GMP.

21WIRE recently detailed GMP police intimidation and abuse at the Barton Moss site in previous weeks, in a breath-taking video showing police man-handling peaceful protesters including an instance caught on camera – where an officer lied and attempted to frame a public videographer for drink driving – even though he was a pedestrian who filming on the public footpath. We are told this transgression has been reported to the IPCC already. In case you missed it, this video is here:

The reason behind this gross display of unaccountable corporate policing and aggressive bullying against what is clearly a peaceful environmental protest, is down to who the police have been tasked by Westminster to protect: the Energy Consortiumsand it’s clear now that these Consortiums who have been given free reign over the British land to drill and pollute.

BARTON MOSS: Peaceful protests have somehow angered and confused police forces.

According to activist and consumer advocate Ian R. Crane, the damage being done by the Fracking industry cannot simply be swept under the carpet.

“These ‘police officers’ had better hope we are successful in preventing this abomination from becoming established in the UK … otherwise within a generation, every single one of them could be having to answer for their cupability in facilitating the contamination of the UK water supply. ‘I was just following orders’, will not be an acceptable defence.”

In fact Crane is right on target, as this week saw what analysts are saying is the first of many fracking gas well leaks reported in Britain. The Scottish Herald reported this week the UK’s first fracking leak at Coal Bed Methane (CBM) wells near Canonbie in Scotland.

Frack-Off reports:

“The leak – at wells owned by Dart Energy – confirm anecdotal evidence from locals who have – over the last two years – periodically noticed gas in their water supply.”

“The fracking industry has tried to divert attention from the issue of leaks. Dart Energy has denied plans to frack in Scotland, despite company documents clearly showing fracking depths, chemicals and pressures to be used at Canonbie. Yet the stark truth is that a sizeable proportion of all gas wells leak, whether onshore, offshore, conventional gas, shale gas, or CBM. It’s an industry-wide inevitability, and the reason many research papers, seminars and workshops are devoted to the issue. And unconventional gas means thousands of wells in highly populated areas, most of which are likely to leak eventually.”

An example of what form these leaks take is shown here in Australia, where the CBM industry has produced hundreds of leaks like this one:

Once upon a time in Britain, any conflict of interest between members of Parliament and the Cabinet Office was viewed a wrong, and something to be avoided as not in the public’s interest. How far we’ve come from those days.

To this coalition government, it seems that ‘anything goes’, and so it does.

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