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Bombs Away: Propaganda Channel ‘Al Jazeera America’ Drawing Only 13K Viewers a Day

21st Century Wire says…

The media’s ‘race to the bottom’ has found a new winner… 

Image this: media scion and elite tycoon of climate fame, Al Gore, pulls off the sale of the century after he unloaded his giant lemon of a TV channel, Current TV, to Arab media moguls for a cool $500 million last January.

While this was a necessary financial move for Gore, this was a strategic move for the Qataris because it allowed Al Jazeera to fast-track its broadcasting foothold in the US cable market by acquiring a licensed channel, yet the Qatari-based propaganda mill has somehow managed to surpass Gore’s epic failure in the ratings charts.


Gore managed to dump his failed TV channel onto the Arabs for a cool profit.

Climatist Al Gore’s Current TV was forced to bail on its US operation after free-falling to less than 30,000 viewers per day. Pretty bad by anyone’s standards, right? Well, apparently there’s room for an even bigger lemon in the TV fruit drawer…

Hoping to make a big splash into the US market and with plenty of oil and gas money to burn, the launch of Al Jazeera America (AJAM) has gone down like a car bomb in Damascus.

Despite being available in 40 million American homes, AJAM has only managed pathetic rating numbers hovering around 13,000 per day. Even worse than Al Gore’s ratings share, if that’s even possible.

To put this into perspective, these numbers are comparable (and on some days below) to YouTube video bloggers like James Corbett and ET Williams. The only problem is that Al Jazeera manages their failure on an operating budget of $$ millions per week, whereas independents Corbett and Williams attract their audiences with an operating budget of around… $10.00 (excluding sandwiches and coffee).

Quite simply, the independents are producing more interesting content than Al Jazeera. The numbers don’t lie.

By contrast, Russia Today’s stateside effort, RT America, is pulling in slightly more impressive numbers than Al Jazeera America, and RT International is now challenging for the second most popular foreign news channel behind traditional stalwarts CNN and BBC World News. Maybe this has something to do with RT’s content – somewhat more dynamic and truth-oriented than Al Jazeera English, whom many regard as merely a ‘sister channel’ to the BBC.

Al Jazeera certainly has mastered that predictable BBC-style ‘boring factor’, as well as news and programs which run smoothly along established policy, and party lines – which never really makes for exciting viewing, while repelling that niche demographic that RT has owned from its inception – intelligent 21st century viewers who crave more than what western broadcast propaganda outlets are willing to deliver.

Admittedly, it’s been a tough year for this Qatari propaganda outlet. Before its failure to promote Doha’s dirty war in Syria to the western public, Al Jazeera has also been caught red-handed staging other contrived scenes in Egypt, just as they were caught in Libya in 2011 – and just as CNN also did in the early part of the Syria war.

CNN, more or less invented the modern Wag the Dog-style fake war staging when they unleashed Operation Mockingbird on the American public during the first Gulf War with a poorly constructed fake air raid scene from a sound stage in Saudi Arabia, but good enough at the time to fool most American TV viewers.

If you think that these so-called news outlets aren’t up to their necks in the propaganda game, all the evidence and links are their to see, above, and below:

Al Jazeera’s TV Fakery use of crisis actors in Egypt:

Al Jazeera’s fake staging for Libyan War:

CNN’s fake bombing scene with Anderson Cooper and Danny Dayem in Syria:

CNN’s shame during the first Gulf War:

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