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TV Fakery in Egypt: Al Jazeera crisis actor caught out on camera pretending to be wounded

21st Century Wire says…

1-Crisis-actors-EgyptLooks like the CNN School of Faux Broadcast Journalism has been running workshops in the Middle East…

Watch this video as a crisis actor pretends to be an injured Egyptian Brotherhood fighter, before being caught out on camera sporting his fake wounds live on Al Jazeera.

Somewhat humorously, the protagonist playing the role of the victim in this particular Al Jazeera news skit entitled, “Egypt in Turmoil”, kept his eyes shut but tried to kick away the arm of the other actor playing the doctor when his shirt was lifted by accident exposing the fact that their scene was staged.

Don’t expect Al Jazeera to ever run this clip again. TV execs in Qatar will have already flushed it down the memory hole because it’s so blatantly bad.  This clip proves what a twisted propaganda outfit this channel truly is. How many times have they done this before? We may never know, but at least you have been warned for future reference. Here it is:

But there’s more…

Brendan Hunt.com
says: “In this footage, we can clearly see Egyptian supporters of ousted President Morsi faking injuries/deaths and using “crisis actors” to stage an attack. This type of false flag tactic is not unique to Egypt, and similar techniques may have been employed in the United States…”

Notice the signs all done in English. So this was staged for an American and European media audience. It’s difficult to know who staged this one, but one thing is clear: propaganda and counter-propaganda are a reality in our wired up world today.

All we’re missing now is Anderson Cooper on location being chased by angry mobs and a man on a horse in Cairo, and it’s a wrap!

Here’s another very dubious rehearsal scene coming out of Egypt:

Read more about crisis actors being used in popular US staged media events at BrendanHunt.com.

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Get Your Copy of New Dawn Magazine #203 - Mar-Apr Issue