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21st Century Cylons: Robots Are Replacing Human Soldiers

21st Century Wire says…

ROBOT SOLDIER: race of Cylons, sentient robots who war against their Human adversaries.

It come as a surprise to some of you to know that as of today, some 1 in 50 soldiers in the field of the US military – is a robot.

To get an insight into the psychopathic nature of the people pushing this technology into decision-making roles – in what they call ‘integration’, just listen to this executive refer to his robot army as humanoid:

“If you’re not fielding, you’re failing. If you’re not putting the children… err, the robots, out into the real world to do real work, you’re not doing the right things”, says Joe Dyer, Managing Director of iRobot military contractor based in Boston, 

That number is increasing by the day, as is the ‘autonomous’ capabilities of various new classes of combat robots…

“Unmanned Systems Operation”

Brasscheck TV

One out of very 50 soldiers in the US military is a robot now. 

By robot, we don’t mean a RoboCop-type device. 

In this film which draws on the work of AAI Systems and the iRobot Development Laboratory in Boston we see the new generation of war robots. 

Initially skeptical, soldiers are now demanding them on the battlefield. 

Police officers are also being trained to love the robot too and it’s estimated that within a few years there will be thousands of drones flying over US skies…

(This film was made by SBS and distributed By Journeyman Pictures in May 2011)

And here where new A.I. military system will eventually take us (Note the robot’s final statement)…





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