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Pink Floyd’s ‘Flying Pigs’ Emblazoned with Star of David

21stCenturyWire says…

Pink Floyd icon Roger Waters is well-known for his political activism, having been a critical voice for Palestine’s independence over the past several years…

At a recent Waters show in Belgium, one of  the ‘flying pigs’ was seen floating around with a series of images including a Jewish Star of David, as well as some Nazi symbology.

Waters has been very out spoken about Israel’s treatment of Palestine.

Below Gilad Atzmon gives us some insightful commentary as well as historical context to understand the origins of the Star of David…


By Gilad Atzmon

Once again a pig-shaped balloon with Star of David alongside other ‘horrid’ symbols was integrated into Roger Water’s concert.

Some Jews are very upset.

Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters’ is accused of anti-Semitism following a concert in Belgium this past weekend. Waters included imagery in his show that even the staunchest Jewish critic of Israel would refrain from using.

On a black balloon, a Star of David was accompanied by Nazi symbols. Water’s Jewish detractors insist that “the Star of David is regarded as a fundamentally important symbol in the Jewish faith.” This is actually a debatable statement, some scholars argue that the Star of David is not a Judaic symbol.  However, Jews and Zionists in particular better bear in mind that the Star of David certainly decorates Israeli warplanes and tanks that carry war crimes against civilians.  As such, the Star of David deserves to be presented along other symbols of oppression and this is not going to change even when Israel disappears.

Next to the Star of David, on the wild pig balloon, there was also a sign of oil conglomerate Shell. I believe that the message is clear.  The artist is there to succeed where our politicians and media outlets are failing: While our politicians, academia and media are practically owned by the Lobby or silence by political correctness, the artist still celebrates a relative autonomy.

I believe that this fact may explain my own survival through the intensive orchestrated Jewish onslaught on my work…

Read more at Gilad’s Blog

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