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Architect of NYC crime clean-up fraud is Obama’s top pick to head DHS

IMAGE: NYPD’s Ray Kelly was able to hide behind the political shield of billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

21st Century Wire

Now that Big Sis Janet Napolitano has stepped down as head bull at US Homeland Security, Obama’s top pick for the job could be even worse.

New York’s NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly is poised to take over the DHS – Washington’s biggest and most well-funded department.

Salon.com spells out the danger here:

“In the midst of disclosures about the Obama administration’s sprawling — and likely illegal — national security state, the news today is that current Secretary Janet Napolitano is stepping down and that senior Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer is pushing New York City police commissioner Ray Kelly to fill the position. And predictably, from their green room couches,elite media blowhards are already frantically cheering on a potential Kelly nomination.”

“Kelly is the man behind New York City’s brutish stop-and-frisk program. According to New York state legislators, Kelly defends the program’s disproportionate targeting of people of color by insisting that it is specifically designed to “instill fear in them.” Read much more on the practice here.”

Watch this video below, and you will agree…

Brasscheck TV

Ray Kelly – that’s who Obama thinks would be a great new head of Homeland Security.

Ray Kelly – the architect of NYC’s “stop and frisk” campaign.

Over 700,000 innocent people stopped on the street randomly and given full body searches.



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