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Bilderberg 2013: Google’s false flag gives birth to new global tax regime

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21st Century Wire says…

It’s the company everyone hates to love. Now Google is fueling calls for a new global profit tax ahead of this year’s Bilderberg and G8 meetings…

The timing could not be any better. Google, the great innovator may just provide the pretext allowing a global government to bypass sovereign citizens and voters in individual countries and implement a new global tax system.

In public, UK Chancellor George Osborne and Labour leader Ed Miliband are attacking Google for avoiding paying millions in corporate tax into British coffers, but in private they are rubbing elbows with Google CEO Eric Schmidt at Google’s ‘Big Tent’ global summit held last week at the Grove Hotel in North London, and then later at next week’s Bilderberg Meeting at the same venue. And while internet monopoly giants argue with the political elite about the issue of unpaid tax, plans are being drawn up already for a new ‘global profit tax’ regime.

The UK’s Independent Newspaper led by its liberal-leaning economics editor Ben Chu, is just one major media outlet to trumpet to virtues of a new global tax, which will be at the top of the agenda at this year’s Bilderberg meeting:

“The cascade of revelations in recent months showing multinational companies doing a huge amount of business here and yet paying virtually no corporation tax has provoked widespread public demands for something to be done.

(…) The natural solution is to secure an agreement by all the world’s governments to tax the profits of multinational firms collectively and to divide up the revenues fairly between them. This division could be based on the amount of business done by the multinational in their various territories as revealed by their turnover and number of employees.”

So we ask the question: If it starts here, where will it end? This story is just beginning…

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