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Cyprus: The Case For Leaving the E.U. Economic Slavery Plantation

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21st Century Wire says…

Cyprus has an opportunity this week. A chance to become free…

Thieves and mafia always look for easy targets from which to steal easy cash.

More than anything, it’s become abundantly clear that the recent financial crisis facing Cyprus is merely a test balloon for the central banking elite, by first imposing draconian levies and capital controls on the smallest EU member state in order to see how much the public will react. If the people remain on the reservation, then that’s a signal to the central bankers that they can replicate the crime in other countries like Ireland and Portugal, and take it from there.

Banking elite are afraid that the people of Cyprus might become smart and realise that this is the best the EU has to offer – allowing bankers to literally steal people’s life savings to pay off their gambling debts and fraudulent financial ponzi products.

The other side to the Cyprus story could be that the Central Banking Cartel are trying to pressure Russia through the Cyprus offshore banking industry, a popular destination for untold Russian oligarch billions. Either way, the average depositors and working class will be the victims in such a financial battle.

The pro-banking mainstream media is busy trying to maintain the narrative surrounding the banker heist currently underway in Cyprus, where bankers are lording over the EU bureaucrats to impose a feudal tax over those Cypriots who were prudent enough in the first place to keep money in savings accounts. Shame on those prudent savers.

The media talking point looks like this now: “Veto would push the island closer to a default and banking collapse”, and as they did with Greece two years ago, the pro-banking media are completing ignoring the most viable option for Cyprus here: tell the bankers to go to hell, default, and leave the EU. The earlier you get out, the better you will be in two to three years time.

Two years ago, Greece not only blew their chance to exit the “European Debt Community”, but they also got stuck with a banker-appointed technocrat. Iceland pulled off a similar move 5 years ago, and are already in recovery. Now look at Greece, a country gone from bad to worse, and further in debt to the banker class. That of course is the biggest secret, as many in mainstream culture are still totally unaware that Iceland was a success, let alone aware of how Icelanders actually did it.

Notice below how the mainstream media has framed this latest crisis – submit to a tax on savings now, or face a sinkhole of national debt and austerity later. It’s framed as if ‘There Is No Alternative’ other than do remain within the bankers’ grip – the defacto “lose-lose” paradigm, or choice.

There are choices in life, and remaining a helpless slave is certainly one of them…

Cyprus may vote to reject tax on bank deposits and risk default

‘Veto would push the island closer to a default and banking collapse’

The Independent

Cyprus’s parliament was set to reject a divisive tax on bank deposits in a vote scheduled for this afternoon, a government spokesman said, a move that would push the island closer to a default and banking collapse.

A weekend announcement that Cyprus would break with previous practice and impose a levy on bank accounts as part of a €10 billion (£8.6 bn) EU bailout prompted some turmoil on European financial markets yesterday.

Cypriot and eurozone officials have sought to soften the initially proposed levy of 6.75 per cent on depositors of up to €100,000 and 9.9 per cent above 100,000 to ease the burden on small savers.

But passage of the bill in the 56-member chamber, where no party has a majority, was unlikely and it was not clear if the vote would even go ahead later today if leaders were sure it would be rejected.

“It looks like it won’t pass,” Cypriot government spokesman Christos Stylianides told state radio.

The House of Representatives was expected to meet at 4pm GMT. Rejection of the measure would effectively block a bailout that Cyprus needs to keep its banks afloat and government paying wages and welfare.

Today’s vote, originally planned for Sunday, has been postponed twice already. Three parties have said outright they will not support the tax, while a fourth, in the co-governing coalition, said it cannot support it as it stands either.

Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades asked the EU for more aid during a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday, with a second call likely today.

Stylianides said Anastasiades may also speak to Vladimir Putin, the Russian president.

French Finance Minister Pierre Moscovici said the bailout was the maximum that could realistically be expected to be paid back. “Above €10 billion we are entering into a size of debt that is not sustainable,” he told reporters.

The tax will batter not only Cypriots, but thousands of Europeans and Russians with business interests on the island. Putin yesterday described it as “unfair, unprofessional and dangerous.”

Cypriot Finance Minister Michael Sarris was due to hold meetings in Moscow tomorrow, partly to try and get an extension to an existing €2.5 billion loan.

Stunned islanders emptied cash machines over the weekend and banks are to remain shut today and tomorrow to avoid a bank run. Hundreds of protesters rallied outside parliament yesterday, honking horns and holding banners saying “We are not your guinea pigs!”

“If they vote for this tax they will face the fury of the people,” said Markos Economou, a 47-year-old physics teacher and father of two. “The banks and the politicians should pay for this mess, not the people…

Read more at The Independent

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