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Syria Moderately: ‘I was playing with friends when Rebel bomb hit me’ (in West Aleppo)

21WIRE + RT | NATO’s dumbed-down, half-cocked narrative seems to work well enough with CNN’s marginal, post-literate American audience.

Aleppo Syria ‘Dust Boy’ Image Staged

Jay Dyer | The war image perfectly serves the neoconservative agenda for supporting ISIS and demonizing Russia.

SHORT FILM: ‘Freedom for Liberland!’

21WIRE.TV | A story about a man with a dream: to create a brand new libertarian country.

TOXIC CULTURE: ‘Suicide (Skank) Squad’ Film

Jay Dyer | Suicide Squad is who they call to counsel the people leaving this vapid movie.

SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Amnesty in Wartime’ (2016)

SUNDAY SCREENING | Our weekly documentary film screening, curated by the editorial team at 21WIRE.

Episode #149 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Part II: Another Road to Damascus’ with guests Vanessa Beeley, Ghoufran Derawan

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…

‘Western Propaganda is Paid for in Syrian Blood’ – Dr Bouthaina Shaaban Talks to Vanessa Beeley

Vanessa Beeley | Dr Bouthaina Shaaban on shaping the new world and Israel’s project in the Middle East

21WIRE’s Week in Review: 20 AUG 2016 Edition

21WIRE | A review of all the Top Stories from this week – for your consideration.