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A Brief Guide to Western Media Propaganda For Syria

Gary Leupp | Just kKeep repeating, “barrel bombs, barrel bombs.”

(VIDEO) Michigan Farmer Stumbles On Ancient Mammoth Skeleton

21WIRE + RT | A farmer was installing a drainage pipe and stumbled upon an amazing prehistoric find.

DAILY SHOOTER: Inter-Agency Drill, Lone Gunman and ‘USB Manifesto’ at Oregon Campus Shooting

Shawn Helton | Another in a long line of ‘mass shootings’ in America, but is there really more here than meets the eye?

Pathetic Propaganda Stunt: ISIS Attacks Palmyra After Being Annihilated by Russian Airstrikes

21WIRE | After being annihilated, stone monuments are now the only thing ISIS can win a battle against.

ISIS ON THE RUN: Russian Airstrikes Totally Obliterate Terrorist Forces in Just 72 Hours

21WIRE | Russian strikes lead to ‘panic and desertion’ among the ranks of ISIS.

Episode #104 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘America’s Maddest Reality Show’ with host Patrick Henningsen

SUNDAY WIRE | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…

O’Bomber: US Airstrike Obliterates Hospital in Afghanistan, Casualty Numbers Rising

21WIRE + NBC | US officials are struggling to spin this latest civilian mass killing.

Henningsen on CrossTalk: ‘Washington is Running Operation Cyclone 2.0 in Syria’

CrossTalk | The West’s tired narrative of “Assad must go” is wearing thinner by the hour, and Washington is now panicking about the prospect of Assad taking back his country.