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Episode #162 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ with guest Vanessa Beeley

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…

Patrick Henningsen LIVE with guest Ray McGovern – Podesta Emails Leaked, Not ‘Hacked’

Patrick Henningsen LIVE | Former CIA analyst explains what the Podesta emails were really about.

Boiler Room EP #85.5 – Who’s Watching The Watchers?

Alternate Current Radio | Hesher and Randy J break down the underlying themes and read between the lines with regards to the machinations of the deep state elements and the intent of the House Oversight Committee.

ALEPPO UPDATES: ‘Only Road’ to Deliver Aid to Eastern Aleppo, Castello Road – is Liberated

RT | “As a result of effective actions by the Syrian government forces, the Castello Road is now completely liberated.”

SULTAN OF SWING: Kremlin wants Turkey to clarify Erdogan’s remarks about ‘toppling Assad’

21WIRE + Reuters | Turkey’s Sultan of Swing has resumed his usual ‘block and tackle’ diplomacy.

SYRIA: Child Exploitation: Who is ‘Bana of Aleppo’?

Barbara McKenzie | Child exploitation exposed as the deceptive corporate media runs out of narratives for Aleppo and Syria.

ALEPPO UPDATES: Over 500 East Aleppo Militants Surrender Arms to Syrian Security Forces

21WIRE + RT | At least 507 fighters so chose to leave the city districts that remain under terrorist control to the safe areas and surrender their weapons.

ALEPPO UPDATES: Thousands of Civilians Saved By Syrian Army Breakthrough in East Aleppo

RT + Ruptly | It’s clear now that Western countries did not want civilians in East Aleppo freed – instead they worked to undermine Syria and Russia, while backing “moderate” terrorists using civilians as human shields.

ALEPPO UPDATES: Tears, Hugs and Smiles, the Relief of Escaping Imprisonment in East Aleppo

21WIRE | Finally: Freedom from four years of imprisonment by NATO & Gulf state funded terrorists in East Aleppo

ALEPPO UPDATES: Battlefield Map of East Aleppo

AMD | Syrian Army Special Forces overran jihadist rebels in the northern pocket of this contested region.

ALEPPO UPDATES: Video, Children Flee into the Arms of the Syrian Army

21WIRE | Children flee terrorist occupied East Aleppo into the safe arms of the Syrian Army