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LONDON: Five Dead And 40 Injured In ‘Terror’ Attack Outside UK Parliament

21st Century Wire says…

Earlier today a knife attacker was shot by armed police after a car mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and charged the gates of parliament, in what police are treating as a terrorist incident.

Police have now confirmed that five people have now died as a result of Wednesday’s attack and 40 people have been injured. The lockdown of Westminster is over, police have confirmed.

Mark Rowley, acting deputy commissioner of the Met, said hundreds of officers would continue through the night in their work on the investigation into the attack.

UPDATE: LONDON ATTACK: Attacker Named As British Man ‘Khalid Masood’, Known To British Intelligence

“We are forensically examining a complicated crime scene that covers a wide area, and as with all investigations of this nature it will take us some time to work through the painstaking work necessary to get all of the relevant evidence.”

A London air ambulance landed inside Parliament Square shortly after the incident…


00:00 GMT – Latest updates

  • The lockdown of Westminster is over, police have confirmed
  • Five people are dead, including a police officer and the alleged attacker
  • Several others have “catastrophic” injuries after a car reportedly mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge and “tried to mow people down” 
  • A woman was treated after “falling” from bridge into the River Thames 
  • A police officer is dead after being stabbed inside Parliament grounds
  • The alleged assailant is dead after being shot by armed police
  • At least 40 people have been injured
  • Police are treating the incident as terrorism
  • Police believe there was only one attacker, although early reports suggested a secondary assailant
  • Downing Street says May will chair a COBRA emergency meeting tonight after the attack on UK parliament

Five people have died, including one woman, the alleged attacker and a police officer.

“We think we know who the attacker is,” Acting Deputy Commissioner & national lead for Counter Terrorism Policing Mark Rowley said but stated that they were not willing to divulge the assailant’s name at this time, though they did admit that it “Islamic terrorism is our assumption.”

Police have also named the officer who died as 48-year-old husband and father PC Keith Palmer, a 15-year veteran of the force.

WARNING: Some readers may find certain embedded images distressing

London Ambulance Service says it has treated at least 10 patients on Westminster Bridge.

An eyewitness has told Sky News he saw a body “face down” in the Thames. Witnesses said people either jumped or were knocked over the side of the bridge as the car mounted the pavement and struck a number of pedestrians.

A spokesman for the Port of London Authority, which looks after safety on the river, said a female member of the public had been recovered from the water near Westminster bridge after she “fell” or “jumped” in.

“A female member of the public was recovered alive from the water, but with serious injuries. She has been brought ashore and is undergoing urgent medical treatment. The working assumption is that she fell or jumped from the bridge.”

Shocking videos and photographs show people lying on the bridge, bleeding heavily, with members of the public rushing to their aid. There is no official estimate of the number injured in the incident.

See more pictures from the terrorist incident in Westminster 

An eyewitness, Richard Tice, described what he saw to RT.

“I came out of Westminster Tube at about 2:45pm when police were locking down the tube, ushering people out away from Parliament. I was ushered onto Westminster Bridge, and then I looked across the bridge, onto the west pavement,” he recalled.

“For the whole length of the bridge, from south to north, there were people lying on the ground and I was then told that a car had driven from the south end all the way up the pavement to the north end of the bridge. I counted at least eight people clearly injured on the ground.”

Another witness described seeing a middle-aged man carrying a knife running towards the Palace of Westminster.

Jayne Wilkinson told Sky News: “We were taking photos of Big Ben and we saw all the people running towards us, and then there was an Asian guy in about his 40s carrying a knife about seven or eight inches long.

“And then there were three shots fired, and then we crossed the road and looked over. The man was on the floor with blood.

“He had a lightweight jacket on, dark trousers and a shirt.

“He was running through those gates, towards parliament, and the police were chasing him.” 

According to Doug Weeks, terrorism expert at London Metropolitan University, the attack, while softened by the high security presence in the area, could have been far bloodier.

“Well certainly within the Parliament compound itself, that is by far one of the most secure areas within London. There are numerous police officers and other security personnel that work in that area as well as around that area, thus it’s not surprising that the police have a very rapid response to this incident,” Weeks told RT.

“Given the location and the number of people at Westminster bridge at any particular time – that is a very crowded place – and reports so far are saying that there is likely five or six people that are injured. And although I’m not saying by any measure that this incident is a minor incident, but given the number of people that frequent that location, I would also have to say this could have been significantly worse,” he said.

Number 10 says prime minister Theresa May is safe. The spokesman declined to say where May was when the attack took place.

It is understood, however, she was rushed to a car 40 yards from the gates outside parliament where the shots were fired minutes after the attack. She was ushered by at least eight armed undercover police, some with their firearms drawn…




  • Jon

    The east vs west conflict is just an illusion for an agenda. Putin is part of the elite, he just controls his share of the eastern side of the globe. BRICS was not created to challenge the so-called western, evil, unipolar world order. BRICS is there to facilitate the collapse and demise of the western system, replacing it with the eastern one. It will be sold to unwitting observers as the good east defeating the bad west. Multipolar defeating Unipolar. It will really be just a different power structure ultimately presided over at the very top by the same hands.


    • Much Miller

      I would tend yo agree with you; Putin was trained as a KGB agent partially in Jerusalem, according to the revelations of an ex MI6 spy (Tomlinson I think his name was… ) and whilst the “revelations” of any ex spy must also be treated with a degree of caution it would certainly be of no surprise to learn that the spy networks whilst being nominally against each other are also very closely tied. This ex MI6 guy said that he knew Putin as the Western spy college in Jerusalem was next door to the Russian one and this in the Cold War era…. They used to drink Vodka together apparently…. So what were they all doing in Jerusalem and under what mind control programs where they being initiated? We should not underestimate the deeeeeeeep States ability and knowledge of complex methods of mental and emotional programming… so we have the creation of a BI-POLAR world… a kind of collective schizophrenia if you like that is polarising us into RightLeft.. TrumpClinton, NationalistGlobalist, GayStraight, FeministMachoist DIALECTICAL — Whatever anyone might have to say on the issue read The Protocols of Zion they are not inaccurate!!!!!

      • Jon

        ….’and whilst the “revelations” of any ex spy must also be treated with a degree of caution”….

        This is exactly why Snowden should be taken with a pinch of salt. I believe Snowden is not what he seems and is there to make the masses believe someone is fighting for them, when in fact they only have themselves. If he really knew something he would say much more and of course that would not be given air time. Plus, Russia is made to look like a saviour for keeping Snowden safe and the west look bad for wanting to hunt him down, which again suits the narrative. In reality it appears likely they work together.

        • Jon
        • Much Miller

          I have the very same suspicions… When we analyse all these things it would seem pertinent to ask as we always should, who benefits or rather, who benefits more??? Do we the public benefit from knowing all this stuff or do “they” the guys (and gals) at the top of the pyramid benefit more from having us believe that they have an all seeing eye? How many people will be made to feel MORE SCARED than they were before knowing that everything they do is being watched by an all seeing eye… Perhaps it makes them seem more powerful than they actually are and isn’t this a more effective element of social control than any other…. to get us to censor ourselves… Its all a mind game and internet itself is a cerebral mind game that obscures the real nuts and bolts of the physical reality… It can ultimately create a disassociation of mind and body…. Lest we not forget that THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE. Did we invent all this tech? No, we are just the users, the clients if you like, but who invented the darned thing with all its perceived benefits???? I think we all know the answer to that question.. Suffice it to say that in that case our comments and opinions are also duely registered and so “they” with data collection can conceivably register how many of the monkeys in the experiment have cottoned onto the trick…. and at the same time I would say to them and “so what, woopey do” because they are clearly very insecure these psychopaths that they need to control us and our minds… Not for nothing did we have to sing every year at Christmas time “Somewhere over the rainbow way up high, there’s a place that I’ve heard of once in a lullaby……” and “We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz because because because because, because of the wonderful things he does….” Never could work out what that had to do with christmas but those wicked witches sure as hell scared the shit out of me!!!!! AH don’t you just lurve the modern miracles of our beautiful social conditioning programs!!!

  • StefAn

    Who wrote this odd ‘article’?

  • Richard Hudson

    Interesting that the alleged knife used to stab the police officer ‘several times’ looks as clean as a whistle.

  • LeseMajeste

    Thank G-d, this ought to get the Brits minds off their government selling billions of pounds of weapons to the Saudis who have been using the bombs, etc to murder Yemeni civilians.

    It’s another Allahu Akbar™ special to get Brits back in full terror mode of hating, then demanding the murder of Muslims.

  • Shoestring911

    The BBC’s Daniel Sandford reported yesterday that eyewitnesses had referred to a second attacker–a “bald white man”–involved in the attack. They said this second attacker may have been in the car as it sped across Westminster Bridge. See: http://archive.is/IhMux
    Since it contradicts the official narrative, though, this inconvenient information will probably soon be forgotten.

  • LeseMajeste

    Jewish Israeli teen arrested for phoning in JCC bomb threats

    A 19-year-old dual American Israeli living in Ashkelon has been arrested, suspected of being behind most of a series of bomb and other threats to Jewish communities in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand that date back around six months, The Jerusalem Post has learned.

    As of Thursday, with a gag order on the probe being lifted by the Rishon Lezion Magistrate’s Court at the same time it extended his detention to March 30, sources indicate that most of the threats against the Diaspora communities and organizations led investigators back to Israel.


    Gosh, what timing to release this news during the outbreak of Allahu Akbar™ FF specials in London and Belgium. Why, it’s uncanny!

  • David Slater

    Last year on 3/22 I came across a site giving the date of 3/22 as the satanic culminating celebration of Petusia, the invocation to ISIS (the godess, presumably).
    Also, from Veterans today, an article linked 3/22 to the Skull and Bones’ iconic lodge number, 322, and to Operation Gladio.

    I preferred to laugh this off as coincidence. But how many coincidences does it take to become something to discuss in public without being laughed at? Are our Eyes Wide Shut?

    Here’s a list of the ritual abuse dates that Survivorship.org are putting out there:


    • David Slater

      Oh, and it just so happens that at 2.35pm on 3/22/2017, the star Sirius, linked to ISIS since ancient Egypt, was rising above the horizon over the left shoulder of anyone driving westwards over Westminster Bridge. Rising over St Thomas’ hospital in fact. What’s the chances of the ISIS star rising precisely at the time of the attack, behind the car travelling over Westminster Bridge? Today is the feast day of ISIS (3/23), when people used to celebrate ISIS – an alternative name for the Thames! Maybe a woman baptising herself in ISIS’ river, is symbolic too?

  • David Slater

    For those interested in coincidences surrounding dates:
    Also see this article from Kevin Barrett last year on 3/22:

    Image from Veteranstoday.com


  • Autumnbelle2

    Is it just a coincidence or does the date 22nd have some special meaning?
    Every year a supposed terror attack happens on that date..
    22/3 2017…Westminster
    The list goes on but you get the idea.

    What is it about that date??