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US Puppet Ban Ki-Moon Finally Leaves the UN – After Gutting it from the Inside

21st Century Wire says…

History shows how the United States has staged dozens of violent coups worldwide since the end of WWII. Here the CIA will simply install its own compliant puppet leader in order to better streamline US interests with those of the target nation. This practice was not only confined to nation states, however, as we can see with the out-going UN Secretary General. 

The whole basis of the UN charter was to avoid the kind of undeclared wars of aggression suffered at the hands of Nazi Germany. Back in October, 21WIRE’s Vanessa Beeley explained:

“To compare Saudi Arabia’s belligerent actions in Yemen to Nazi Germany’s undeclared wars of aggression prior to WWII is no exaggeration. In fact, one could make the argument that this Saudi-US joint venture is much worse, and a far more dangerous precedent. Likewise, the failure of a corrupt UN (who effectively sold Saudi Arabia its seat on at the head of the UN Human Rights Council ), led by an impotent Secretary General in Ban-ki Moon, to censure Saudi Arabia for its flagrant violation of international law, the Nuremberg Principles and the entire Geneva Convention content and implied framework – leaves the UN in the exact same position as the League of Nations in 1938.”

Now that US puppet Ban-Ki Moon is finally on his way out, we can see the true scope of the corruption he’s presided over – and the irreparable damage he’s inflicted on this international institution…


Ban Ki-moon’s Legacy: Undermining the UN and Serving US interests

Joe Lauria
The Duran

Ban Ki-moon stepped down as U.N. Secretary-General after ten years on January 1, leaving behind a legacy marked by almost total obedience to Washington.

The U.N.’s legitimacy rests on its neutrality, and a secretary-general’s reputation on the ability to navigate a course independent of the major powers and in defence of the world’s population. That’s how Dag Hammarskjöld defined it. The second secretary-general set the standard against which his successors are judged.

“The right of the Secretariat to full independence, as laid down in the Charter, is an inalienable right,” he said shortly after his election in 1953. The U.N.’s purpose, he said, was not to submit to the major powers but to seek “solutions which approach the common interest.”

Despite his elite background, his defence of the “common interest” distinguished Hammarskjöld and alarmed the world’s elites. His championing of the common interest of Africans and other colonized people put him at odds with apartheid South Africa, the U.S. and colonial Britain. It may have led to his death, as I reported in 2014.

“The discretion and impartiality required of the Secretary-General may not degenerate into a policy of expedience,” Hammarskjöld said. When he also angered the Soviet Union, which demanded his resignation, he responded: “It is very easy to resign. It is not so easy to stay on. It is very easy to bow to the wishes of a Big Power. It is another matter to resist.”


By contrast, the South Korean Ban was seen by the Americans as their man from the start. We “got exactly what we asked for”: an administrator and not an activist, said John Bolton, America’s irascible U.N. ambassador when Ban was elected in 2005. The U.N. charter doesn’t call the secretary-general “president of the world” or “chief poet and visionary,” Bolton said sarcastically in an interview with me and a colleague for The Wall Street Journal.


Ban carefully toed the U.S. line in his public pronouncements. Though, as I reported, he privately fumed over Saudi behavior in Yemen and in its dealings with the U.N., he never dared blame America’s ally. Likewise, on occasions when Ban sharply criticized Israel for its bombardment of U.N. schools in Gaza, killing scores of innocent people, he spoke only after the State Department had made the same criticism, almost word for word.

When the whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed U.S. mass surveillance of people all over the world, Ban condemned Snowden rather than defend the common interest…

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  • L Garou

    The personification of the U.N.

  • Tom

    The more I learn about North Korea (there are excellent videos available on Youtube) the more I see that barbaric nation as a symbol of the worthlessness of the UN. The only explanation I have for why this mass crime against humanity has been allowed to have gone on this long is that it’s an experiment by Western powers on how far humanity can be pushed by their government before they crack and what tools of repression work best. North Korea is conveniently trapped between China, South Korea, and freezing seas, so escape is extremely difficult. The UN could end this with meaningful sanctions, but they are obviously ordered not to. See what these defectors have to say about their former country: https://youtu.be/DyqUw0WYwoc

  • Meltonmark

    The UN exists to circumvent democracy. It was never there to help those who pay its bills.

  • Exactly.

    A terrible man who has only served the most selfish American interests.

    • dinesh

      Ban is the first Korean stooge of US, but others are The president of World Bank in Washington DC and the President of IAEA in Vienna,Austria. I wonder how much they are paid underhand by US.

    • pigeonforge

      NO SURPRISE!!……..The CROOKED PUPPET “Ban-UN” .. serve for CROOKED Obama/Hillary/SOROS-Saudis’s team NOT for AMERICA!! ……They all are the same team of EU, NATO,Unicef and etc…

  • amuncat

    Useless! Totally useless…just like Trump said!!! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the US contributes at 26% of their upkeep!