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East Aleppo Video Diaries: Hanano Testimonies that Shatter Corporate Media Propaganda Myths

21st-century2Vanessa Beeley
21st Century Wire

“Before it was hell, now we can move forward and breathe again” ~ Mohammed, from Hanano

On the 11th December 2016 I visited Hanano in East Aleppo. Hanano had been liberated days previously by the Syrian Arab Army and allies including Hezbollah and Russia. Hanano had been under a Nusra Front [Al Qaeda] terrorist regime for the last, almost, five years.

The testimonies we filmed testified to starvation, wholesale deprivation of humanitarian aid,  summary executions, torture and the use of civilians as human shields. Nusra Front were the overlord of the district, controlling an estimated 22 militant brigades funded, equipped and armed by NATO and Gulf states and condemning the Syrian civilians to a life of fear and imprisonment in their own homes.

Clean water supplies are replenished in recently liberated East Aleppo district of Hanano. (Photo: Vanessa Beeley)

Women were married, raped and discarded en masse, children were imprisoned and anyone caught supporting the Syrian Government could be executed or imprisoned & tortured. The very antithesis of the narrative being run by the corporate media for the entire duration of the almost five years of wholesale suffering endured by both West and East Aleppo, carved into two and targeted by the Nusra Front-led terrorists and militants.

Militants like the US funded, Nour Al Din Zinki who beheaded 12 year old Palestinian child, Abdullah Issa or US “moderates”, Ahrar Al Sham, who have carried out a number of vicious ethnic cleansing campaigns in and around Aleppo.

This video contains two of those testimonies, exposing the lie peddling, by corporate media, that has been allowed to permeate public opinion and narrowly failed to precipitate the devastating No Fly Zone that would have, undeniably, led to further bloodshed on an unimaginable scale.

At the end of filming two boys sat down in front of the camera and spontaneously chanted “Allah, Souria, ou Bashar bas”. “God, Syira, Bashar is enough”.




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  • RussG

    Fabulous work, Vanessa. Please tell more. It is heartbreaking but refreshing to hear the truth. Western media is pure evil.

    • SF.Spring4040

      I don’t think you have seen pure evil.

      • RussG

        Trust me, in my 60+ years, I have seen pure evil. And I have seen CNN, the New York Times, etc., and then seen atrocities that have actually taken place in Syria (thanks to Vanessa, Eva Bartlett, Tim Anderson, and many others), therefore I have seen pure evil.

        • SF.Spring4040

          I have personally witnessed “pure evil.” While the media – western and otherwise – are inept, they certainly do not constitute your description.

          • RussG

            OK, SF you win! I am sorry you have personally witnessed “pure evil”. But you never mentioned that you had met my ex-wife. Merry Christmas.

          • SF.Spring4040

            Haha, touché. Mot unless she was in Baghdad in 07-08. Merry Christmas to you as well.

  • TimBob

    To all UK citizens, in light of the many accounts now coming out of eastern
    aleppo from civilians whom have been trapped there, please join me now
    in pushing for a full investigation into our governments policy to
    support these so called ‘moderate’ rebel groups who have turned out to
    be nothing more than despicable terrorist groups who have tortured,
    raped and murdered. It is time our government was held to account.. Thank you

  • Nofearorfavor

    Dear Vanessa, your face and voice– your tireless dedication to reporting the truth, has become so familiar and very dear to so many all over the world– for instance I am from South Africa. I’d be working in the garden, the birds singing, the breeze on my face– everything the epitome of peace and harmony– and suddenly thoughts of Syria would enter my mind, accompanied by mental images of the suffering of a brave and indomitable people … Of Russia and her stoic steady resolve to be there for Syria until she’s liberated. Then of course I’d think of you–

    Because tomorrow is Christmas day, I just hope and wish that you are with your family and surrounded by their love, enjoy a tiny break, from what indeed must be incredibly harrowing times as an on the ground floor war correspondent in Syria.

    Your brave voice and Patrick’s and all of you at 21st Century Wire, certainly have been a rock for upholding and exposing the truth amidst the deafening din of lies and fake news of the western mainstream media’s ever more desperate shrills and screams. Thus, I simply want to take this opportunity to first of all thank you– thank all of you for your sterling courage– for never ever letting up! — To wish you all and your dear ones a blessed and joyful Christmas.