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Putin throws down the Gauntlet to Turkey’s Erdogan over downed Russian Jet

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21st Century Wire says…

Earlier today, it’s reported that a NATO Turkish F16 aircraft shot down a Russian Su-24 Fighter Bomber with an air-to-air missile near the Syria-Turkish border. It is the first time that a NATO fighter has downed a Russian combat aircraft since the start of the Cold War nearly 70 years ago.

Russian President Vladimir Putin led a brief press conference this afternoon to make a statement on the international incident today.

Putin stated that in no way did the Russian Su-24 fighter violate Turkish airspace. He added, “In no way did our Russian planes threaten the nation of Turkey.”

The super sonic aircraft was flying 1 km (.6 miles) inside Syrian territory when it was shot down, with the plane and the pilots landing in Syrian territory.

A disturbing video was released online
depicting US and NATO-backed “moderate rebels” celebrating over what appears to be a dead Russian pilot, while shouting jihadist, Takfirist slogans, and could be heard saying “Mujadehin!” Another “moderate” could be heard saying, “We should have burned him before he was dead.”

It’s unclear as yet whether or not a second Russian pilot who has parachuted to safety has survived or not, or possibly captured.

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Putin came out immediately with a series of statements which should send shockwaves across the NATO bloc and beyond. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan has already been implicated in fueling much of the instability in Syria by allowing ISIS and other ‘moderate’ terrorists to cross over into Turkey, as well as using the US-led coalition in order to settle its own score against Kurdish militia.

Turkey’s brash move will almost certainly cause a freeze in diplomatic relations between Ankara and Moscow.

Turkey’s Erdogan has used NATO as cover to wage a clandestine violent regional war.

“We all signed an agreement to work together to fight terrorism”, Putin said and then delivered a sharp rebuke to Turkey, saying, “This was a stab in the back, carried out by the accomplices of terrorists.”

“Do they want NATO to serve the interests of ISIS?” said Putin.

Today’s incident exposes Turkey’s own willful violation and ignorance towards the multilateral ‘deconfliction’ contact center that was set-up precisely to avoid the very situation which happened today. It will be difficult for Turkey to explain away its actions, and its aggressive act will certainly open the door to more scrutiny into Turkey’s pivotal role in facilitating extremist terrorist fighters, including al Qaeda and ISIS, within its borders since as early as 2011, and also Turkey’s involvement in ISIS’s now famous $1.5 million illicit oil trade which runs in and out of Turkey’s heavily surveilled border with Syria. Any serious investigation into this illegal trade will also bring Britain into the ISIS-oil frame too, as evidenced by this latest report commissioned by Middle East Eye, which details British involvement in the illegal ISIS oil trade.

“We will analyse everything, and today’s tragic event will have significant consequences, including for Russia-Turkish relations. We have always treated Turkey as a friendly state. I don’t know who was interested in what happened today, certainly not us. And instead of immediately getting in contact with us, as far as we know, the Turkish side immediately turned to their partners from NATO to discuss this incident, as if we shot down their plane and not they ours.”

Indeed, Turkey is dependent on a number of products, including Russian gas, as well as valuable nuclear expertise. Ankara would struggle to replace Russian supplies, but it’s likely that the US would insert itself in order to assuage any Turkish concerns in this area.

Ever since it entered the Syrian conflict, Russia’s air strikes in support of President Bashar al-Assad’s forces have radically shifted the balance of power away from the extremist conclave, but it’s also been a sharp blow to Turkey’s aspirations of regime change in Syria. This desire of Ankara’s regional hegemony dovetails with Washington, France, Britain and the GCC’s desire to overthrow the Damascus government, and collapse the nation state of Syria.

This crisis could be one of NATO’s worst internal meltdowns since its founding in 1949, prompting military leaders to hold an emergency meeting early this evening.

In addition, expect high-level, UN Security diplomatic and round table negotiations to be held as early as this week in Europe.

Watch 21WIRE’s Patrick Henningsen breakdown today’s events with RT International in Moscow:

on Russian warplane shot down at Syria-Turkey border

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  • libsarescum

    Nuke the fother muckers Mr. Putin.

  • William L. De Sousa

    Damn, shit is going down. [no pun]

  • Pucker up Erdogan..the Russians will have turkey for Thanksgiving

    • Joejoethabeanslayer

      Good one hahaha and hopfuly a little dressing on the side Saudi Arabia.

      • Battlesheep

        JJ. I had no idea you were so handsome! Should I share it with repeatoffender? 🙂

        • Joejoethabeanslayer

          Oh she loves it she says I look like a modern day Johnny cash lol.

          • Battlesheep

            HA! I didn’t realize you had put up that avatar and stumbled over it on 21stCenturyWire. I guess that’s what Tennessee moonshine will do to you. 🙂

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    more shit for the fans to come…

  • Panda Bear

    Nothing will happen in the near future.

    • Human

      It is already happening Panda. The near future in my openion is full of fire.

    • Steve Reeves

      Saith the Fool!!!!!

  • he-is RISEN

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    7 Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them.

    God Bless,

    • Human

      Yes my friend, but who is Gog? The name comes up a lot. Could Turkey be Gog? Is Gog a spiritual enemy? We will see, and soon I think.

      • he-is RISEN

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        • BK

          what a crock of zzzz… this thing has been obviously been written by the ones who control us..

    • Kenneth Watson

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  • Narin Singh

    despite the fact that Russia could reduce to ashes the entire populace of Turkey.

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  • HeisKingofKings

    I was born in the late 1950’s. Grew up in the shadow of the Cold War. I remember as a young child my neighbor building a Bomb Shelter in his backyard in the early 1960’s. I also remember as a young adult when the United States was the “Good Guys”.

    Now it appears some other deserving Country will serve the roll of the Good Guys, Since when? Since our current POTUS tells the world we are the Bad Guys.

    • krinks

      I served willingly and gladly in the Navy in the early 80s. Times have changed. I would not only refuse to serve today but would assist with America’s overthrow if I could. I am ashamed on what my country has become.

  • HonorGod

    This is an unacceptable act by Turkey!

  • RunGunDone

    Deep fried Turkey coming soon!

  • Putin is a bully. The only thing a bully understands s a bloody nose! He got one! What would the Russians do if soemone was flying in THEIR airspace? Seems to me I remember the Soviets shooting down a KAL Flight back in the day… and that was a civilian plane! I happen to agree with Putin’s propping up Assad in Syria. The United States should mind its own business as far as Syria is concerned. ISIS is a different story through. The US has every right to go after ISIS; but NOT Assad. We have already seen the consequences in Egypt and Libya of the Obama Admninistration’s regime changes. How would Obama respond if a bunch of countries deicided HE needed to go and America needed regime change?

    • Liz Ryan

      The Russian plane was not in Turkish airspace. It was .6 miles inside the Syrian border

      • The U.S. has verified that the Russian was in Turkish Airspace. The problem is that area of the border is disputed. Both Syria and Turkey claim it. Turkey actually annexed it in the 1930’s but regardless, according to international observers and the U.S. the Russian Plane was in Turkish Airspace. They were warned 10 times on the open “guard” channel. The accepted international norm when operating in or near border areas is to stay 12.5 miles away from the border.

        • Space Ghost

          In, .6 miles out or 12.5 miles out, these technicalities and norms aren’t a reason to shoot it down. It is a great reason to “send a message” though.

          Most likely, Turkey and “friends” seem upset that the ISIS-oil-weapons transit zone and safe haven is disrupted and the overall scheme is being exposed and actually attacked by Russia. Local hoodlums and those playing every side and angle within the region lose their black market profits; meanwhile, the greater geopolitical scheme of destabilization via regime overthrow is tougher to pull off with another super power in the area. By constricting successful operations against the terrorists you claim to be against, they are free to attack the Kurds you loathe on your behalf so your hands are “politically” clean. Throwing out Assad and watching Syria is a bonus and will make the EU and US happy. It’s all “business” you see…

          • Brad Dueringer

            Erdogan’s son’s company was buying oil from ISIS and Russia attacked that entire infrastructure, including destroying 1,000 or more oil tanker trucks. This is why that dirt bag Erdogan shot down Russia’s plane. Erdogan is trying to create a safe zone including sovereign Syrian land for his son’s company to keep their regime change proxy army funded through sale of stolen Syrian oil. If survivor727 can’t see this, then I stand by m earlier statement….”he is an utter idiot”

        • renics nikoros

          For seven seconds warned ten times? think what you say.

          • Brad Dueringer

            Shills don’t have to very intelligent

        • Inigmadik

          Doesn’t matter!!! They KNOW that Russia is NOT there to attack Turkey!!!!
          It was a STUPID/UNECESSARILY Provocative move!!!
          Assad now only needs give Russia permission to down any coalition planes operating illegally in it’s (Syria’s) airspace!!!

          It being that, technically, Russia is the ONLY country operating in Syria (By request of the Legal Government) legally!!!

          • Brad Dueringer

            So true……

        • T-Rex

          CIA TROLL ALERT: Survivor727 says, “U.S. has verified that the Russian was in Turkish Airspace..”

          Yes, believe the US. Moron.

          The Troll Payroll. US taxpayer money at work. Gadsten Flag? Survivor727 you are a traitor to your country, no patriot, shilling for the CIA.

          • First of all am not a troll of any kind! Second, I do not work with or for the CIA! I wish I did! They need all the help they can get! I am a disabled father and husband. I am a Libertarian, although am conservative as well. I love my country and the American People but I despise my government!

            As far as I am concerned the U.S. has NO business being in ANY country in the Middle East including Syria and the LAST thing we should be doing is trying to change regimes there! We made a big enough mess in Iran, Iraq, Egypt and Libya! As far as ISIS, unless/until they attack American Soil, we should ignore them. They are irrelevant IMHO! Now, if they attack American Soil we should bomb them back to the 13th century which is apparently where they prefer to live anyway(LOL)!

            Yes, I fly the Gadsden Flag because I believe this country is in serious danger of collapse because of what the Progressives aided by the Republicans have done since 1913. I was a Republican until George W Bush invaded Iraq for no reason.

            I have little or no use for the lamestream media. I get my news from alternative sites all over the web including: SteveQuayle.com, Intellhub,DrudgReport,SHTFPlan, etc… I am intelligent enough to put facts together for myself and read between the lines.

            I am no shill for the USA even though I am a proud American. I am also no shill for the Russians or the Europeans. Sounds very much like you are having a love affair with the Russians. That’s your business but there’s no need for name calling. You look very childish and immature. I was simply expressing my opinion.

            Everyone’s is entitled to their opinion, even me… even if you don’t happen to agree with it. You demonstrate your ignorance when all you can do is call people names and throw wild accusations around! If you want to see what U think visit my blog: https://smittyslibertarianpatriot.wordpress.com

            And YES, I AM AN AMERICAN PATRIOT! My family has fought in every major war ever fought on this continent and by the United States including the French & Indian War! That’s how far back I can trace my heritage! My family was here way before the American Revolution. So YES, I AM A PATRIOT! There’s no need for you to attack people because you don’t like their opinion.

    • birch

      you need to get your facts straight. and by the way, Putin is no bully!

      • My facts are as straight as an arrow. Putin is a bully. He is ex KGB and has eliminated more than one political opponent. Now he is trying to kill two birds with one stone. He is looking for vengeance on ISIS for downing that Russian Airliner and trying to prop up Bashir Assad. Two goals with the same course of action. And yes, he is a bully. He basically moved into Syria and told everyone else to get out of the way. Now he got a plane shot down. Shit happens.

        • renics nikoros

          For you, Mr. makes no difference that the head of state or a street bully, as head of state, it can not be guided by personal grievances.

        • T-Rex

          Survivor727 – a fake “patriot” trolling for the US government on the ‘troll payroll’

          • Brad Dueringer

            If he isn’t, he sure fits the mold to a T

        • birch

          From all the world leaders, Mr. Putin is the only one with a good head on it’s shoulder. If you can’t see that, you are either a paid troll or a total idiot! Take your pick…..

          • Putin is ex-KGB. He is ruthless and very Machiavellian. He has raided Russia’s Treasury and made himself very wealthy. He is also a dictator by in large. Now if the Russian People are ok with that then so be it.

            Obama is no better. He is a Kenyan born Muslim which alone makes him a traitor since only natural born citizens may be president. Add to that the lies and unconstitutional executive orders and he deserves to be impeached, convicted and either executed or given a life sentence in a rat hole! So I don’t know who is worse, Putin or Obama?

            But Putin is not an open minded leader dedicated to a republic or democratic principles. Putin is dedicated to what he alone believes are in Russia’s best interests and his own. That’s not a troll, that’s just fact. The man’s only real political rival just happened to be killed on the street in Moscow a year or two ago.

            Anyone who opposes Putin ends up in jail on manufactured charges or dead. You have to be stupid or very naive not to see that Putin will leave Russian Politics when he is good and ready.

            There was a report that Putin ordered the use of white phosphorous bombs against ISIS last week in violation of the Genevea Convention. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t, but Putin pretty much does what he pleases. Personally, if he did this to ISIS that suits me just fine. As a Catholic I have nothing but contempt for what they have done to Coptic Christians. But Putin is no angel.

        • BK

          lol your a joke dude..

          • Wow! What intelligent conversation! Are you kidding? That’s what your contribution to the discussion is? I find it interesting how so many people here seem to despise America. How quickly they forget that it is America that saved Europe’s ass in WWI and WWII! It is America that saved South Korea! It is America that kept the Soviet Union from making all of Western Europe a satellite during the Cold War! I have to wonder what they teach kids in school any more. America has made a lot of mistakes and as a Libertarian I have been against most of them. But while I believe the US has no reason to be meddling in the Middle East, neither does Putin or anyone else! The Russians have enough problems of their own! Syria’s problems are for Syria to solve…not the USA or Russia. As far as I’m concerned I’d get rid of the United Nations too! They do nothing but meddle in the internal affairs of nations. But if the US is evil then so is Russia. That’s a matter of historical fact or maybe the Chechyns are lying about what Russia has done to them. Few countries in this world don’t have blood on their hands. I love my country and the American People! Our government SUX!!!! But I’m getting a little tired of the America bashing! If it weren’t for the US this globe would be living under a giant totalitarian dictatorship! Also, the USA and its people are the most generous in the world! Wherever/whenever there is any type of disaster anywhere the US is the first on the scene to offer help and Americans are the first ones to open their wallets. So give me a break. I am happy to have an intelligent discussion with you. Or maybe all you can do is call names.

          • BK

            whats the point having a conversation with someone obviously so brainwashed by his own lying scum bag leaders…

          • Alright. You got me. I am career intelligence out of Langley. I started with Asian Section and moved over to the Middle Eastern Desk right after 9/11. So I think I know a bit more than you; you degenerate little piece of insignificant filth! I spend my days and nights trying to keep scum like you and your families safe so fuck off!

          • BK

            get mad bro… your pretty much what is wrong with this world summed up nicely. I don’t need your help to stay safe either so get a clue please.. thanks

    • Brad Dueringer

      You are a complete and utter idiot

      • Okay. I’ve heard that before. Care to elaborate?

        • Brad Dueringer

          Do you even feign keeping up with the truth of what is going on ? Erdogan’s son’s company was buying oil from ISIS and Russia attacked that entire infrastructure, including destroying 1,000 or more oil tanker trucks. This is why that dirt bag Erdogan shot down Russia’s plane. Erdogan is trying to create a safe zone including sovereign Syrian land for his son’s company to keep their regime change proxy army funded through sale of stolen Syrian oil. If survivor727 can’t see this, then I stand by m earlier statement….

          • Inigmadik

            Don’t forget the WANTED pipelines through Syria!!!

          • Brad Dueringer

            Good observation. That’s probably an even bigger reason and the main reason this whole illegal regime change business was started in the first place by not only Turkey but many NATO nations are involved. This exposes the UN as just water boy for NATO. Assad had a voter turnout of 70%+ and 88% of them voted for him…but NATO gets to decide who leads the Syrians, really??? This is a sick and twisted world my friends. NATO miscreants are responsible for approx 250,000 deaths and the displacement of several million people, but Assad is the bad guy???? How can any shill with a staight face defend this attrocity????

          • Inigmadik

            I’m a Christian, Zionist, Blue-Blooded, Southern American — and yet, what they (NATO) are doing and the way they are doing it —— SICKEN’s ME to the CORE!!!
            YOU are right —- their hands are DRIPPING WITH BLOOD!!!
            You say NATO is responsible for approx. 250,000 deaths?!
            I say they are responsible for ALL DEATH’s (Into the Millions) over the past years.
            Al-Qaeda was Created BY THEM – as a thorn in Russia’s side and in Afghanistan. Then they (Al Qaeda) got out of control.
            Now ISIS?! They never learn!
            And Russia?! I’m surprised with all this talk of Russia breaking into Turkish airspace — that Russia hasn’t pointed out that THEY (Russia) ARE THE ONLY ONES FLYING IN SYRIAN AIR SPACE — “LEGALLY”!!! (Having been invited by the LEGAL Gov’t of Syria!!!).
            There’s going to be a LOT OF PEOPLE in HELL, brother!!!
            That list of DEAD BABIES in the name of Hidden Agenda’s (OIL, MONEY, etc…. [That G-d keep’s]) — has to be several hundred miles long?!!!!
            Blessings Friend!!!

          • There is no doubt that there is a ton of political intrigue behind the scenes. The area where the plane was shot down has been in dispute between Turkey and Syria since Turkey annexed it in the 1930’s. The Russians and the Turks have also been going back and forth. The Turks were just looking for an excuse to hit the Russians.

            That’s no secret and it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. What is really stupid is that the Russians gave them a reason! Whether the pilot was confused, or figured it was just a few seconds, whatever. The fact remains he violated Turkish airspace. Reports I have seen said he received 10 warnings over a 5 minute period. I don’t know. I wasn’t there nor were you. I do know the warnings were picked up all over the area because they were broadcast on an open channel.

            The entire Middle East is wrapped up with deep seated, generations old arguments and fights on the state, regional and even tribal levels. It’s like a giant ball of rubber bands! The United States doesn’t belong there in any way shape or form, as specially since we no longer need Middle Eastern Oil.

            Further, as long as ISIS is not attacking targets on American Soil, let the Russians, the French and whomever else want to kill them do so! Going after ISIS is not worth one American Life or one dollar of US Treasure! I hope that clears things up a bit. I think we actually agree. So please think a little before you start calling names. It’s really childish.

          • Brad Dueringer

            Just curious, is the logic circuit in your brain damaged? Because you are so averse to being called names that you just called me “childish”. You are your own worst enemy…..friggin nuts….wow!!!

          • Liz Ryan

            Specially as ye dont need middle eastern oil? so it was ok all along to go and bomb these countries on the pretext of bringing down dictators but it was for the oil and gold and anything else ye could plunder! The US has and never had any business interfering in other countries.

          • Asking a country to disreagard its national interests is like asking a leopard to change its spots. The US and Europe have long needed Middle Eastern Oil for their economies to function. They had it and we needed it. That’s just the fact. Because of that the US and Europe had no choice but to make sure the oil would continue to flow at the best price. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying that’s the way it is. Many countries have done what they had to in order to survive and grow. History is full of examples of countries exploiting one another to survive and grow. Man has been doing that since he left the cave. Again, I’m not saying it’s right… it’s just human nature. As a Libertarian I don’t think the US should have ever been interfering in other nations’ affairs. If we had looked passed oil instead of exploiting Middle Easteern Countries we would have found alternative sources and would be leading the world in alternative energy today! Our environmentaal quality would be better and our economy would be better off. But we didn’t. Unfortuantely, the USA, just like almost all of the other nations of the world became dependent on cheap oil. But since we don’t need Middle Eastern Oil today we have a chance to step back and help make things right by minding our own business in the Middle East and all over the rest of the world. As a Libertarian I see the US Defense Establishment as just that….to DEFEND America, NOT project power! It’s time for us to mind our own business and take care of this country. WE will be better of as will the rest of the world.

  • Space Ghost

    CNN as “cover” for the State Dept. propaganda? It would be more cost effective for the CIA and CNN if they moved their headquarters right into the Pentagon and also got at least 3,000 square foot Annex added to the White House.

    Now you hear stuff like, Russia needs to get it together and work with us in OUR fight against terror and on OUR terms right after this incident. Meanwhile John Kerry, one of the “brothers under the skin,” pals around with the House of Saud… probably looking at a slide show of how all the regional opposition is in tatters or on their way to ruin and future subjugation until it’s just Iran.

    • Joejoethabeanslayer

      John Kerry will probably get so upset he will shed his skin and show the world who he realy is. A LIZZARD MAN

  • PAUL H

    It’s hard to soar like an eagle when you’re surrounded by Turkey’s

  • RebelPatriot

    The North Atlantic Terrorist Organization is being exposed.

  • Thanksgiving is a difficult time for Turkeys.

  • Stephen

    Repent of sin while there is yet time. Jesus Christ died and rose again. Be baptised and seek the true Ark of Salvation in the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith.

    • vanzetti

      Silly bugger!

  • Panda Bear

    nothing is going to happen.

  • jafo

    Over the years many Ezk 38 and 39 writers have said a coalition between Russia and Turkey will attack Israel. I always found this strange is the two countries have a long history of hatred. Now with this incident. Is Walid Shoebat right when he wrote Russia is not involved in the Ezk war. Who knows! But the sun came up this morning and God is still in charge!

  • Alleged Comment

    RUSSIA is finding it hard to play “American”, eh?

  • Kenneth Watson

    the reality is that Putin is a statesman who is seeking the best for the Russian people and wont be deviated by emotional outbursts,foolish religious proclamations,and half-baked prophecies,who doesnt need any of your advice on here,esp the nuke them nonsense/he has almost won and halted regime change in its tracks on behalf of a very grateful Syrian people…

  • T-Rex

    “North Atlantic Terrorist Organization …” that’s summing it up pretty nicely actually.

  • edwitness

    You know what is really crazy is that in this end times Babylonian system, all of the global elites are working to the same end. Whether they realize it or not. Their boss is satan you know.
    AC will rule and most people on earth will worship him. The rest will die for their faith in Jesus because they did not believe before the time of the Gentiles was full.

  • Deeha

    Guys, don’t get too carried away. Turkey was not fighting ISIS, but Russia also was not bombing ISIS, and they weren’t exactly throwing roses from their airplanes. Check how many children and civilians died from inaccurate and/or intentional Russian strikes. Google civilians or children dead from Russian strikes and you will see the images. Live by the sword, die by the sword. What the rebels on the ground did and say was wrong, but the pilot was not an angel. Killing leads to more killing. He was flying in that area to bomb these exact people who mocked his corpse.

  • Key

    Turkish regime gave no warnings says downed Russian pilot:


  • Rhs Per

    So many $cum$uckers here. If some european country had done this, then you would be singing a different tune.

    The fact remains that the entire mess in the ME was and is being caused by the imperial lily white $cum. A curse be upon all of them.

  • Pete

    Putin, my good friends, is a man of his word! If you leave a hole in the fence, he will get through it, and you will regret you actions until the day you die.