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EXCLUSIVE: CIA Spent $40 million, Hacked Senate Computers to Suppress Torture Report

1-Patrick-henningsen-BW1Patrick Henningsen
21st Century Wire

Things got even hotter this afternoon in Washington in the wake of today’s release of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s now infamous ‘Torture Report‘. 

Struggling to control the CIA’s crumbling torture narrative, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, attempted to derail US Senator Diane Feinstein today live on CNN, by interrupting the Senator repeatedly, insinuating that the report was wrong, almost acting as an apologist for Washington’s 13 year-long torture boondoggle.

What followed in their exchange is some of the most explosive revelations yet…

DI-FI ACCESS: Senator Feinstein swamped by the US and world media today. 

Feinstein went on to drop the biggest bombshell yet, stating, “The CIA spent $40 million dollars to prevent us from issuing this report. That is fact. We did not spend the money, we used our staff to do this report.”

She then accused the CIA of foul play, explaining, “They went into our computers, literally, to take out information, not once, not twice, but three times. I believe that this is a separation of powers violation”.

“This to me shows that the CIA pulled out all the stops to prevent this from coming out.”

Blitzer dutifully continued pumping up CIA chief John Brennan, whom Blitzer proudly referred to as, “a man I know”, citing Brennan’s highly dubiously claim that torture, “continues to inform our counter-terrorism efforts to this day”.

Feinstein flatly rebuffed the Brennan statement. “An an examination of these records going back to the beginning of the program, indicates that this is simply not true”.

Feinstein also went on to describe how ‘tapes were burned’, and challenged anyone who disagrees with the report’s findings to go and actually examine the evidence inside it.

Blitzer went on with the usual media strawman tactic, asking the Senator, “Are you saying he’s lying?”

Blitzer pressed forward with the fairly fictional claim that somehow, intelligence gleaned from torture helped to capture and kill Osama bin Laden, in Abbotabad, Pakistan in 2011. Currently, the CIA is currently hanging their whole “intelligence mosaic”, as well as the justification for its torture policy, on an alleged ‘courier’ for bin Laden.

In a true ‘Wag the Dog’ moment, in the absence of any real evidence (no photos, or videos released) of the Abbottabad raid, CNN opted for the next best thing as their historical record – a Hollywood film. With an official-sounding voice over running alongside a clip from the fictional film Zero Dark Thirty, this unbelievable line was delivered:

“This interrogation depicted in the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ is believed to be that of Ammar alBaluchi a dentainee who the  CIA says, told them that al Kuwaiti was bin Laden’s courier”.

Fenstein’s Senate Intelligence Committee spent nearly five years reading and studying more than 6.3 million pages of CIA documents, including memos, reports, cables and chat, in order to assess the agency’s “enhanced interrogation techniques” and rendition practices employed after September 11, 2001. The 6,000 page review was condensed to a 525-page summary which the committee released today.

Accusations that this report was a purely partisan effort to ‘discredit the Bush administration’ doesn’t completely stand-up to scrutiny either, especially after Secretary of State John Kerry personally phoned Dianne Feinstein, chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Friday morning asking her not to release her report on CIA torture and rendition.

Regarding the President himself, Barack Obama’s biggest hurdles will now be defending his personal policy which prescribes actually killing detainees, rather than torturing them.

Since taking Office, Obama has sanctioned approximately 2,400 murders through JSCOC and CIA covert drone programs.

Intelligence Committee member Senator James Risch (R), explains, “They’re not picking up prisoners anymore. When a subject is identified, they are droned.”

Indeed, #BrownLivesMatter (Arabs) too, right?

READ MORE CIA NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire CIA Files



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  • A lot of hyperbole


    Feinstein’s report is a case of the pot painting the kettle black

    • OtisBogPeople

      Yea Feinstein is a witch too

  • Georg Dirr

    I hope someone goes to goal. Torture is barbaric.
    Humans rights do not matter to some.

  • Uncle_Meat

    Who are the real terrorists? We know now.

  • Matt

    cia drug running and murder inc have plenty of money then they use it against their people, only in the land of the walking morons can this be happening but what do you expect from the sleeping pathetic sheeple wasting good air in the land of the joke that is america terror inc arming friend and foe and the most psychotic nut cases of the day, now what could go wrong their shit for brains

  • geo1671

    What took so long and why just now? Democrats are worried the Republicans will sweep across America in 2016.
    CNN’s Wolf Blister is a Israel thug, He spews garbage day in and out ?

    • TommyTCG

      2 party dictatorship, geo, doesn’t matter who is in, bankers and military/industrial call the shots, and/or Bryzynski or who-ever.

    • aglowg2g

      I wouldn’t know as I wouldn’t watch him. Or her for that matter

  • TommyTCG

    What I never understood is why ‘they’ bothered to torture when ‘they’ dunnit themselves. Was it to extract false confessions to blame some poor Pakistani for planning to vapourise 2 buildings that could then be removed in 4 hours instead of 4 years??

    • KC

      its known otherwise as creating an alibi!

    • OtisBogPeople


    • aglowg2g

      3 towers… can’t forget WTC 7

    • Apparently the post 9/11 US use of torture was to have “testimony” in lieu of “evidence” to put into the 9/11 Joint Congressional and 9/11 Commission Reports. See “Torture Architect Tries to Justify Program … Fails Miserably” By Washington’s Blog Global Research, December 16, 2014. http://www.globalresearch.ca/torture-architect-tries-to-justify-program-fails-miserably/5420152

      The 9/11 Commission used torture testimony as its central source of
      documentation! 25% of the footnotes in the 9/11 Commission Report come from torture testimony! (See “9/11 in the Academic Community” documentary) But the Real Story about the 2014 Senate Report on Torture is how it completely repudiates the 2004 9/11 Commission Report! For example – in September 2009 – the U.S. government admitted in writing in a court proceeding that Abu Zubaydah had never been a member or associate or supporter of al-Qaeda, was not involved in 9/11, and had no prior knowledge of 9/11… And yet Abu Zubaydah is a centerpiece of the government’s entire narrative about
      9/11, torture and spying. Kevin Ryan – who has interviewed 9/11 Commissioner Lee Hamilton, Abu Zubaydah’s attorney and other knowledgeable people – documents how central Abu Zubaydah is to the 9/11 Commission Report… President Bush personally used the perceived value of Zubaydah’s capture and torture to justify the use of the CIA’s torture techniques as well as the detention of suspects in secret CIA prisons around the world…”

  • Predrag J. Maranovic

    The mainstream media are gutless. Thank heavens for websites like this.

  • RogerP77

    You mean known Mossad agent Wolf Blitzer would try to prevent embarassing information about a subordinate agency from getting out? I am shocked, well not really.