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A DARK AGENDA: How Disney is Cultivating Our Childrens’ Imaginations

21st Century Wire says…

Disney. What could be more wholesome and innocent?

You might want to take a second look at some of that wholesomeness…

Firstly, we can take a look back at some older Disney animated cartoons, some of which are fairly disturbing when you consider the themes that are being conveyed to impressionable young minds. As an exercise, watch the clip below carefully, and try to understand what ideas would a four or five year old take on board after seeing this scene:

In recent years, multimedia advances have enabled Disney to roll out much more complex and technically refined products. Numerous researchers and commentators have been reporting on Disney’s extensive entertainment emporium, with applied psychology found in content ranging from subliminal messaging to sexual and occult imagery, and other adult themes – all subtly placed within all of its children’s animated films.

If any parent took the time to examine in close detail what images and concepts Disney is actually producing through its programs, they might think twice before handing their children’s imagination over to this corporation…

PHOTO: Daily Mail image of Mickey Mouse Club graduate Lindsey Lohan preparing to inject heroin in a “leaked” photo.

Disney is a culture factory, but what is exactly is it producing, and why?

There are numerous young men who are processed through the Disney child factory, but a much greater percentage of the ‘credentialed’ US mega pop and Hollywood female stars were in fact groomed and trained in the Disney stable – including Demi Lovato, Emmy Rossum, Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Christy Romano, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus. These are all “graduates” of the Disney Empire finishing school for young girls. Perhaps unknown to the youngsters and their parents, their journey  as child performer quickly transitions into sexual icon, once they’ve turn 18. In fact, each and every Disney girl listed would eventually release “leaked nude photos”, or gain huge media exposure following a nude, or sex scene in a film. After the routine ‘nude photo’ or sex tape is “leaked”, the public are then given a PR consultancy pre-digested response, along the lines of:

“I want to apologize to my fans, whose support and trust means the world to me. I am embarrassed over this situation and regret having ever taken these photos. I am thankful for the support of my family and friends.”

In the debauched world of Hollywood, where it’s known that young women, and men, are mere commodities for the all power studio executives, agents and lawyers, this news might not seem like such a big deal. But when one considers how much effort Disney goes to in order to paint itself, on the surface anyway, as a wholesome American brand, parents should really question what its true corporate values are beyond the PR speak. Parents should also consider how nearly each and every child and teen idol who survives through the Disney meat grinder as a mainstream personality goes through an identical progression into an adult female sex icon, including the nude photos. Is it a right of passage for a ‘Disney girl’, or is it simply part of a standardized program? One thing is for certain: it is no coincidence.

Is Disney’s role in American society to sexualize young people and degrade morality through its use of subversive psychological conditioning?

IMAGE: Disney creator Walt Disney with a grim Mickey.

In fact, any proper examination of the Disney cultural machine will take you to some very dark corners of applied behavioral psychology. Some of its early works are quietly disappearing from public view, and for good reason, or so it seems…

Hidden in plain sight

Brasscheck TV

Disney – It’s one of a small handful of media giants that controls what Americans see do and don’t see.

It also has another role. Someone once described it as the “colonization of children’s imaginations.”

It’s a pretty interesting business model. Buy (the rights to fables like) Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Cinderalla, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan and other traditional tales, recast them in your own image, and then OWN them – and thus access to the imaginations of children.

Disney is expert at two things: 1) stealing ideas from others (research the origins of “The Lion King”), and 2) suing those who “infringe” on their intellectual property rights.

They also appear to have another agenda going – why have the early works of Walt Disney been all but erased from public consciousness? It didn’t start with Mickey Mouse…

We recommend you invest some time in watching “The Early Works of Walt Disney.” For starters, go to: http://www.lenonhonorfilms.com

READ MORE HOLLYWOOD NEWS AT: 21st Century Wire Hollywood Files



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  • Spychiatrist

    DISNEY = Destroying Innocence Since Networkings Early Years.

  • Stephanie Hollister

    Nothing but BULLSHIT. I grew up in purely disney I still watch disney movies to this day I probably own everyone. You’re only showing what you say supports your theory but we both know you have nothing to really go on. I was raised on Disney, my kids will be raised on Disney and you know what I turned out pretty fucking amazing growing up on Disney! So hail to the Disney then.

    • Hannah Remington Györý

      Disney make weapons and they own correctional facilities. Wake up.

    • Lyin Ryin More

      O Stephanie-
      Do not hail Disney- they are a vile group- what exactly did Disney do in WW2? Do you know? They worked for the government, making films, with the likes of Donald Duck, that little duck made more money for IRS, in two years, than any other advertisement campaign ever- Donald Duck says pay your taxes! O that not bad you say, Imagine every mother has been murdered/died/never exsisted/ect= why no mothers, in any Disney Films? Why would Disney not want any mothers? Ariels mom? Cinderella? Bambi? No moms, huh? Coincidence? Ever wonder how Disney got the money to finance his movies? Why in World War 2, the government took over Disney as a propaganda tool? Its true look it up. So, the most vile people ever are teaching your daughters, mothers aren’t important,and as long as you get to be a princess all is good, so how many girls going really be a princess? 1 or maybe two out of 10 million, WOOO HOO, set you kid up for absolute failure, unless she is a princess, now for our boys, who owns the dark side literally who owns that? Disney- so go down every aisle- try this youll be amazed, in the dept store, and see the pink princess programming for the girls, the boys all star wars- that’s about it. Pretty fucking amazing, your lucky ask any of the mouskateers how they doing? Miley Cyrus, Brittney are prime examples of what Disney wants to do to our daughters, they want to steal their imagination, ruin mothers,and then have them wearing hanna Montana bs, only to have Hannah turn into a whore and guess who is following those Disney girls…charming.

      • Stephanie Hollister

        So we are going to blame the government and disney for how our kids are raised instead of the parents. Sounds like a typical parent. Never wanting to step up and take blame for their own failures.

        • Lyin Ryin More

          If you expose your children to whores like Miley Cyrus and the like don’t be surprised when your daughter is a twerking pot smoking goober.

      • Miss Diane

        During WW II Disney along with Warner ( Bugs, Bunny, Daffy Duck etc) were all doing their part for the war effort along with the rest of Hollywood . As far as your Mother theory is ludicrous! If you notice most of Disney’s stories are based on fairy tales written by The Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Anderson etc. Disney is not the only company that portrays everything pink and foo foo, so does Mattel. As far as boys and Star wars, that is a George Lucas franchise. The children that went on to do these Disney programs i.e Hannah Montana, can not be blamed on Disney the way they turned out. If these parents put there children on T.V. to make money off of them or to have a famous child , and expose them to the adult world of Hollywood, then the parents are to blame. There have been a lot of child stars that grew up and did well , Annette Funicello that grew up to be a success without the taint. She said she turned out the way she did because of Walt. He cautioned her about her reputation and to keep her wholesomeness, and to to compromise herself. If Disney was alive today you would not see the kind of crap that passes for childrens entertainment no days.

        • Lyin Ryin More

          Have you read brothers grimm? my word are they horrifying. As for Annette, she did semi well, she didn’t quite make the money, she was promised, but she married money and did fairly well.

          The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm for $4.05

          – they own star wars

          Easily one of the most famous Disney Channel stars, you probably already know that Shia Le Bouf was arrested in 2008 for driving under the influence

          Lizzie McGuire’s BFF was arrested in 2008 for possession of meth. She hasn’t done much acting since the Disney Channel,

          The “I play the cello” guy from HSM was arrested in 2008 for trying to rob a pizza place at gunpoint.

          Orlando was arrested for drug possession and a DUI in 2008. He got another DUI in 2011 and was re-arrested in 2012. He currently has three bench warrants out for his arrest. Orlando has pretty much stayed away from Hollywood since his Disney stint.

          In November of 2011, Ryan Merriman was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence. Besides working on the Disney Channel, he’s starred in the Final Destination series.

          After starring in your favorite Disney movie, Brian Bonsall was arrested for two DUIs in 2001 and 2004, and then he was charged for second-degree assault against his girlfriend in 2007.

          You’ve probably heard of Lindsay Lohan before. You know, she was arrested a few times from 2007 to 2012 for DUIs and violating her probation.

          You and I agree, on one thing- what ever it is they call entertainment, is not good- how we got to that conclusion I don’t care about , we agree the stuff out there is horrible.

    • Alice Wedderburn

      you need to do some research Stephanie, google Georgia guidestones, illuminati, committee of 300, agenda 21, club of Rome, skull and bones… wake up!

      • Stephanie Hollister

        Wake up to realizing you shouldn’t believe 100% everything you read off the internet.

        • Lyin Ryin More

          wow, someone didn’t get along with mommy, now did she?

          • Stephanie Hollister

            My mother raised me well. Which is why I turned out how I did and can act more mature than most adults. As you prove my point.

    • Spychiatrist

      “I turned out pretty fucking amazing”……

      Yea, we can tell by the classy way that you speak. Congratulations on your Disney education into womanhood Stephanie.

  • jay_diggity

    isn’t there a image of a woman with her breasts out in a scene of the rescuers?

  • kerry

    We’ve known for years about Disney’s habitual use of subliminal messages. One of the most blatant examples was the vicar with a boner in The Little Mermaid. Sexual subliminals were a favorite of Walt’s.

  • Carlos Santini

    Jews own and control Disney. enough said.

  • Carlos Santini

    Jews own and control all media. including Disney. They work tirelessly to control everything in the world. Why? They want you to be their slave good Goyim. All spelled out in THE PROTOCOLS OF ZION. Read them. Read all 24 Jewish created Protocols and see who controls the world……controls YOU.

    • Ivy Izora

      You sound extremely ignorant

  • paul tarsuss
  • Stephanie Hollister

    Y’all ain’t even worth my time. SMH. Probably some loser adults who have nothing better to do with their time than blame shit everywhere.

    • Lyin Ryin More

      Ah, but she keeps coming back – don’t cha, your inferiority is obvious, its true-if you don’t like what other people write, don’t stand there screaming someone look at me, we get it your mom sat you in front of the TV and never loved you , we got it. The only mother you had was a TV, we get it, its never too late to be smart.

      • Stephanie Hollister

        Actually my mother never let me watch tv unless it was with her and movies. Oh and I see you don’t even have a pic. Whys that, oh don’t answer that we all know why.

    • Lyin Ryin More

      Why not take out the chubby guy next to you- do some walking, or why not fix that bad perm.

      • Stephanie Hollister

        It’s not a perm it’s natural and you’re the first one in my 20 years on this earth to not think it’s beautiful. It figures though you realized you don’t have a point to argue so resort to petty insults. I’m so happy I was raised better than that. Remember Jesus loves you even if you stoop to low levels and can’t debate something as an adult.

  • Miss Diane

    What is wrong with the video above ?! It is the story of Jack and The Beanstalk ! I saw that when I was a kid, then I saw it along with my Son when he was little. That Mickey Mouse Monopoly is also ridiculous. Children are more influenced now days by what they see on videos and those outrageous cartoons on the cartoon channel, such as Sponge Bob ! I would much rather my child watch a classic goofy or Mickey Mouse than the crap they are subjected to nowadays.

  • Chris Dangwillo

    Just continuing the shock of circumcision for us dudes. Thanks Disney.

  • William Rothschild

    Just type in “disney bloodlines” into a search engine. Disney was a pedophile and made many disney films that were used by the CIA for their MKULTRA mind control programs.

  • Brigitte Picart

    As a European having spent close to 20 years in the USA I can testify to the fact that most people there, unlike in Europe, have been raised on Disney films and are unable to create anything out of their own imagination that doesn’t reference Disney. They can view the world only in reference to some show, never as an independent event that they would evaluate on its own. They get a flawed notion of good and evil because of Disney movies, and also they think th animal world in reality is similar to Disney fantasy world that’s why there are so many accidents with wild animals.
    When people win the lotto they all speak about taking the kids to Disney World. They have been completely indoctrinated.

  • Robert Borneman

    I watched the first 4-minute Disney clip from Mickey & the Beanstalk…. was I supposed to be outraged? Here’s what I got from it: environmental devastation has real consequences for human society. Poverty can be utterly demoralizing. Starvation can lead people to desperate acts. Self-centered action can be corrosive to the community.

    IN the 16th century Chinese novel “Journey to the West” (also a perennial children’s favorite) and in many of the 19th century German Brothers Grimm fairy tales we see similar morals/sentiments expressed. These seem to be fairly universal themes of human suffering in the face of privation.

    So what does this have to do with Miley Cyrus’ tits? (I have totally missed what’s going on here.)

  • jrs1947

    Satan and his dupes are everywhere in the culture.

  • Alex Young

    Why not just go to http://www.wolf-pac.com and get money out of politics.