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From Savile to Syria: BBC in Breach of Charter Again with Staged Panorama ‘Chemical Doc’

WESTERN PRO-WAR PROPAGANDA: How far would the establishment go to sway public opinion in favor of war?

21st Century Wire says…

The BBC’s Panorama boasts itself as, “The world’s longest running investigative reporting TV show”, which would normally mean something, but not a whole lot considering what it tried to pass-off as real journalism on August 29, 2013…

As the drums of war were beating their loudest that fateful Thursday, the BBC’s flagship ‘investigative’ programme Panorama, aired a special report filed as Syria crisis: Incendiary bomb victims ‘like the walking dead’  – purporting to show the alleged aftermath – of an alleged “napalm” bomb attack – on an alleged school(a villa?) somewhere near Aleppo, Syria, where the alleged victims were dramatically rushed to an alleged ‘special hospital'(a villa?).

The number of apparent inconsistencies, anomalies, inserted audio, scripted acting and other outright fabricated aspects contained within this Panorama ‘documentary’ are quite astonishing – quite simply too long to list here, so it’s best that viewers take a look – and judge for themselves. A number of prominent voices, including the former British Ambassador Craig Murray, have branded this Panorama production as “fake”. Expect the criticism and condemnations to mount, as the public slowly begin to get their heads around this level of lying their way to war by powerful mainstream media organs like the BBC.

George Galloway, UK Member of Parliament adds,Well, the Bush and Blair Corporation (BBC), as it became in the run-up to the Iraq war, has almost entirely lost its reputation for journalistic integrity. A full inquiry must be launched into why the BBC used a piece of material which was not just wrong but was falsified, and falsified with the purpose of propelling our country into war. That’s not what the British public pays its BBC licence fee for, so that it can be tricked into a war.”

Note especially the scene in the upstairs room full of young male “zombie chemical weapons victims” (image, above) and note the signal which was given after which all of the actors sprung into action. It’s quite possibly the worst piece of staged propaganda ever broadcast since CNN’s fake blue screen bombing raids in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War.

Watch the original, incredibly poorly staged, made-for-tv dramatic production which still sits on the BBC’s website here.

Watch highlights of Panorama’s staged phony scenes here, including the dramatic, yet highly comical staged ‘zombie children’ victims scene:

Reporter Daniel Bushell describes the Panorama debacle as nothing less than “stunning fakery”. Watch his detailed report here:

This latest war propaganda stunt echoes another Panorama creation, Death in the Med, where the BBC programme spun the story of the ill-fated Gaza Flotilla aid mission where Israeli forces attacked a peaceful mission to Palestine and killed passengers on board. Critics cite Panorama’s willful ignorance and pro-Israel spin, with producers failing to take into full account the eyewitness testimonies of survivors on board the aid mission, instead opting to tell a skewed version of events by clouding Israeli injustices against innocent passengers who were murdered by invading IDF forces in international waters.

Tony Rooke bravely took the BBC to task over their reporting of the collapse of WTC Building 7 on Sept 11, 2001 – 20 minutes in advance of the actual collapse. A Horsham court found in favour of Rooke regarding his position that he would not pay his TV license to an organization which had prior knowledge of a terrorist event. See Rooke’s full story here:

Here is the BBC report Rooke is referring to. Notice WTC Building 7 behind the BBC correspondent in the upper right hand corner of the screen:

The very sensitive timing of this staged Panorama piece was most certainly designed to sway public opinion in favour of British military intervention in Syria. Luckily for the public (and the world at large), Parliament saw sense on the day of the vote, and the war was off. But considering the current development in UK government, with MPs are now pushing for legislation to decriminalise BBC licence fee evasion, there’s no more appropriate time than now to also raise the question: what should happen to the BBC if the broadcaster is caught knowingly deceiving the public – in full breach of its public charter, as appears to be the case with this pro-war production shot in Syria, thrust upon the entire British public at such a pivotal moment?

It’s no surprise that the BBC is still in full denial mode over this embarrassing Panorama ‘Chemical Weapons’ doc – despite the surge of public complaints (like this one) and criticisms it has received over it. A number of online journals have criticized this, as well as other examples of the BBC’s stunning flexibility when it comes to reporting the truth in matters of war, especially in relation to any NATO international conflicts. Some of those detailed reports can be seen here, here and also here.

Few are surprised by this wall of silence, especially after the BBC has yet to come clean regarding its reasons for covering up knowledge of its own serial pedophile employee, Sir Jimmy Savile, and why it chose to posthumously celebrate his life in a Christmas special – even after knowing full well the nature of the monster they had nurtured. The answer to both question may be the same – the BBC has no genuine oversight and appears to be in charge of monitoring its own conduct and standards – in a word, it is unaccountable.

Read the BBC reply to one complaint here – their attempt at answering the allegations regarding their unreal Panorama ‘Napalm/Chemical Weapon’ piece, saying ‘oh, it’s perfectly normal’ and proceeds to cynically try and blind the public with broadcasting science and ‘the art of editing’ (see BBC reply to complaint via link above).

When it comes to the issue of war, why does the BBC have such difficulty acting as an honest broker of the truth?

How can the BBC rightly retain its lofty mantle after deceiving the license paying public on such a grand and destructive scale?

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  • Rogoraeck

    British Bullshit Corporation??? Or is it British Buggering Children???

    • Andy Mcewan

      they’re losing the licence fee !!!! the quality of cheap talent shows LOOMS WHERE THE TALENT LESS PISH THEY HAVE BEEN POURING OUT STOPS THE NEW CHANNEL 4 LOL

    • Tukadoodle

      Communosocialists with their Commie fLags and led by sexual devients are back Once Again! Yep, the very same uber sick base led by their Church as the original Antisemite/Communists history clearly shows! Google HB 3741 to see their true INTENT! Yep, this site lies by omissions about their “Flotilla of Peace” being just ” innocent protesters” and a well Proven lie! The When/Royals are guilty of mass/genocide with the bloody Brits being exactly that. The real Inhumanitarians is exactly what they are and keep blaming us REAL Jews/Israel as their historical false flags to cover up the

  • claudine long

    dear points of view……

  • Charlie Primero

    The producer of this episode Jane Corbin has a long history of being mobbed-up with intel agencies. Check her out..


  • pete fairhurst

    The salient clips also ran on the “news” bulletins for at least 1 day, probably more. I watched them at the time, and it was immediately obvious that they were fakes. I mean they just did not look real. It was so obvious as you can see….

    The level of contempt demonstrated by the BBC towards the british public by these broadcasts was shocking. How could they expect people to swallow such BS. But they could, and most did; amazing….

    The BBC was of course just part of the virtually unanimous chorus of british MSM cheerleading for their required war in Syria. It was nauseating to watch TBH. And it demonstrated clearly the total control of the MSM that the AngloZionist Empire exercises.

    Turn off that tv! Don’t buy their newspaper rags!

  • Johnpd


    • Muhammad Abbass

      Good morning. Another bot is born.

  • Johnpd

    The Boy Buggery Corp really are getting beyond a joke.
    My favourite?
    Maybe the dumb BBC reporter, during the 9/11 hoax, reporting the “collapse=demolition” of building 7, but doing so 23 mins BEFORE it happened.
    Tony Rooke won his case in a Brit court, refusing to pay his licence fee, as it would make him a financier of an organisation which obviously had prior, & unreported, knowledge of the work of “terrorists”. Ref follows.

    • Geo Bro

      type in to google 9-11 WHAT TIME DID YOU HEAR ABOUT IT MY STORY ? if you think 20 minutes is bad

  • Predrag J. Maranovic

    BBC does what it wants and really doesn’t care what public think. This Syria film by Panorama was straight war propaganda – worse in fact than FOX and Sky because of how much care they took in staging this scene in Aleppo. Shameful stuff.

  • Johnpd
  • Stepford 88

    The BBC licence needs to be abolished and the entire corporation broken up. The BBC is a government propaganda tool as it has a former MP at the helm, also it has a notorious number of Paedophiles in its employment of which it panders and protects.

  • Cerumol

    The complaints correspondence with the BBC that is referred to in the RT ‘Truthseeker’ report can be found here http://bbcpanoramasavingsyriaschildren.wordpress.com/

    NB the full Panorama programme ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ was in fact broadcast on 30 September 2013, and extracts from it on BBC News bulletins of that day (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-24288698). It was a “preview” excerpt which was shown on BBC News a month earlier, on 29 August (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-23892594), which was also the day of the UK Commons vote on possible intervention in Syria.

    As pointed out in the RT report, on August 29 the “napalm” edit of Dr Rola Hallam’s words was used, and on 30 September (both on BBC News and in the full Panorama programme) the “chemical weapon” edit was used. Dr Hallam’s words from this section in full (reconstructed from both versions) are:

    “I need a pause because it’s just absolute chaos and carnage here, um we’ve had a massive influx of what look like serious burns, seems like it must be some sort of chemical weapon, I’m not really sure, maybe napalm, something similar to that”

    Incidentally, it appears that RT has itself, presumably for brevity, slightly edited Dr Hallam’s words from the 29 August “napalm” version, taking out “I’m not really sure, maybe…” (at 01:15)

  • Cerumol

    There seems to be no end to the lavishing of awards on Ian Pannell and cameraman Darren Conway, the partnership responsible for ‘Saving Syria’s Children’:




    Furthermore, One World Media is currently nominating Pannell for ‘International Journalist of the Year’ and specifically the 29 August ‘Chemical School Attack’ report for its ‘News Award’ at a ceremony on May 6 http://oneworldmedia.org.uk/nominees, despite the fact that the matter is the subject of a current investigation by the BBC Editorial Complaints Unit.

    There is, however, opposition to this, including from former UK ambassador Craig Murray who, as noted above, blogged about this matter last year:



  • Tukadoodle

    This site is good but are raving Antisemites about the ” Peace Flotilla ” being just ” innocent protesters is a bunch of crap! Gonna have to do some Google due diligence on these ” folks” and likely confirm Disinformation is being used by them. The BBC is propaganda and their truly bloody Communosocialists so stop the ” social” crap! Yep, over 150M antisemites in Europe alone with their ” church” keeps using/blaming Israel/Jews as their historical False flags started by the RC’s ” theft” of Jesus from us Jews. Yep, just look at ” everyone ” trying to ” steal” old JC for themselves. This site is just too deliberately Google “stupid” by their own deliberate lies of omission just like the ones they attack. What about their ” jornalists” cooking up PROPAGANDA for their truly fake ” Pallistinians ” this site deliberately omits! Too many others not covered by selective design. Yep, their ” Church” is the original Antisemites/Communists just by their dea they cutl with the MB just like before. Google the history of Magic to see the Church and Google HB 3741 to see their/our ” democrats true Intent! EuropeOn Antisemites out number Israel same 6M Jews once again. So let’s see these 21st Century frauds respond to the same facts/coverage yet denied to the Jews for click$. Yep, there is always some truth as part of any lie just like their lefty ” journalists” are doing here! It’s all Disinformation attacking Israel and the west so watch what isn’t being said!

  • Cerumol

    BBC Worldwide has started removing the Panorama programme from YouTube – this privately uploaded copy is available http://taigs.com/BBC_Panorama_2013_Saving_Syrias_Children.mp4 The copy of the RT Truthseeker report linked to here has also been removed, although not by the BBC – an alternative copy is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdLIPAu2U2Y. Full info on this story here http://bbcpanoramasavingsyriaschildren.wordpress.com/

  • Cerumol