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Yes We Can? Chicago Inner City Residents Rejecting Obama’s Raw Deal

21st Century Wire says…

Inner city strife is a big business and is being described as one department within a huge political industry in America.

Residents aligned with Chicago’s new “Broke Party” can be heard speaking out against career “community organizers”, and openly rejecting the hollow rhetoric employed year after year from the left-wing political machine.

After decades of empty promises and pocket-lining, American inner-city blacks are fleeing the gold-plated Democratic Party mother ship, in search of something else. It’s already started in Chicago. This brief video was taken last fall in 2012, but is even more relevant today…

One commenter, Maximo Suarez explains, “Do not allow your children to ‘Knock anyone down’, tell your relatives and friends not to eat the Racism Card. Only the Liberal Agenda and the Democratic Party have created that terrible division among us, which didn’t exist in America anymore. They’re lying.”

So how is the party gravy able to continue over generations, even when it hasn’t delivered results? 

SincerelyYoursAK74 adds, “The democrat platform is always “Help the poor” but without any poor to help they wouldn’t have voters and the democrats that have been voting democratic party for sixty years and aren’t a cent richer. So many black libertarians in this video though gives me hope for a better society.”

Exodus: Inner-City Blacks Abandoning Obama & Democrat’s Liberal Agenda

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