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Protesters in DC take barriers from monuments and dump them at White House gates

UPDATE: Obama ignores DC Protesters, as ‘Barrycades’ go back up around the capital’s public spaces

21st Century Wire says…

As the Bobtail trucker convoys entered the heart of Washington DC this morning, Metropolitan police recognized that truckers were in an organized formation, and signaled their support to constitutional truckers.

Ernest “General” Lee said on GNM Live this morning, “This is incredible. Police gave us a salute, they are in support”.

Across the way, demonstrators in support of US Veterans first gathered at the WWII, Lincoln and Iwo Jima Memorials. Teams of protesters dismantled government-imposed barriers at the monuments, and proceeded to carry them towards the entrance to the White House. Updates from the ground this morning…

At 9:30am EST:According to GMN reporter, a veteran and former US Marine Will Gonzalez, “Police are helping block the roads for us. They are definitely supporting us. There are at least a few hundred people walking from the WWII memorial towards the White House.”

At 11:15am EST: Groups of people tore down the government barriers, and began to occupy the Lincoln Memorial monument. GMN live reported that hundreds of protesters headed on foot, from Washington DC’s the WWII and Lincoln Memorials towards the White House. See this video captured by videographer Annette Beland:

At 12:05pm EST: Groups of demonstrators took down the barriers from the both WWII and Lincoln Memorials, and then carried them over to the White House and dumped them in front of the White House gates.

According to GMN reporter Will Gonzalez, “A group of police with masks and full riot gear moved between us and the White House, but after the crowd shouted ‘shame on you’, the police backed away”.

Despite false rumors circulating on social media, and trending terms on Twitter of “police tear gas”, and “police violence” – the police on horseback and 7-10 police did not engage with demonstrators at the White House this morning.

This video was posted, which shows metal barriers in a pile in front of the White House, as police are confronted by demonstrators:


Police also wheeled a toy that has become a common sight in cities around the US, their LRAD vehicles in a show of force (photo below):

Police also seemed to be ready for mass detention with tie-wraps, despite the peaceful nature of the protest (photo below):

One disabled US Veteran is carrying away a “Barry” barrier on his segway…

Day 3:
Negative US Media Coverage Fails to Stop Constitutional Truckers and Veterans Moving on DC



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  • Joan Cowell Mullin Ryder


  • God bless ya all 🙂

  • Jenny Horbol

    YES, Finally. Thank all of you for your fight against nobama. I am trying to understand why he is not being impeached, who or what is protecting him?

    • CharlieSeattle

      Harry Reid, Eric Holder and the Republicans!

  • monokrati

    Obama, the coward is probably some where in the bunker. Truckers should continue thru all week. Demands and political program is crucial. Time for protests is over; ref Occupy Wall Street movements impotence show it.

  • reddirtchevk5

    Patriotism is a beautiful sight. Thank you brothers and sisters for being able to go to D.C. in support of Veterans and America.

  • CaptainUSA

    Even all the Dirty Tricks Fox news did to these Patriots the message was Heard.

  • Pablo

    About time to do something about all this corrupted administration and it’s illegal attack to the constitution and law obeying citizens including our vets!

  • Garrett Potts

    You morons, now someone has to go pick up your mess and not get paid for it. Not very well thought through.

    • Patrick_Henningsen

      Not get paid for it? You must have missed the national news – all furloughed workers will receive back pay. As expected. Next…

    • CharlieSeattle

      That is what some Tory azz holes said at the Boston tea party.

      • Eagle2758


    • Eagle2758

      We’ll be glad to make you do it, wanna try hero?

      • Garrett Potts

        I’m a veteran myself, Eagle. But dismantling/vandalizing government property, criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct are generally not what I would call a productive way to deal with an issue.

        • Eagle2758

          So, how would you deal with it, talk to them? Dude, in case you haven’t noticed, the enemy is in the wire. BTW, who are the illegal ones here? These places have never been shut down before. They are open air. Komrade Obama Osama’s golf course was open though. Hmmmmm.

          • Garrett Potts

            I certainly don’t know how to deal with it, save to not engage in criminal acts and do my damnedest to have all of these clowns voted out of office.

          • Töntig Fox

            Actually, all of the monuments/parks/places closed in the shutdowns of 1990, 1995, and 1996.

          • Peter Fleming


            Damn, it does feel good to write that…

        • LocalHero

          A veteran? Who would have guessed except for the fact that you didn’t have the guts to say “No” when they called you to invade, occupy and murder for this country. They taught you well to be a first-class boot-licker, coward. It is far past time for overwhelming civil disobedience but we won’t be looking for you – you’re too busy taking it up the ass with a big red, white and blue phallus. Semper F**k you!

          • Mr. White


            LocalHero- Stop campaigning for Obama. You are a communist!

        • Mr. White

          Garrett Potts- You are a coward. Hundreds of Vets from WW2 were there. Do you think you know this country better than they do? They have watched this country freefall into a communist party agenda for the last few years and they are getting sick of it. This administration doesn’t listen to the public, therefor- It was the right thing to do.

          You were probably motor pool or made the real War fighters sandwiches from your cafeteria. Grow a pair.

          • Garrett Potts

            I don’t presume to know as much as my elders. But I do know many people who now work for less than they made in part time jobs in high school. You don’t think I see which direction this country is going?
            As for the coward bit, I was MOS 0331. Very far from making sandwiches.
            This is the problem I see so far; every time a reasonable adult is presented with an opinion different from their own, they would rather sling bs insults instead of doing something to fix the damn problem. You don’t like me? Fine, but insulting me won’t solve a thing. Why not direct that in a letter toward your state representatives and senators? Have you done that yet, or are you just as content to tell other vets to “grow a pair?”

          • Mr. White

            Yes, sent letters to ALL of them. Sorry about the insult. I was still pissed about the APC in the WH “show of force” . I will edit.. +1 for you..

            This administration is Criminal!

            This isn’t about jobs, its about Vets being denied their rights, and benefits by Obama to hurt the Republicans. However, it isn’t working. It backfired and now were pissed. Letters dont work man. Sometimes, it takes boots on the ground, you know that.

          • Garrett Potts

            Now that we’re past that ugliness, I’ll say I agree with most of your points. I’m far from liberal, and the Obama Administration is certainly working against the best interest of our nation. But at the same time, Senate Republicans have passed a bill saying only the Speaker of the House (or his delegate) can introduce a bill to negotiate the budget, effectively muting anyone else trying to make sense of this mess, R or D. There are people on both sides of this debacle working to sideline the gov’t, at the determent to us all. It’s easy to point the blame at one party or the other, while members of both are lining their pockets at our expense. Again, through recall elections or impeachment, by any and all legal means, get these jokers out of office.
            Failing that, if it comes to boots on the ground, so be it.
            “If a law is unjust, a man is not only right to disobey it, he is obligated to do so.” -Thomas Jefferson

          • Mr. White

            Said like a true patriot! However, the liberal ideology goes beyond poor leadership. It is an obsession of tyrannical power. They hate the constitution and it is very easy to show how. They want to “change” America. They are not happy with the Capitalist system, and they are willing (even through default) to destroy this system, so they can put a new one in it’s place.

            The tea party is one of the only ( also Libertarian) party’s attempting to reign in its spending.

          • Garrett Potts

            The Constitution is the only law I see worth being reasoned with here. While I am (to my friends and wife) a conservative, I consider myself middle-of-the-road. Well, as much as a back woods Texas country boy can be. I do lean towards the right, but even I can see we’re being shown disservice by BOTH parties. Any encroachment on the Constitution is a crime, and should be dealt with accordingly. I try and ignore politricks as a rule, but this goes above that. We have members of BOTH parties standing in the way of the law. The president is ignoring a resolution by the Senate (illegal), the GOP is refusing to factor in a law already passed and signed (illegal), while the Dem’s refuse on a proposal (also illegal.)
            Before we argue amongst ourselves, we should put partisan politics aside and work to secure our Nation from ALL threats. This includes the crooks we’ve elected to office. Some day I hope to shake your hand and smile over what we’ve changed through legal recourse. And I hope to God it comes about.
            Till then, when it’s time for boots on the ground, count me in. But breaking the law isn’t in the books yet. Let cooler heads prevail and jerk these opponents of our Nation out of government by legal means.

  • Nadine Hays

    Stay strong. I’m praying for miracles. The fact that the police did not attack is a very good sign. I knew that deep down inside even they had a heart and could see, and feel, the wrongs that are being done to the people.

  • mmmartin

    god bless every single person who had the courage and pride to join in this action. how utterly disgusting of this president to disrespect those who have fought for this country by placing RIOT police in their way. perfect that they slung the barricades in a heap front of the white house. what SHAME has been brought to the office of President.

  • Fleendar the magnificent

    I wish I could be there to participate! God bless EVERY person who came and joined in this protest. The impostor in the WH needs to see that America has had ENOUGH of his so-called hope and change. This faux president hates America and hates Americans. It’s time he learns that America will NOT tolerate a terrorist in the WH!

  • bobjames

    LOVE IT!!!!!! F OBAMA!! The biggest COMMIE this country has ever known, throw the piece of garbage out in the street!!!!

  • Mr. White

    I just thought it was funny they were showing a LRAD vehicle in a show of force. If the Vets wanted to storm the White House, that LRAD wouldn’t stand a chance. You are dealing with thousands of hardened war vets. Most of whom would die to protect their freedoms. If the Vets get pissed at you Obama, you better run.
    Trap, Stall, Burn!! That’s the end of your armor. God bless our Vets and God bless the USA.

    • Eagle2758


    • LocalHero

      Your “hardened war vets” haven’t won a war in decades and prefer to slaughter their victims from thousands of miles away on a computer screen or hundreds of yards away (like the psychopathic murderer Chris Kyle) instead of up close and personal. But they sure jump whenever their handlers tell them to invade, occupy and slaughter innocents in some country thousands of miles away. Only a handful of them have stood up and said “NO!” Those are my heroes.

      • Mr. White

        You are speaking to a war vet. 101st Abn Div. Pretty sure I can safely say you don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground. My point was that that LAV wouldn’t last long with some pissed off vets coming at it.

        Localhero- I can only surmise you are some kind of Communist. You probably stay at home masturbating to Obama’s posters you have had on your wall since 2008. You are the problem with this country. You were too cowardly to serve in combat protecting this Country from the enemy that wants to destroy it. Yet you are very quick to launch a feeble attack on the war fighters of this country. You are a disgrace. You call yourself a hero? You are a discredit to this country.

        (I just realized, you are probably Canadian!) LOL

        • The Government

          Wow shows how much even those that think they are “aware” are. This country is divided too much and definitely screwed (intentional). You called him a communist, since he likes the soldiers that say no to Globalist Wars of Aggression? What’s wrong with you? Our Congress, full of Democrats and Republicans, have sold this country out for 60+ years in Illegal Wars of Aggression, and as such, because of their decisions to cater to war mongers, the private banks, devastated our economy along with the soldiers that come back that are in ruin from what they were ordered to do. Every day Soldiers commit suicide from post-dramatic stress disorder.
          What enemy do you speak of? The “terrorists” ? You mean the “terrorists” and their groups that our intelligences services trained and funded? Don’t you understand what is really going on?
          Create A Problem (“Terrorism” – The enemy that is Everywhere and No Where), Create a Reaction (Destruction of Constitutional Rights and Introduction of Patriot Act), Create a Solution (Divide The People)
          This is same game Imperialist powers have played throughout history. What is going on in the U.S. is a complete facade – in no way will either side in Congress make any cuts to the 66% budget for Defense and National Security (which has ruined the economy – facts), nor will we stop catering to the criminal private bank cartels which were bailed out by U.S. Citizen Tax Dollars. Obama is a just another useless puppet and nobody realizes it – to be replaced by the next puppet.

          • Mr. White

            Kill them all….. . If you are a Communist, you can go first. Im sick of all these gutless critics that never had to pick up a rifle. I get it, the Govt is criminal. HOWEVER, im saying the Govt better watch it’s ass when it has a show of force intended to “intimidate” our war heros.

            The only feeling I got seeing that machine sitting there was wanting to watch it burn…. That’s what I’m talking about.

  • Eagle2758


  • The Government

    Ah, our flock are unraveling and yet still divided, which was intentional by the way. As long as the citizenry is not 99% unified, you lose. We will continue to fund our wars and private banking cartels with your tax dollars – otherwise we will print it ourselves and write ourselves IOUs. You want the current President gone? Good Luck Citizens – We’ll replace them with the next puppet President, but you’ll believe that you “had a choice.” Stay Divided, Do Not Seek The Truth.

  • rick dalton
  • Onegaishimasu

    Was there in spirit…thanks for going where my sick husband (Vietnam vet) and I could not…God bless you all…praying for an end to this demoncratic nightmare…

  • ClaraMeyer

    Love my job, since I’ve been bringing in $82h… ℬ­o­w­6­.­ℂ­o­m­­

  • Debra Rosenau White

    god bless our veterans, truckers and all of you that support this movement……WE THE PEOPLE have had enough and will be marching on November 19…see you in washington

  • apeman2502

    Look at that. Dressed to the nines. Stepping out. Can’t touch this. PSSST! Wall Street is being looted for British off shore accounts and the royal genetic slag, who use the Skull and Bones Society to wage war nonstop 24/7 for Britannia.