Boston Martial Law: ‘They were confiscating guns from residents’

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UPDATED: 8/10/13

21st Century Wire

The timing of the Boston Bombing with the national partisan gun control debate is a collision of two events that is hard to overlook when you take into account the very real Katrina-style imposition of Martial Law which descended  so quickly on the city of Boston last week.

Would the federal government use an opportunity like that of the Boston Bombing in order to grab residents’ guns under the guise of national security?

During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, local and federal law enforcement were openly confiscating lawfully-owned fire arms from residents, in some cases by force at gun-point, and many were speculating this past week whether or not this would indeed happen in Boston as police put the city on lock-down while searching residents’ houses door-to-door in what has been said is America’s largest-ever manhunt for suspected student, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, now in custody and facing charges for using a ‘weapon of mass destruction’. 

Although we can only confirm that it has been said, this comment was posted yesterday on Hands off Syria Facebook page, from a conversation overheard in Watertown, indicating that some gun seizures may have occurred:

“Then the next day, we weren’t allowed out at all…not even to get some coffee. Men dressed in black gear paraded through the streets with weapons. In Watertown, they were confiscating guns from residents. This they don’t tell you on the news. I understand that perhaps the “suspect” may be tempted to fish for weapons, but what about the people that may need to protect themselves from the “suspect” or the government?… “
If any readers can confirm any reports of gun seizures by either local or federal law enforcement, please let us know so we can learn more about these kind of events.

Please leave any comments in our comment section below, or send us a message to our private dropbox here.
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  • Henry Thoreau

    It should be easy to corroborate this. The word of one jet lagged foreigner isn’t gonna cut it.

    • AnnOnaMice

      As opposed to the opinion of one “lie lagged” sheep?


    • ANTI-terroristUS GOV

      Why do you think they were ILLEGALLY forcing themselves into innocnet victims homes, who they were very well aware, WERE NOT WHO THEY WERE LOOKING FOR, other than conditioning people for whenit does happen, and i fyou don’t ink it is or will, then WTF do you think the gun bans are all about dumb ass! People like you really need to go back to sleep, Do your own research and answer your own question, noone is here has to educate you AT ALL, LOOK INTO IT YOURSELF and STOP RELYING ON OTHERS TO DO IT FOR YOU, you are obviously just another stupid and useless american who is incapable of corroborating it YOURSELF, or is that not going to cut it because you are incapable….DO IT YOURSELF LAZY or dumb ASS!

  • Diane Wagner-wright

    You know it’s bad when EVEN Foreigner’s are calling America” a once great nation” and then leaving….

    • Frank Prorock

      Hell, I am calling this place, America a “once great nation,” and I was born here. Need to get rid of liberalism, political correctness and the indoctrination process in both grade and upper educational systems. Similarities of what happened in Germany in the 30′s and present day America are not a coincidence.

      • sacredgeometry

        If you think this is liberalism you need to check a dictionary.

      • musimann

        Actually a better example is Boshevik Russian revolution put on by our favorite Jews Trotsky, Lenin, Kerensky and many other Jews that killed millions of Russians and have not been held accountable to this day. Guess its OK because they Jews. Now they are doing it to America under the guise of terrorism to keep us safe. False Flag operations that they run. Frankly most people do not have a clue what happened to Germany because the Jews control all the News. For instance did you know the Jews were trying to overthrow Germany and turn it into another of their Communist police states just like they did Russia. Did you know Jews were attacking Germans in the Danzig corridor? Jewish terrorism. Do you know that Chertoff the Jew is still running DHS (KGB) behind his front Napolitano? Do you know the Jews did the first public terrorist bombing in Israel in 1946. They bombed the King David Hotel In Jerusalem and killed 91 people. A lot more than they did in Boston. Menachem Begin ran that operation with the Irgun. But that’s OK ’cause they Jews. They can do what they want. They the chosen ones……. maybe by Satan.

        • Jay Noyes

          Right on – you nailed it. Let’s hope that enough people wake up in time.

      • RAWR

        Just liberalism? Conservatism is dumbing down our educational system, destroying science, and indoctrinating sheep with the crap they spew from faux news. If you think America only has a liberal problem and not a neo-con problem too, you are just as deluded as liberals.

  • Luther R. Norman

    Just try and imagine what this ‘rogue’s gallery’ of Feds may have done had the city of Boston been locked down for 48 hours! What would you call it then?

  • CementCityBoy

    I will take this as “unconfirmed” but I imagine it very possibly happened, as it did in N.O.

  • Kim Smith

    This definitely calls for individual plans to secure personally owned weapons and ammunition from “law enforcement” and other criminals by hiding them from sight, in places like behind brick walls in the basement or attic areas with camouflage and booby trapped areas . it also should be obvious to have unregistered weapons no one knows about. If you have the cash: do it now, that window is about to slam shut!

    “Law enforcement” is always there AFTER an incident, and are of no use in prevention. Only you can prevent what “law enforcement” can only react to. When they feel like showing up! About the only place you see most of them when they aren’t beating someone up, or soliciting sex from pretty women who broke a traffic law is most likely at the local “Krispy Kreme” doughnut shop.
    I was involved in an incident where shots were fired in my direction. IT TOOK THE PIGS 45 MINUTES TO RESPOND. To hell with calling “911″, from now on that number is only for medical emergencies involving civilians. I would never call 911 for a PIG! They are as on their own as I am on my own! They are a useless as tits on a boar hog, or an ex-lax machine in a diarrhea ward!

    • Sueychop

      If you’re doing that now its already too late. You all should have made plans in the last few years.

  • Linda Dawson

    It did happen in New Orleans, however what I have heard of the New England reagon, I’m surprised there were any firearms to confiscate. It took quite some time until after the fact for the reports of the gun grabbing following Katrina to get out. I didn’t find out about it until a full year after the fact.

  • Corey


    • ANTI-terroristUS GOV

      Where is your proof, have you personally talked to everyone who was forced out of their homes, were you forced from your hoe andhad no guns for them to take, where is your proof TROLL!?! We need to confiscate the guns from the REAL enemies and terrorist’s…the govn’t EMPLOYEES, as is obama, dhs, fbi, cia, corrupt police forces like Boston’s and California and Texas and so on and hang the all of these terrorist’s…oh and what they are trying to do to Syria is another coup de’tat, just like the US govn’t did to Iran in 1979, so the terroristic US govn’t can put one of their own terrorist’s in to murder and mistreat the people, and then when the people get the US plant out, the US will take him immunity and protect another terrorist and dictator, just like obama. It’s sad that people don’t know this is all conditioning to prepare those of us who live for our enslaved future…alll of this is leading upto it, and most are blindly walking the path!

    • Dennis Miller

      you don’t know that because you were not inside every home….you sound like a LEO!

  • Kieth Brackett

    so he was awakened at 5 by his friend the day of the bombing and the next day the city was in lock down and they were confiscating weapons?? I don’t know what Syria is like, but here in America we have Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday in between the bombing on Monday and the lock down on Friday

  • Teresa Geib Bacon

    where is info on Tx

    • Sherry Thornton Curry

      It’s in SQ’s alerts

  • TML777


  • Layne Nelson

    Test Run for when they really want them.

  • john doe

    People need to start shooting ANY military force that tries to disarm them, if not you might as well start herding yourselves into the cattle cars and let them haul you off to the death camps. Thats the cold hard reality of this, history is repeating itself because people are too stupid to realize it.

    • SaraKee

      Let me know how well that works out for you!

      Seriously, you and your gun don’t stand much of a chance against the entire US military…but, really, best of luck with that.

      • Jacob Schraider

        It is the “principle” Smoky! I would rather be dead than live in tyranny! We were not created to be slaves, we were created to have free will! What is life under tyranny? Slavery!!!

      • Jacob Schraider

        It doesn’t matter what kind of chance I have, I refuse to comply with anyone trying to take anything from me! If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything! My soul is ready to meet my creator…that makes me way more dangerous to someone trying to mess with me or mine!

      • joejohnson043

        the entire US military is not going to go along with blatant unconstitutional orders and/or illegal activity against American citizens. That is why DHS publishes reports calling returning veterans a terrorist threat.

        • SaraKee

          You’re clearly MUCH more optimistic than I am.

  • bigmurr

    So, it sounds like NOONE was disarmed in Newtown. What a non-story! There is enough bad going on in truth, than to have to make up bogus claims that didn’t happen. Come on, let’s keep some credibility! We sound like the media-oh wait, this was the media! Yahoo, you blow at covering the news with your gay,liberal, communist slant. Also why pick up stories from 21st Century Wire? Who are they and what do they know?

  • Scott Wilson

    Shouldn’t the title of this article be changed until someone steps forward and corraborates the claim?

  • xdrfox

    1 year Update: Australia were forced by a new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms, homicides are up 6.2 percent, assaults are up 9.6 percent, armed robberies are up 44 percent


    Here’s Heads Up – CNN is hitting hard on Wheel Chair Guy and girl who ” lost leg ” and I call it PUSH BACK Cause there’s No Doubt

    they are responding to your info on Internet . Ordered by Who , Rand , the CFR , military Intel who knows ….

  • RAWR

    @Frank, Just liberalism? Conservatism is dumbing down our educational system, destroying science, and indoctrinating sheep with the crap they spew from faux news. If you think America only has a liberal problem and not a neo-con problem too, you are just as deluded as liberals.

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