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BREAKING: New Obama Executive Action Opens Door to Unlimited Arms for Salafi Terrorists in Syria

Patrick Henningsen | While Kerry pretends to negotiate a ‘peace deal’ in Hamburg, Washington does a last-ditch dirty deal with terrorists under the table.

Episode #163 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Mainstream Meltdown’ with guests Peter Lavelle, Vanessa Beeley

SUNDAY WIRE SHOW | Strap yourselves in and lower the blast shield – this is your brave new world…

SYRIA: Child Exploitation: Who is ‘Bana of Aleppo’?

Barbara McKenzie | Child exploitation exposed as the deceptive corporate media runs out of narratives for Aleppo and Syria.

Boiler Room EP #87

Alternate Current Radio | BOILER ROOM is back for its 87th episode on its new day for LIVE shows, Thursdays on ACR, with all your favorite political animals.

Strange: Trump ‘Internet Takeover’ Fear Story Calls For Canada to Manage Net Archive

21WIRE + IBT | Americans should be extra skeptical of any talk of Canada as some uptopian cyber-safehaven.

Patrick Henningsen LIVE with guest Sean Stone – ‘Project for a New Global Government?’

KFNX | Who is really behind the formation of a New World Order?

‘President Putin’s Speech Heralds a New Dawn for Free Peoples’ ~ Dr Bouthaina Shaaban

Dr Shaaban | Putin’s speech sounds death knell for US exceptionalism and Western hegemony.

REVEALED: Aleppo’s Old City Now Fully Liberated by Syrian Army, Remaining Terrorists in Retreat

21WIRE SPECIAL REPORT | An incredible turn of events, as the Syrian Army finally takes back the Old City of Aleppo.

Italy Moves Closer to a BREXIT – 5 Star Movement Poised to Challenge for Leadership Role

21WIRE + Wall Street Journal | Brussels just trembled after this latest election result in Italy.

US-backed ‘Moderate Rebels’ Target Russian Humanitarian Field Hospital, Killing 2 Nurses and Injuring Others

21WIRE + RT | Two Russian medical specialists killed when terrorists shell a mobile military hospital in government-protected West Aleppo.

Fake ‘US embassy’ Bust in Ghana Exposes Danger of EU Schengen Deal with Turkey

21WIRE + Reuters | Ghanaian and Turkish crime rings paid corrupt officials to ‘look the other way’ obtaining authentic travel documents.

George Lucas Gives Verdict on New Star Wars Spin-off ‘Rogue One’

Jack Shepherd | Star Wars creator George Lucas finally weighs in on the latest in the sci-fi franchise.