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‘Getting Under The Hood’ Of A Black Hole Paradox

Sarah Fecht | Stephen Hawking’s new solution to an age-old cosmic puzzle.

‘Caliphate Allows Cappuccinos’: ISIS ‘Travel Guide’ Hits European Streets

21WIRE + RT | The controversial brochure is said to be used in recruitment ‘skilled labor’ from Italy.

Israel Lobby Ensured That U.S. Double Agent Jonathan Pollard Walks Free

SARTRE | This forbidden history is taboo especially if the subject of the spying is one of their own.

Thug U.S. General From Abu Ghraib Hired As ‘Adviser’ For Financial Terrorists J.P. Morgan

21WIRE + Claire Bernish | US military thug joins war criminal Tony Blair to work for the financial thieves at J.P Morgan.

One in 7 People On Entire Planet Logged Onto Facebook Monday

21WIRE + The Switch | Imagine a virtual world where everything exists inside of one virtual portal.

Scientists Believe Manuscript Suggesting Jesus Was Married Could Be Genuine

21WIRE + RT | The so-called ‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’ threatens to cause a major stir in Rome and beyond.

Episode #21 – ‘BOILER ROOM’ – Genetic Gender Engineering + VA TV Shooter (Extended Show)

Alternate Current Radio | Everything worth talking about that will get you thrown-out of every dinner party in town.

Rosenthal: ‘Hundreds of white people must be killed for gun laws to get stricter’

Daily Shooter | Welcome to the 21st century political hall of mirrors.